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Report: CBS To Settle Up with Imus

8/14/2007 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Associated Press is reporting that shock jock Don Imus has reached a settlement with CBS, after the broadcaster was fired for making racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Calling Al Sharpton!

According to an AP source, the settlement keeps CBS out of court and away from Imus' threatened $120 million breach of contract lawsuit and a possible "non-disparaging agreement" which would keep Imus from speaking negatively about his former employer. Shut yo' mouth!

In addition, WABC radio in New York is reportedly in talks with the I-man to bring him back to the airwaves.


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Injun Mike    

Hey mandingo....
First of all you obviously read it so you didn't bail, and second with your spelling and syntax I wouldn't call anybody stupid, and third, put down your 40 and look up "satire" starts with an "s"....

2534 days ago


BOY COT CBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS being organize now , CBS tv, radio any every thing CBS own. Also underground BOYCOTS will be done too all powers to be that don't respects human beings of any race. That include rappers as well

2534 days ago


67. American listeners seem to want him back

Posted at 7:11PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Injun Mike

You call that SATIRE , I think you need to go look up that word again; That line among many throw your whole satire excuse out the window; The line 'American listerners seem to want him back" is your own delusional opinion, and nothing is in tongue N cheek or remotely witty ; So i think you meant to say your whole take was "stupidity" and not Satire ; .. You had the first letter right but meant a different word; And a little word of advice the word 'JIVE' is no longer in use its 4 decades old .you are obviously a white male who is out of TOUCH and shouldn't be giving opinions on subjects that has to do with race . BTW
I thought my syntax was unconvential and hip kinda like your SATIRE attempt.

ignore my lawyerplague hook . iam now mandingo

2534 days ago


He's been treated unfairly and I'm glad he'll be back on the air.

The NAACP and Al Sharpton and all of those groups need to calm themselves down and quit stepping on the First Amendment rights of others.

2534 days ago


Good for Imus. Hopefully he can still keep his camp for kids running. He's an okay Joe in my books.

2534 days ago


I happen to really like Imus in the Morning...most of the time.....altho I hate those 2 actors who seem to live there & try to impersonate famous people (& not very well), as well as that phony "detective" who spends more time dropping names than accomplishing anything.

I have never met the man, but I suspect there are at least 2 Imus personalities. One of them is the Imus we see & hear on tv and radio. The other is the humanitarian & philanthropist. The latter is the man who established & runs (with his wife a camp for kids with cancer who come from all over the world for one week to be with people just like them. The latter is the man who helped develop a line of salsas, salad dressings, etc., & proudly states that, after costs, every penny goes to the ranch. The latter is the man who almost singlehandedly raised over $10M for the Soldiers rehab facility in Texas. The latter is the man who, spurred on by his wife, brought the issue of autism to the forefront & more extensive research is being done & progress is finally being made. The latter is the man who brings guests on his show who are intelligent, well spoken, well read & who discuss things of interest (or should be) in today's world....authors, tv people, politicians, etc. And don't overlook Dierdre who has developed a line of cleaning products that are "green," chemical free & safe to use around children. I have not found it yet, but I will either keep looking or order online.

I can definitely see why Imus & his show would not appeal to everyone. I sure didn't like it at first. But I am usually awake all night, & I kind of started paying more attention to what was going on. Within time I grew to really like it. Who cannot like the Cardinal? Lord hear my prayer. And Charles has been friends with Imus for many, many years.

If you don't like the show, why do you know so much about it? You obviously have watched it more than once. One of the greatest advances in tv was the invention of the remote control. Now you don't even have to get up to turn it off or change the channel.

2534 days ago

keifer dark    

The issue at hand was his contract that not only allowed controversy and avoiding political correctness, which has gone way too far in this country, but also forced this behavior for ratings and commercial revenue. CBS clearly exploited Don's shock jock tactics which was later mimicked by Howard Stern and others. CBS did breach their contract with Imus. Don't point the finger at Don Imus. If you want to keep up the PC insanity in the US and continually sanitize this world of free speech to the point of dictatorship and burn your torches like feeble minded witch hunters guided by corrupt politicians riding the surf of the latest trend, then take your posse to the CBS building and seek out the real demons in your life - not just the patsy. I was never an Imus fan, but i have always been a fan of the first amendment and i know how to use a radio and television tuner to change the channel.

2533 days ago



Well that explains some additudes concerning Orange Juice Simpson...thanks you much Black Sunshine for helping me to understand.... Imus is absolutely the creepiest most non-talented individual on radio....sure he has listeners but they're a bunch of loosers too....and while I'm at it, F--k Howard Stern and all the other bottom feeders that support that crap on the airwaves.

2533 days ago


whats racist about free speach ? want someone telling you what you can and can't say ? are we the new soviet union jeez it's just his opinion you don't like it flip on another station duh

2533 days ago

Freedom of speech    

Freedom of speech is practiced by blacks as well as whites?. Why is it ok for blacks to preach Black power but not whites; why is it ok for black to have BET but WET for whites are not allowed. FREEDOM OF SPEECH can only be practiced by blacks and not whites? IMUS, SHARPTON, JACKSON and the rest of you BIGGOTS should all be fired from your jobs for INORANCE. Freedom of speech is not the same as hate speech people. If it's permitted to be practiced by 1 race it should be allowed to be practiced by all.

2533 days ago


I hope he is back on the air soon cause I would like to hear something other than the lame politically correct garbage out there.
I think when Imus was fired the country seemed to run around like a bunch of high school kids acting stupid about nothing at all. And if one group can say a word then every other group better be able to use the term. To claim other wise tries to set up class distinctions that demonstrate another form of racism, the I can do it and you can't syndrome. A cheap means to give yourself the appearance of power you don't have.

2533 days ago


I'm not much of a fan of Don Imus, but glad he's coming back. I think that we live in a world where we feel African Americans need 'special' treatment. I don't see African Americans getting backlashed for treating Latins when poking fun of them. Guess it doesn't matter, Mexican Americans will soon have a bigger voice than the black community anyways and won't be as bitter as them as well.

2533 days ago



2522 days ago



2522 days ago


Imus was the best thing on cable tv. He and his wife and son gave more to charities than most people will ever see. I think all the good he did gave him the right to say just about anything he wanted to say. He earned it. Besides, I think the people who were the most upset by his remarks are the people who use that kind of language every day. They just didn't like a white man saying it on tv. Anyway, it's the old "sticks and stones" thing we learned on the playground, isn't it?

2472 days ago
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