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Angelina: One Hot Hood Ornament

8/16/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's time to pull out the sexy checklist!
Expensive car? Check. Machine gun? Check. Angelina Jolie? Check. Skirted and supine Angelina on an expensive car holding a machine gun? Check, please!

Mama Pitt was seen kickin' back and taking aims on the Chicago set of her new movie "Wanted," yesterday. The sultry screenstar and mother of four looked carismatically comfortable in her role as a the voluptuous Viper sniper.

She be bangin!


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Jamie (#123)
Those who attack Angelina conveniently forget that fact!

2625 days ago


That's your opinion, terri! (#115) Here's mine. Brad traded up!

2625 days ago

crimson pixie    

If this "movie" is supposedly for entertainment, and not an attempt to do CPR on Angie's career (get teh horny adolescents and small cluster of groveling fans in theaters anyway), what exactly is interesting about this? She even looks bored in this picture.

Cosmetic surgery turned a cute, pretty face into one that is cartoonishly striking -- she looks like a comic book drawing except a drawing would have more curves. She presents herself in many instances like a cartoon... and thsi movie still looks like a cartoon or video game.

If she weren't supposed to be setting a good example for teh kids she has gathered so far, this would just be amusing.

2625 days ago

don quixote    

Uh, #123 Jaime since Shiloh is a full-term baby it doesn't take a math whiz to know that Brad had impregnated Ms. Jolie while still married, and before Jennifer started dating Vince Vaughn.

Now here's a quarter... go buy yourself a clue.

2624 days ago


A note about California divorce law. Though many couples would be willing to be free shortly after filing - which the Aniston-Pitts did in April of their divorce year - marriages are not decreed officially dissolved for 6 months from filing (hence divorce legally finalized in October). This is partly to ensure that there are no pending children of the union whose paternity and subsequent support would need to be determined. Depending on how you look at it then, some couples feel divorced the minute the final papers go in the court system, and consider the ensuing six months a technicality. Others may wait for the judge to issue final decree. April or October, May, December, it's up to you.

2624 days ago


Angie is beautiful, but she needs to gain some weight. Her body is pin thin and not secy anymore. I love her and got off many times to her sex scenes in Gia. She is encompasses sexy and she really should eat a little more.

2624 days ago


A hot hood ornament?Looks like the nice ass car went through a corn field, and the scarecrow went through the window!

2622 days ago


She sucks, this movie looks like she is some gun toting she devil whi will seduce the main character. I have seen her do this role too many times before, maybe she should take a time out and eat and take care of her kids.

2622 days ago


That is one fugly cow. She looks like 100 miles of bad road, and a pelican sized jaw that could use plastic surgery to bring it back to normal.

She also looks like a 2 cent ho with those idiotic tats. Her papa is right: she IS a headcase.


2622 days ago


re posts 41. 49., i'm with you.

Notice the body language of those poor kids. The kids don't hold on to her as normally would be when she carries them for the photo ops. They don't touch her and don't look to be 'easy' with her. They always look uncomfortable with her.

2622 days ago


#134. Jen was photographed and you should find a picture on the web with Vince Vaugh outside of a hotel on the balcony in a compromising position and this was 05/2005. Shiloh wasn't conceived until later in the year, remember she was born 05/2006. JEN IS AN ADULTEROUS IF YOU WANT TO CALL PEOPLE NAMES!

In regards to Angelina, she looks good, her kids are happy and Brad are happy, don't you wish Jen had a family. It's obviously something wrong with her since she can't seem to get a relationship right and she's almost 40 years old.

2622 days ago


Yeap, she is really pretty with those ugly ass Tattoos and stuffed lips. Give me Jennifer anyway!

2616 days ago


If the camera is supposed to add ten pounds She must weigh only 80! Her knees looks so knobby! Eat Angelina Eat!

2615 days ago
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