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Ving Jumps to Conclusions in Dog Attack Case

8/14/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bizarre dog attack that killed a caretaker at actor Ving Rhames home just got weirder. The LA County Coroner tells TMZ that it was most likely something else, and not the dogs, that killed Jacob Adams. Ving, for his part, isn't waiting for the final report. He's already made up his mind as to what happened.

According to the Coroner, the abrasions and lacerations on Adams' body caused by the dogs were "most likely not fatal." Huh? Then just HOW did the guy die? We're told we won't know that until toxicology test results come out. Initial reports indicated Adams may have suffered a heart attack, but that has yet to be confirmed by the Coroner.

Ving, for his part, issued the following statement yesterday:

I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible tragedy occurred on my property. Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee -- he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to his family. I am relieved to know that the coroner's report confirmed that my dogs were not the cause of his death -- and that any wounds found on his body were superficial. I would appreciate the media's privacy for me and my family during this difficult time.


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ving dodging a lawsuit.

2626 days ago


I hope the dogs didn't do it but they seem awfully quick to dismiss it as nothing. It can't be sitting well with this poor man's family.

2626 days ago


I think the man had a heart attack, or somthing else happened to him, and the dogs were upset by it. I dont think the dogs killed the man. JMHO

2626 days ago

warrior caliber    

I dont understand why TMZ keeps referring to it as a dog attack when the coroner and police have already said the dogs didnt do it. Im still thinking that the guy wasnt feelin up to par- heart ttack or what ever and needed to get away from the dogs, not out of fear, but to go get help or sit down or somethin and the dogs wouldnt leave him alone so he tried to get away quickly, and dogs being dogs, like to chase and could have gotten nippy. He managed to get away from the dogs, but what ever was ailing him got to him. The guy WAS NOT mauled and that has already been varified by the authorities. TMZ is not doing anyone any favors by continually referring to this situation as a dog attack and might want to consider stop making this tragic situation so sensational.

2626 days ago


A dog playing does NOT break skin. Put em down!

2626 days ago

Don't be so naive    

It's been reported since the day after the death that the dogs weren't the cause. Why is this story written as if this is new information, and implying a cover up? It's one thing to slam train wreck celebrities with trashy gossip, but this is a serious issue. I expect better from you, Harvey.

2626 days ago



2626 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

The coroner already said that the dogs were “most likely” not the cause of death. TMZ should stop exaggerating the situation to blame the dogs; this is a serious matter, not an opportunity for media exploitation.
There must be another explanation for the caretaker’s death. The dog lacerations could have occurred after the man’s death, as well. At the animal shelter where I used to work, we had to care for two dogs that belonged to a man who had a heart attack, and who died in his home. It took 3 days for someone to find his body, and during that time his two Australian Shepards were so worried about his lifeless body, that they licked all of the skin off his face, in attempts to “wake him up”. There were people who tried to paint those dogs as aggressive, when they clearly were not. Both of those dogs were eventually re-adopted, and became normal family dogs.

We do not know what happened to Ving Rhames caretaker, but since the coroner already said that the dogs were most likely not the cause of death, it seems that TMZ IS JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!

2626 days ago


what, so the dogs didn't kill him but decided to have him for lunch when he was dead? somehow, that version doesn't sound much nicer.

2626 days ago


English Mastiffs are by nature not an aggressive dog. They are NOT related to Pitt Bulls, Dobermans, or Rottweilers. Originally trained to guard the English Monarchy and to "nanny" the children. If you know anyone who has a Mastiff they will tell you that their children can poke and play with them and wouldn't hurt a fly.(Yes, I have owned an English Mastiff and a Bull Mastiff). If some one is ailing they will attempt to rescue them. This man could have been under the influence of a chemical substance or his body could have been releasing endorphines do to a massive heart attack. Before we judge the animals we should know all the facts. Yes, they are a gigantic animal but they have the BIGGEST HEART. Mr. Rhames, my family and I hope you and your Mastiffs are able to be together again soon.

2626 days ago


The man died while caring for the animals and the dogs reacted to the situation the best they could, with some panic and disorientation. They were probably playing with the body but with no response it got rougher and thus the marks. I hope families on both sides get the truth soon so they can understand what happened and get to move on eventually.

2626 days ago


Sorry .. what part of that shows Ving jumps to conclusions. he merely clarified what the coroner had achieved.

2626 days ago

Alex H    

Thank you for at least bringing this back to the public's attention. After headlines everywhere that read "man mauled by dogs" it's worth noting that there is zero evidence of that (i.e., no attacks to the head or neck).

As for dogs not breaking skin or causing injury unless they "mean" it, that's nonsense. I have a very gentle 210 pound mastiff who has nonetheless caused me injury just by getting overexcited and wiping out one of my legs. I fully expect that if I were to keel over with a heart attack he would scratch and bite me to try to get me to respond.

2626 days ago


Screw TMZ, and all the rest of the photogs, paps, and entertainment media outlets... brad garret just slapped somebody? Great! I wish I could have been there to help him kick the snot out of all those other guys! I guarantee you if I was in the same situation, I would not have stopped at a slap, famous or not.... these guys are worse than sharks, and always provoke a situation to get their "shot"... one of these days, and soon, something will happen that results in a tragedy for either a star, or a papparazzi... oh wait, I forgot about Diana..... i would love to be a body guard for any of these people....

2626 days ago


Finally he speaks! I never once believed the dogs were the cause of this poor man's death. They sensed something terribly wrong and tried to revive him.

I hope Ving is reunited with his beautiful dogs by now.

Shame on you TMZ---trying to pin the dogs, i never took y'all for wussies afraid of dogs.

2626 days ago
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