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Lohan Sued:

Cops Had "Guns Drawn" After Chase

8/14/2007 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who says she was in the car Lindsay Lohan was chasing the night she was arrested for her second DUI has sued the troubled actress, saying Lohan "put me through one of the most frightening experiences of my life."
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According to the suit, Tracie Rice was in the SUV driven by Michelle Peck, the mother of LiLo's former assistant. Rice says she "was convinced that their lives were in danger and that they had to outrun the pursuing car or they might be killed." The night of the incident, Rice claims Peck was so terrified at being chased by Lohan that she drove through a barricade and into the parking lot near the Santa Monica Police Station. Rice says she jumped out of the Cadillac Escalade and ran toward police officers and saw a woman, who turned out to be Lohan, run from another SUV toward her. "Police officers approached all of them with guns drawn," the suit said.

The suit was filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She's suing LiLo for intentional infliction of emotional distress, and also seeks unspecified damages and payment of medical and other expenses.

As TMZ first reported, three men in the car with Lindsay that night say she commandeered a car and took them hostage.


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Good for her

i highly dought her life was endangered but i'm sure Lohan was going to lay down some azz kickin

Linsay is going to meet her fate

2604 days ago


Forget the about just arresting her and charging her with a CRIME. If she committed one other than driving drunk and having drugs in her pocket.

Screw court...send her to jail!

2604 days ago


oh, LiLo, you in big trouble again!

2604 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

WTF People? This lawsuit isn't frivolous! California has laws, not to be broken, to protect people from crazy sluts like LiHo. IT'S NOT OK TO THREATEN A LIFE!

2604 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Tracie Rice is a sue happy bitch. Emotional distress my ass.

2604 days ago

Injun Mike    

I was walking down the sidewalk in Santa Monica the night that miss Lohan was chasing those other people, and was no more than a block from the site where she was stopped....I'm suing for bystander was so frightening!...

2604 days ago


Your KIDDDING right???!!! 3 guys and LOHAN comandeered them??? What are those 3 guys like 2 yr olds that can't say NO and walk the hello away???? Or get out of the car. Theres no way she can hold all three of them hostage. Thats a bull turd charge get real people.

This is just another scenario of some lazy no good bum wanting to get rich off of someone else's money. GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!

Lohan - STOP PARTYING. GROW UP. At least control what you do and stop letting people put you OR stop putting YOURSELF in these situations!!!!

2604 days ago

Mikey J.    

Greedy lawyers encourage greedy people to sue. Lindsay will probably settle out of court, as it's probably cheaper than hiring another greedy lawyer to defend it. Hey, here's a thought, lets all sue George Bush for "emotional distress".

2604 days ago


Another person trying to get rich quick! Lohan has enough on her plate......

Go to work; work hard; and forget about sueing..........what a freeloader......

2604 days ago

jacque Mehoffer    

You idiots don't know squat. The lady suing is a good friend of mine and my wife's. She called us the next day after this incident. None of you losers here (the unsupportive ones of course) have any idea what it is like to be chased by a certified drug addict with two men in the car.

In any case, go Rice, get yours, and to all these other haters? Hate on!

2604 days ago


Call Lindsey Lohan what you like but I believe the woman has been plagued with "moochers" for far too long. This newest "moocher" who claims to have been terrified is just another seeker of fifteen minute fame at the expense of someone who already has more problems than what she needs. As far as I am concerned, the plaintiff of this frivolous litigation is herself intentionally inflicting emotional pain upon Lindsey Lohan!!!

2604 days ago


I wish that this girl would just disappear. She had possibilites and she's completely throwing her life away and for what- drugs, alchol, partying? What is wrong with these people? Why do the "young hollywood" crowd want to waste their time and lives with these things? Lindsay Lohan needs a wake up call. She needs to be in jail for her DUI's I don't care if she is famous she still endangered people and doesn't deserve to be treated differently. Only really stupid sad people do the things she and others like her do. If they had parents who gave a crap about them (and not the money or fame they could bring them) and taught them right from wrong maybe these things wouldn't happen.

2604 days ago


Well it makes good drama. And with everything spewing out from that night, it will also make it that much harder for her attorney to deal with, if they are all true.

With all the stories that TMZ, along with other sites are putting out there about how awful Lindsay was that night and..... with all the things she supposedly said to this person and that....if all of these things are true, then Lindsay has a lot of explaining to do in court. But honestly, I have seen and read some much trash that people will say to get their 15 min. of fame or their pot of gold, some of them I swear would even sell their own mothers if they thought it benefit them, that I'm jaded. What I'm going to find more credible is what the actual police report(s) have to say for that night. As well how things pan out in court when people are under oath and cross examined.

But one thing that of also does, is to actually help Lindsay's lawyer9s), if they're paying attention. Because it gives them more infor. to work with in advance. Esp. when so many people are involved and wait to be public with it all. Every time someone gives an interview (that's esp. good), a written account, a copy of a legal doc. etc, to the's more for her attorneys to look at and compare. Because for all these people allegedly involved that night, if each of their public stories don't jive with one another, or with their statements in court, a good defense attorney could tear them apart.

So please TMZ, keep the personal testimonies coming. LOL

Incidentally, has anyone seen a copy of the police reports from that night? Also, another site claimed that Lindsay "was strong armed" into being tested for drugs and alcohol that night. Have you heard anything about that TMZ?

2604 days ago

anonymously concerned    

I really don't believe Lindsay was capable of driving 100 miles per hour as the boys stated in the interviews. If her alcohol level was as high as the police has stated, she would have crashed before entering the parking lot. I wish they would have the 3 boys take a lie detector test. I do not believe Lindsay was driving. But then again, I may be wrong.

2604 days ago


Lohman needs her panties taken down and given a good hard spaken,what a dimwit she is

2604 days ago
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