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Brit to Nanny -- Sleep with Me and the Boys!

8/16/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In yet another shocking twist with the help, Britney Spears once asked a nanny to sleep with her – and her infant sons – in the same bed. Just how we did it back home, ya'll!

That's just one of the eyebrow-raising allegations made by ex-nannies to Us, as Kevin Federline rounds up all of Britney's former help – and there's plenty of 'em – and their Britney-bad-mommy stories. What else? "She'll strip down in front of staff, nannies, whomever," said one source. "She'll ask, 'Do I look sexy? Do I look pretty? She's extremely insecure."

And as for her hiring criteria, actual child-care experience doesn't seem to be overly important. "She just cares about whether they're young and fun and like to drink and party," says an Us source.

Mayer and Diaz – Big Apple Boom-Boom?

We all wondered whether John Mayer and Mandy Moore were an item after they were spied having lunch in Manhattan on Tuesday. Looks like John moved on pretty quick – now the buzz is that Cameron Diaz is in the former Simpson-boytoy's sights. Page Six reports that the pair had dinner at downtown's Indochine, and that they were "very playful and cozy," and "lingered over dessert."

Cam, of course, is cavorting with the rocker in the (very near) shadow of her ex-longtime-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who's performing at Madison Square Garden this week. The couple's reps didn't comment.

L.C. – Those Bitchfights Are So Real!

The claws are clearly out on this season of "The Hills" between L.C. and Heidi – and Lauren, at least, says their razor-sharpness isn't just for the cameras.

It all started, of course, when the formerly mousy Montag allegedly started spreading the rumors that Conrad had made a sex tape with her ex, Jason Wahler. But now, said Conrad to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show (via People), a post-boob-job Heidi "not the same person anymore ... I feel like I don't even know [her]." And L.C. smashes any hope of a Hilton-Richie-style détente: "I don't think so ... Probably not. I can see us getting to not hating each other."

Party Favors: Halle Berry Not Pregnant, Part MXVIII ... Obama Rocks Tyra ... Tinz and Olivia Think Idiotic Feud More Important than Darfur Victims

Yet another official debunk in the Halle Berry baby-bump watch comes today courtesy of VH1's, which quotes Halle's manager calling a tabloid report that she's two months preggers "not true." ... Talk mostest Tyra Banks will get her way with White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama when he appears on her show September 27 to discuss his run for the Presidency. No word on whether Banks will pursue a similar line of inquiry as when Katharine McPhee was on. ... Today's outlet for outrage comes courtesy of New York imbecil-ites Tinsley Mortimer and Olivia Palermo, whom Page Six says wouldn't show up at a benefit for Darfur genocide victims after they found out the other was going to be there. Brooke Astor rolling in her grave, indeed.


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Halle's eggs are dead now, her career was more important and now she may have missed out. I don't like her anyway, she's a bitch and can't act.

2588 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Harvey, Harvey, Harvey. We already read Page Six, the premier gossip column in the nation.

2588 days ago


Britney is crazy, plain and simple....

2588 days ago


Britney looks like she stinks all the time....

2588 days ago


Who cares about if Halle is pregnant anyway? Her career is so over and her movies suck so bad....

2588 days ago


hey y'all brit brit is back in the news whoppi di do dah day. she is dumb as rocks. her career - oops she aint got none.

I cannot stand John Mayer or Cameroun D - next.

Halle - dont hate on her coz she is pretty and talented. We all make mistakes, its just that she's had a row of flops dont make her a terrible actress. she is a sight for sore eyes. If Magde can have kids, so can anyone.

2588 days ago


KEVIN FEDERLINE THIS IS THE WOMAN YOU CLAIMED TO LOVE. I can understand tough love but if Britney is as insecure as they say then SHE NEEDS YOU IN HER CORNER ENCOURAGING HER, BUILDING HER UP.

Marriage don't end just cause it is tough but the tough keep fighting for each other.

Kevin you were very arrogant when you married Britney. You cried saying how much you loved her and how good she was to you. She is probably at fault for giving too much to you so soon BUT IT IS YOUR TURN TO GIVE BACK TO HER.

You and Britney are being taken for a ride with these attorneys. It is there job to elongate this all out cause it makes them more money. Attorneys never want their clients talking or reconsiling.

You can make a huge impact on the world and on each other to reach out, dig deep, humble yourself before God and each other and do all that is nessacary to make this relationship work.

Kevin and Britney you need each other more than you need fame, money, the fake friends you both have around you now, your boys need you.

Both of you have made huge mistakes in this whole thing so grow up and forgive each other. It never hurts to be the bigger person and reach out to the wounded and love them till they hurt no more.

2588 days ago


leave britney alone and go after so sick of you guys bashing britney

2588 days ago


Brits seems like she's bi-polar. She should be on medication and should not be drinking. She needs some psych help, especially with her insecure cries for help. Her poor kids, they're going to be all messed up when they grow up!

2588 days ago

Lenn K.    

As the Britney goes around. I can't wait for something to happen in this Britney situation, not that I wish her harm, it's just that the media is pushing this girl to do something I think they hope for. See after Anna Nicole Smith, the media can smell blood in the water and if Britney kills herself and something worse they'll say, who saw this coming all we did was take a few pictures, by saying you took a few pictures you mean you staked out her home 24/7 until something bad happened from the harassement!!! Harvey, you wouldn't want this done to your family!!!

2588 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Britney's a Sag' which equals Stuborn Stuborn Stuborn! She'll grow up when she feels like it..She needs a few months 'rest' and mental therapy at one of those lavish sanitoriums.

2588 days ago


I agree with the bi-polar comment. It does seem as though Brit may need some meds. Her kids still have a chance. They're very young and if she can pull herself together within the next few months, her kids may not remember any of this.

2588 days ago


F Halle, nobody cares what she is doing anymore. Sorry, but her time has passed.

2588 days ago

TMZ reader    

Team Britney! I love her no matter what anybody says!

2588 days ago


Bisexuality, or confused sexual preference, just another sign of her being bipolar, been telling everyone from the get-go that this is Brits problem. Why has she not been treated for it yet? Why hasn't there been a major intervention to get her into a mental institution to finally get her the help she needs. I just dont get it. I do not believe in holding kids over someones heads, but that might be the ace card needed to force her into a legitimate treatment program for bipolar/manic-depressive illness. Many bipolars that are untreated end up committing suicide. Is that what everyone is waiting for?

2588 days ago
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