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First Pics of Lindsay in Utah

8/15/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these pictures of a smiling and happy Lindsay Lohan as she takes a break from rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

The actress walked around the town yesterday, took in the gorgeous scenery and hit up Beaches Tanning Center before making her way back to the Lodge. We're told that Lindsay bought a $20 spray-on tan from Beaches, in addition to several more $16 tans. Lindsay was "very nice" to the folks there.

We're told she went to the mini mall to work out at the Gold's Gym, which is contracted out by Cirque. The Tanning Center is right next door.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has been a "model patient" in rehab and is currently working on her sobriety at the world-renowned Mormon facility.

You go, girl.


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know it all    

I hate people who are always crying "FAKE" about pictures on the net.
It's not fake , the reflection of the sun is hitting them both at the same angle.
Plus , my mother was a photographer, I know what a fake picture looks like.
Dummy !! #219 barley, nothing original to say ??

2593 days ago

know it all    

The picture is real, Lindsay is fake...... thinking she's fooling all of us.
She won't fool the judge !!!

2593 days ago


Hello close minded people if u ever been to rehab u would know they dont want u to quit smoking. It hard enought rying to quit the other addictions u have geez give her a break 1 step at a time. so what if she was seduced by the dark side of hollywood u know how many people are? at least shes trying. its hard when u have an addictive nature u gotta take it one day at a time. so give her a break.

2593 days ago

Mike Maurice    

Lindsay likes to look her best. Now she'll have the best tan in the entire jail.

2593 days ago


Spread the word this band donates money out of each song sale to help save cats and dogs at thier local kill center help them help the unwanted

2593 days ago


Which one is Lindsay?

2593 days ago


Now, we're going to inundated with all the "damage control" her money can buy. All she's doing is acting exactly like she did during the other "rehab" phases.

2593 days ago


Awww, I hope she is doing well. I miss her! No more brit, please! I am craving some LiLO!!!

2593 days ago


Lindsay darling, I wouln't hit a dog in the ass with you...why ?>>I love and respect dogs more !...secondly, because, well?> my first reason said it all !!!

2593 days ago


when did tanning become part of the 12 steps???? what, let me guess, doing lines and partying is also part of the program.!!??? give me a break, she's a loser and will never clean up her act. so long loser! here's to your short lived party!

2593 days ago

duane davis    

go get em LINDSAY !!!! this is the best thing you could do for yourself and i mean you its all up to you goodluck remember behind you all the way DA DENVER

2593 days ago


Actions and behaviors have consequences. She belongs in jail. If she now drives drunk and kills a member of YOUR family, what then will you say about this so-called rehab? What a farce.

2593 days ago


First and most of all.if you are not an addict/ have no right responding to more than if you have never had a you know how one feels when the Dr. says "you have cancer,with a possible one to six months to live."Alcoholism/drug addiction is a disease...Insurance Companies are paying for rehab for their employees!!!!!!!!I don't think any of us was sitting on a picnic table on a sunny day drinking a cold beer/smoking a big joint[or whatever your drug of choice is] and said "Hey I think I'll go to rehab today". It's a lot of the time a run in with the law that gets us there.So what?She's there,if you can't give her some support, leave her alone.And those of you pointing a finger at her ,remember you have three pointing back at you.Unfortunately when ones has alcoholism/addiction most people make it a moral issue........when one has cancer everyone rushes in with "What can I do to help?' In rehab[been there, done that] you get passes out and if she chooses to go tan annd work out.thats her choice.Do you work out?Lindsey..I am behind you 100% and I can tell you how much I believe in you but you have to believe in yourself most of all.My only advice is get a relationship with your God,and a tuff sponser.Love,Hugs,and Prayers,Faye

2593 days ago


Now, now, now...isn't this some Deja Vu-ish shhhhhhh, stuff right here...and Jesus welp! Her PR person/people better begin trying to figure out how to convince the world how rehab stint #4 is gonna change her.

2593 days ago


I'm glad to see Lilo is out of CA. Those rehabs appear to be money making machines. I wish her the best and remember people - it realistically takes several trips to rehab to get clean. CA rehabs seem to be a joke. Maybe Utah will make a big difference. Also, the creepy passenger sueing her is just out for money. shame on the parasites of the world. I'm quite sure he was drunk and is money hungry. What a jerk.

2593 days ago
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