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Heidi: Spencer's Not The Only Fake

8/15/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's $2890.00 ring"The Hills" attention-whore-in-chief Heidi Montag got a serious rock from her, uh, beloved fiancee, Spencer Pratt. But it looks like the bling is about as "real" as all the bitchfighty drama on the MTV series.

As you may have seen, not-so-big-spender Pratt asks to borrow pal Brody Jenner's credit card to buy the engagement ring -- slow week with no tabloid photos to sell! Princess Heidi's engagement ring was purchased from the Ice Accessory store at a mall in Brentwood. Spencer ultimately picked out what looked like a pink diamond surrounded by diamonds, and even crowed that J. Lo and Kobe's wife Vanessa had identical ice, and that Heidi would need "a GPS device" for the ring in case she lost it.

One problem: Heidi's ring is a big fat FAKE! Sources tell TMZ that the pink diamond is really a lavender, lemon amethyst! The ring is surrounded by diamonds and the ring retails for $2,890! Not exactly chump change, but definitely a little low-rent for Jenny's block -- or ring finger.


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OMG i friggin hate heidi. why does she have to be so mean to lauren? spencer is a jerk and in a few years heidi is gonna be a soccer mom in the suburbs with five kids and spencer will be cheating on her and she will haveee no idea, and her friends will try to tell her and she'll deny it. ugh.. she's a nobody. the only reason she is on the show is cuz lauren wanted her to be.. so she's a nobody.

2541 days ago


Posted at 1:18PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Kate

"I personally cannot wait for the Reality genre to fade away. Our society makes celebrities out of these no talent hacks who then try to ride the 15 mins of fame by stupid press releases and ridiculous drama. There isn't one reality show worth watching and the people they cast on these shows are nothing more than trash. Plain and simple trash who couldn't cut it in the real acting world"

Thank you so much kate for this statement, could not have said it better myself


2541 days ago


Come on like anyone expected anything less from Spencer? When Brody wouldn't give him his Creit card he bought the ring knowing thats all Heidi was worth. Anyone who watched the Hills knows that the only reason Spencer is with Heidi is publicity!!!! I guarantee that when the Hills is over so are they! Obviously Heidi just isn't a smart girl and he's taking full advantage. She has changed so much about herself for him, i wonder what he's changed for her? It sure isnt his fake attitude....

2541 days ago


i really hope that heidi opens her eyes soon ...........oh wait she wont she is braiwashed by this prick ,how low, to ask your friend to buy the ring c-mon you loser and then you buy her a cheap ring and try an play it off like it was so much money ,he ripped up the recipt cause he didnt want anyone to no how much it cost
its cheap just like her. hahahabitch with a poor ass boyriend that will leave you as soon as you find out you have a S.T.D

2541 days ago


I read in a magazine a few months ago that it was am amethyst and that it cost no more than $3000.. I believe the price was even given. Im pretty sure Heidi has gotten wind by now that its not a pink diamond. (It was In Touch, or Us, or one of those). Shoot, if its in a magazine and i read about it all the way in Michigan, I can guarantee she heard about it!!

2541 days ago

Ga mom    

What business do you have spreading such "facts" to the world? A "source" told you. So what. TMZ...and the rest of you...are low-lifes.

2541 days ago



Spencers mom is that you?

2541 days ago


That ring did not cost $3000 or $2000 or even $1000 It is an amethyst stone which is very cheap. Go to Zales website. They are not high end but they are better then where Spencer bought that ring. Do a search for amethyst..... that ring was less then $300

2541 days ago


Lauren is a very beautiful young woman that has more class and style then Heidi could ever hope to have. Lauren shows that she is more mature then most her age. My hat gos off to her. The staff that did the bit on Lauren are amateurs at best. You don't have the expertise to be professional. Your humor and opinions suck. Stick with reporting....

2541 days ago


The ring is fake just like their relationship. I mean who goes in to a boutique and buys their future wife a ring that cost less then a down payment on a car? I mean you would think with money that Spencer has he would have gone to Tiffany, Cartier, or Harry Winston. I bet Lauren is having the last laugh, because I'm just laughing at these two losers!

2541 days ago


Did anyone see the look on Heidi's face when she said she was going to paint the walls yellow and Spencer made that noise like no. Her face expression was priceless.

2541 days ago

name withheld    

Amy you are simply a moron, leave gina alone.

2541 days ago


Maybe he can't afford to pay for a nice ring because he pays so much for all the neato art tagging on his wall. bummer.

2541 days ago


How embarrasing for you Heidi that you chose Spencer over your old best friend L.C. She of class and he of none!!! Can't wait for you to see the episode of him asking Brody to buy the cheap ring "you'll see what we mean" you will get a laugh out of it and than tell Lauren what an ass you have been. Just hold your head up because we know you made a terrible mistake and we forgive you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2541 days ago

the other woman    

I would feel flatered if a guy gave me a ring, to me price does not matter.I saw the episode when he proposed and it was absolutely romantic.. honestly at first I doubted this couple, but I can see Spencer has seems he really loves her...he seems like a sweet guy...I guess I was wrong love changes people.....and hey look cute together

I'm not a fan, just an observer..

2541 days ago
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