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News Flash: Another "Bachelor" Engagement Called Off!

8/15/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hunky Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin is once again a confirmed "Bachelor!"

One week after ABC announced their newest Frankenbachelor candidate, Baldwin and his Season 10 bride of "Bachelor", Tessa Horst, have called off their sham marriage. No way!

Baldwin tells In Touch, "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren't ready to be engaged"-- especially with the cameras gone! The relationship is allegedly still on, but Tessa is holding off on moving to Hawaii to be near the cardboard muscle man. Alo-HA!

At least TomKat can rest knowing they still have the most contrived marriage in Hollywood.


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2593 days ago


He SO should have chosen BEVIN. It was obvious she was playing to hard to get because she wasn't in love with him!! I am not at all surprise. I just came back from Hawaii and it isn't all it is cracked up to be either. Sure it is great for a vacation but to live there can wear thin after awhile. It has many ghettos like any other place!! It isn't all paradise. To move there with some man you met n TV and expect to be married is a ridiculous expecatation to put anyone. it was all about "him."

2593 days ago


I'm shocked--shocked--that they have called off their wedding. That show doesn't seem contrived at all either.

2593 days ago


This just totally destroys my belief that "reality" T.V. is real life. Where's my lawyer, I'm suing the networks for mental anguish?

2593 days ago


oh no...I think I'm going to have a heart attack and die of "so not suprised".

2593 days ago


Trustingly, they can work things out over time as they feel authentically right together in the larger scheme of things....Tessa always felt like she had a great head on her beautiful and classic shoulders as opposed to the runner-up who, obviously, lives between her crotch. Astrologically, this is a challenging time for all relationships and theirs became more public than Tessa might have desired and, hopefully, through dating they can get on with their busy individual lives and bring their families together while continuing to grow in relationship. I lived in San Francisco as a young career woman and I would want to be very certain about a move at the age of 26 years not knowing his future career plans.

Additionally, don't think it helped to have that pathetic runner-up, Bevin, obsessing about him on her myspace. ABC The Bachelor needs to have deeper psychological evaluations for the girls and, most assuredly, the runner-up in this year's The Bachelor should have been more closely evaluated.

2593 days ago


Hey, it's that gay retarded guy on shallow hal who was the fat hawaiians friend.

2593 days ago


NO! NO! NO! I was really rooting for those two! Dang!

2593 days ago


Must be a really slow day in Hollywood for TMZ to print this. Seriously, who gives a damn about this? Please stop reporting on the Reality shows. Stick to gossip about the REAL actors in Hollywood and not these rejects.

2593 days ago

Ms Kris    

And, the world says "Who cares?"

2593 days ago

Nick La what    

They don't ever want to get married. They just want to be on television and in the magazines.

2593 days ago


#25 says TMZ should stick to the REAL actors in Hollywood! Okay, well, that means adios to all of the Gummi & Greasy Bear stories, celebuspawn tales, pageant winners (and losers) and so much more! And while we're at it, could you provide a list of who the REAL actors are? I'm not really sure. Would this list be limited to only GOOD actors or people with actual talent? How about the parents of the actors? Siblings? Cousins? And gosh, singers -- you didn't mention SINGERS? Are they allowed. And I sure hope to heck that ONLY REAL ACTORS means that you get rid of David Beckham, because he's sports and I'm SO sick of hearing about him and skinnyvic.

Now, is there any age limit for the people to be mentioned? Just let TMZ know and I'm sure they'll fully honor your request!! What a great suggestion! You are so highly intelligent! I'm humbled to post in the same vicinity as you. Wow, I have to go lie down. Being in awe is exhausting!

2593 days ago


His WEENY was too TEENY!

2593 days ago


Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!! :-P

2593 days ago


I thought that he was so ugly when I saw him..... They guys are so ugly that they get on this show.

2593 days ago
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