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Angelyne: Aged Like Fine Cheese

8/16/2007 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Or... perhaps maybe she's just aged.

The Hollywood wannabeen icon, born sometime last century, was spotted in Malibu yesterday -- covering her Jurassic face with her brittle blonde weave. THANK GOD!

In case you have no clue who she is (99.9% of you), she ran for Governor of California, cruises around L.A. in a pink corvette with personalized license plates saying "Anglyne," and purchases her own billboards for advertising. Girl's gotta get the word out!

Little does she know the photogs were most likely not there for her. Nobu, where real stars go, is right down the street.


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Get a Grip    

another waste of space.....GO AWAY...honest, no one will even notice!

2623 days ago


she would do a better job than, Bush.

2623 days ago


Seriously, WHAT is this thing?

2623 days ago


What's your problem with Angelyne. I love the way she aging. Certainly bettter than a lot of the boring fat women I see on the streets (no offense Grandma). What's wrong with being unique and fun?

2623 days ago


This woman is ANCIENT.

If you have ever seen her cruising sunset, which is all she seems to do, it's amazing the DMV lets this elderly woman drive at her age.

I guess that what makes LA unique. Maybe Britney Spears can take up that job when Angelyne dies.

2623 days ago


Shes fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2623 days ago


Bet she smells like old cheese too.

2623 days ago


Soooo mean. Must be a slow day for the daggers to come out for someone like Angelyne. She didn't go around trying to run over anyone. Didn't drive wrong way on the freeway, or drive while drunk.

2623 days ago


Who's Angelyne?????

2623 days ago


For someone who tries to be in the spotlight, why can't I find any photos online? I've never heard of her! The only thing I found was "born in Idaho in 1958".

2623 days ago



This "woman" was a senior citizen when I moved to LA 16 years ago. She was in her mid-sixties then.

For those of you who don't know her, Angelyn used to be Marilyn Monroe's stand-in (like in the 1950's, DUH).

Anyhow, she used to plaster billboards all over Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. in the 90's. Other than those 2 things, SHE HAS NEVER, NEVER done anything worthy of acknowledgment other than date older rich men, but they're all dead now.

Even Hugh Hefner has STOPPED inviting her to the Playboy mansion.

I've seen at the mall a few times (too many) and driving around in that OUTDATED Corvette. She's probably living in Malibu now, in that car! That's about all she has left. No more billboards, no more EXTRA WORK, the Sugar Daddies are all dead and gone.

Paris, Birtney and the gang, listen up -- this is what bad partying, lack of focus and fake plastic surgery LOOKS LIKE when you get older.

Oh and by the way, Angelyne has always looked this bad - FOR YEARS. And in person - you gotta SQUINT !!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

2623 days ago

the wise old owl    

LOL..........if you saw this grandmother up close in the sunlight ......YOU WOULD RUN !!

She is very wrinkled and looks like she hasn't seen a ray of sunshine in 40 years. As of 2 years ago she was stripping in Las Vegas. In must have been in a very DARK room for people with really bad eye sight because she is not something you would want to see without clothes on. Just pathetic that she is trying to " make it " in Hollywood. I guess her " sugar daddy " hasn't run out of money trying to promote this prostitute. You can still catch bill boards of her on Sunset Blvd. from time to time. YUCK !!! Who the hell wants to look at that.?

2623 days ago


TMZ - you got it wrong. She wasn't born last century (1900's). She was born in the century before that one (1800's).

2623 days ago


Yeah she drives around town in pink corvette with her name on license and dresses like a total ho with the worst impants and waves a pink fan but please dont bother her with paparrazzi because she obviously DOES NOT want any publicity-hahahahahahaha!

2623 days ago

Rob R Barron    

I have been "blessed" to see her up live and in person a couple of times.

The first time, she and her boyfriend(?) were in the Hollywoodland Market up off Beachwood. It was amazing, this wrinkley old prune and her skank paramour rushing through the market like they were both on speed. It was like Barbie & Ken meet the Surreal Life.

Then for some reason, I saw her a few times last year at the Little Company of Mary Hospital in San Pedro. I only saw her in the pink beast then. I hope she's not any sicker than she already is!

2623 days ago
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