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Heidi: Spencer's Not The Only Fake

8/15/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's $2890.00 ring"The Hills" attention-whore-in-chief Heidi Montag got a serious rock from her, uh, beloved fiancee, Spencer Pratt. But it looks like the bling is about as "real" as all the bitchfighty drama on the MTV series.

As you may have seen, not-so-big-spender Pratt asks to borrow pal Brody Jenner's credit card to buy the engagement ring -- slow week with no tabloid photos to sell! Princess Heidi's engagement ring was purchased from the Ice Accessory store at a mall in Brentwood. Spencer ultimately picked out what looked like a pink diamond surrounded by diamonds, and even crowed that J. Lo and Kobe's wife Vanessa had identical ice, and that Heidi would need "a GPS device" for the ring in case she lost it.

One problem: Heidi's ring is a big fat FAKE! Sources tell TMZ that the pink diamond is really a lavender, lemon amethyst! The ring is surrounded by diamonds and the ring retails for $2,890! Not exactly chump change, but definitely a little low-rent for Jenny's block -- or ring finger.


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Her rack cost more than that...LOL.

2627 days ago


Not suprised the ring is fake. There whole relationship is fake it is built upon lies and manipulations. If she is stupid enough to believe his lies then she deserves him. You would of thought that some of Lauren's class would have rubbed off on Heidi. Guess not.

2627 days ago

quack quack    

My Cupcakes sell for more than that ring!
A ha!

2627 days ago


Thats not right. Thats a little bit of a low blow, dont ya think?

2627 days ago

all day all day    

That is so great! He told Brody in the car on the way there that it would be about $100k! What total losers! Heidi and Spencer deserve each other. Her body is as fake as that ring. As for Spencer, he is just an ugly liar who will cheat on her for the rest of their lives!

2627 days ago


HA! That's what the dumb ho gets! Losers, both of them...

2627 days ago

They're sluts    

He didn't even propose to her! All he said was I want to spend the rest of my life with you, not will you marry me. And if you go to the Ice web site, you'll see the ring he bought cost less than $700. How pathetic are they, he can't even afford a real engagement ring!

2627 days ago


I think I could work for TMZ since the night I watched I figured it out when he bought it at ice. throw in a purse while your at it.

2627 days ago


Perez found it for $770 online from the store. But that doesn't matter because it proves to us once again how much of a douche bag Spencer is.

2627 days ago


ha ha ha...that is sooo funny. My ring cost more then that and I am just a stay at home mom with a blue collared worker husband who paid cash for my rings. They are ugly anyway and need to go away and get a life. Heidi is just jealous because Lauren is much prettier then her and has a better life without her. Spencer is just ugly and retarded!!!

2627 days ago


Why oh why are these dum sums famous?!!!

Go away!

2627 days ago

Bill Benway    

Well at least when penny pinching Prat sticks Brody with the bill, Jenner won't have to head for the Hills.

2627 days ago


Not only is he a loser, the ring is UGLY, just like him!

2627 days ago


hahaha, that's what she freakin deserves. The two of them are such losers, I can't stand to watch the show because of them. I really hope that LC beats her ass this season. That would be great to see. Heidi is such a media whore and Spencer is a disgusting rat. I hope they both get what they have comin to them.

2627 days ago


Hilarious!!! Those folks are worthless liars.

2627 days ago
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