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Art Is So 90s!

8/15/2007 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gallery Player DVDWho still hangs pictures on their wall? You've already probably got a giant canvas in the middle of your living room -- your television!

With a GalleryPlayer DVD, you can turn your HDTV into a work of art (not that it isn't already). The DVDs all have different themes -- space, National Geographic, golf, da Vinci -- to name a few. What, no "crotch shot" edition?

If DVDs are even too low-tech for you, you can buy SD cards with the images pre-loaded on them! Soon paint will be a thing of the past.


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Come on - now we will replace art with a tv?!? No wonder we are all fat, lazy Americans. Now I can just sit on the sofa, eat and watch me some fancy art y'all. Maw, get me a donut.

2591 days ago


This is great. I recently read about this company and their DVDs in the Robb Report magazine. They too gave GalleryPlayer.Com several thumbs up.

2591 days ago


Uh...I still have art on my walls...t.v.ś on the wall look tacky.

2591 days ago

yep if its a flat screen plasma with awesome resolution. most definately.

2591 days ago

Tracy Weil    

I love this, so often people just leave the tv on for company. Why not for art! Artist like me are starting to take their work to the digital format. Check it! Art For TV: Hip, moody, and revved with cool.

2591 days ago

Tracy Weil    


2591 days ago


Physical works of art provide physical proof of an artist's talent with no digital enhancement (ie, no photoshop). So, when people own actual paintings, they are recognizing someone's talent, dedication and time spent in creating such paintings. Although this may be an interesting and innovative concept, no one will be able to digitally reproduce the quality of art as it is on canvas.

2591 days ago


Great! One more thing to run up the electric bill! The reason Mona Lisa is smiling is she knows she's not uselessly wasting energy by just being a painting on canvas. FYI: if the LED on your VCR/DVD player is blinking 12:00:00 - you're wasting several kilowatts per month. Ditto anything else you have in the house that has a little red light on it to indicate its in standby mode - wasting electricity - which- oh, yeah - you pay for, Duh!

2591 days ago

The Marian Movement    

That's so cool, all the photo's I took of the ET painting when I was there had big fat heads in the way. It gets busy in the Sistine Chapel.

Michaelangelo would be proud.

Hear John Mayer is trying very hard "now" to date the lovely Mz Cameron Diaz, for a Pretender he's getting "IT" closer....but the real one doesn't work for Charlie.

2591 days ago


total waste of money

2591 days ago


Screensavers on computers are so lame. Why not have something truly beautiful to gaze at when at your desk. Having my own personal gallery would be inspiring.

2591 days ago

ithinknotandhopenot a professional artist - and an American one at that - I would like to say that art is still chugging along. People are still buying paintings, and I have great faith that we are not so incredibly, pathetically lost that we think that a digital image is any sort of substitute for a unique handpainted artwork. Thank goodness there are people out there (however sparse) who appreciate the skill and effort required to paint with oils, or create an accurate portrait of a loved one that conveys that person's unique personality. I don't even know what to say!

2591 days ago



2591 days ago


These TV's will never replace Fine Art. Anyway who wants to wear out their screen and pay for the extra power........ for some thing so TACKY and predictable?

2591 days ago


...and we wonder why the world hates Americans?

2591 days ago
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