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Heidi: Spencer's Not The Only Fake

8/15/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's $2890.00 ring"The Hills" attention-whore-in-chief Heidi Montag got a serious rock from her, uh, beloved fiancee, Spencer Pratt. But it looks like the bling is about as "real" as all the bitchfighty drama on the MTV series.

As you may have seen, not-so-big-spender Pratt asks to borrow pal Brody Jenner's credit card to buy the engagement ring -- slow week with no tabloid photos to sell! Princess Heidi's engagement ring was purchased from the Ice Accessory store at a mall in Brentwood. Spencer ultimately picked out what looked like a pink diamond surrounded by diamonds, and even crowed that J. Lo and Kobe's wife Vanessa had identical ice, and that Heidi would need "a GPS device" for the ring in case she lost it.

One problem: Heidi's ring is a big fat FAKE! Sources tell TMZ that the pink diamond is really a lavender, lemon amethyst! The ring is surrounded by diamonds and the ring retails for $2,890! Not exactly chump change, but definitely a little low-rent for Jenny's block -- or ring finger.


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Haha- what got me was when 'Teeth' (Spencer) gave 'Plastic' (Heidi) the ring he said "Uh..I don't know what hand it goes on". How pathetic! Also, since his dad is this great L.A. dentist, why doesn't he get his grill fixed? Ya think Brody paid for Heidi's boobs and nose too? I'd get a refund if my nose looked like that after surgery!

2534 days ago

tooth fairy    

Don't Spencer and Heidi know that if 99% people hate you, you have no tv career. What are you going to sell to people? They don't want to watch you. They won't buy anything you sell.

Kind comment about them is rare or unseen. Nobody likes them. Nobody praised them.

2534 days ago

Good for her    

There's no way that ring costs $2900, maybe $129.00! No respectable jewelry store has all the junk in like that one did. I'd be so embarrassed to get that ring from such a loser.

2534 days ago


kate, i agree with you, but it's not necessarily about the amount of the ring per se, it's the point that he duped her and deceived her. if he bought it and it was fake, and said that, it's one thing - then he would geniuine in doing that. but to make her believe otherwise, just goes with the rest of what he does to her all the time - lies....

2534 days ago


Who gives a rats ass about these people? Seriously. It's not like they are attractive, or rich... what's the appeal? If you want to see catty drama between girls over boyfriends, just visit any college campus ANYWHERE. I'm certainly not a Paris Hilton fan, but she is lambasted for not having any discernible talent. These people (Heidi, Spencer, LC and their ilk) take it to a whole new level of wasted brain cells. It is nice to see that Spencer got Heidi a ring that really speaks of his integrity, and her overall value. Heidi darling, you can't buy class, intelligence, or maturity. Good thing though, since your hideous -looking fella wouldn't spring for it if you could.

2534 days ago


What's wrong with the fake ring ? It matches her fake boobs !

2534 days ago



2534 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

The Hills is fake, so why would we expect anything real?

2534 days ago


Ok maybe its just me or does spencer look like he is cracked out... He looks like his eyes are about to pop out of his head!!!! I think there both drugs!!

2534 days ago


Like that's a surprise....!!!! When I saw the show on Monday I actually thought that they were in a kiosk or a Walmart. How can anyone take these two seriously. Spencer has got to be the most unattractive person I have ever seen and Heidi, is rather plain. Aside from that, the show on Monday looked extremely SCRIPTED.....

2534 days ago


Spencer is such a player he gave me the same ring a few months back! Yes, heidi he IS cheating!!!! You gave up a wonderful friend for a wonderful piece of trash!!!

2534 days ago


I think it goes with the way Spencer is.. that is funny has to buy Heidi a fake ring not only that but to borrow a friends credit card to do that.

2534 days ago


They both knew how much the ring cost. They were hoping to pass it off as a more exspensive ring. This is a couple who is desperate for fame, and they want to try and fit in the circles of the rich.

Too bad she let this punk come between her and her best friend. Did she not watch the show? This guy would dump her in a second if he could. He cant find a prettier girl that wants him.

2534 days ago


I personally cannot wait for the Reality genre to fade away. Our society makes celebrities out of these no talent hacks who then try to ride the 15 mins of fame by stupid press releases and ridiculous drama. There isn't one reality show worth watching and the people they cast on these shows are nothing more than trash. Plain and simple trash who couldn't cut it in the real acting world.

2534 days ago

name withheld    

Dear Heidi,
I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy for you. I could see the hurt in your eyes during the show. Too bad Lauren is so damn bitchy. Is she like the popular girl everyone wants to be friends with? I don't know why because she's such a bitch. So, I hope you can find new friends. And I don't think you are sad or pathetic. I know the sex tape is real too. Rumors don't get started from nothing. The cameras love to make a big show of what a jerk Spencer is, but I hope he will treat you well. Just don't get knocked up, you will be more depressed than ever. Tootles for now, love sv

2534 days ago
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