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Dead Woman's Hubby to Brandy: Stop It!

8/16/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BrandyThe widower of the woman who died in a car accident involving R&B singer Brandy Norwood is furious that Brandy is out partying it up while he's still mourning his wife's death.

TMZ spoke with the attorney for Awatef Aboudihaj's husband, Marquane Hdidou, outside of court today. He said his client is extremely angry that he sees pictures of Brandy out clubbing so soon after the crash, which took place last December. Perhaps he saw them here?

In court today, the judge allowed the four parties suing Brandy in civil court to combine their cases: Hdidou, his wife's two kids from a previous marriage, her parents, and Mallory Ham, the man who survived the accident. A trial date has been set for January 28.

As for the criminal case, the investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed. Why does it take eight months to investigate a car crash?


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This was NO ACCIDENT!!!!!!! She was yapping on her damn phone ( not paying attention ) when she hit the poor woman. If this would've been any other person, they would be in jail for facing invouluntary manslaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired of these celebs getting special treatment. Don't y'all remember her PUNK'D episode, thinking she was above it all. Telling the black cop to help a SISTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2632 days ago


#4 she wasn't drunk when she crashed, anyone can have an accident anytime of day and sober and kill someone. Why is this man concerned about her going out, what she's suppose to live like a nun now, it was an accident, she's a crappy driver and if she never drives again great but this was in no way intentional I'm sure.

2632 days ago


She needs to go to jail...what's the difference if your drunk, or yakking away on your cell phone and not paying attention to the road? When are they going to outlaw cell phone use while driving??!!

2632 days ago


I love Brandy and she has no reason to continue to mourn over something ( a freakin car accident) that happened almost a year ago. I hope those third world losers don't get a penny from her.

2632 days ago


OK so she ACCIDENTIAL had an accident that involved a death! Sadly, accidents happen everyday ... Almost everyone has been in some sort of an accident in their lifetime and if you haven’t you more than likely will be. And these accidents might involve a death or serious injury. It sucks that the man had to loose his wife, and that the children lost their mother, but children and spouses loose their love ones everyday in the hands of a careless driver. This family is lucky that it is at that fault of Brandy – a multi-millionaire. If it would have been someone with no insurance or someone with nothing worth suing over they would have all received an apology letter wishing them the best.

If any of you would have hit this woman and killed her TMZ would not be covering it and you would not be sued for millions and millions of $$$. In addition, why in the hell is the woman involved in the accident suing of she wasn’t injured? Americans and suing people to make their millions – The American Way! And we wonder why other countries hate us!

2632 days ago


I bet if this was a non-celebrity, her family would probably have just cashed out

the car insurance check by now. By no, Brandy's a celebrity and the family

knows it, so they're refusing the insurance check and "betting a thousand for a

million." Goldman's attorney, no doubt. GREEDY

P.S. What did the victim do, has she ever even touched a million dollars before? I bet her greedy family members haven't either.

2632 days ago


Why hasn't she been charged with vehicular homicide? People go to jail for killing someone with thier car, why is she getting away with this?

2632 days ago


Leave her alone TMZ. She may be going to jail for a long time. She wasn't drunk and she isn't the person who even hit the car directly. BTW, who IS the person that actually hit that poor woman's car? Have they filed charges against him/her too? I really feel for Brandy, she lost her job because of this (AGT) and she's a single mother.

Don't get me wrong, I truly sumpathize for the woman who lost her life and her family. It was, however, an accident. This could happen to anyone driving. They didn't even say she was on her cell phone. The husband is understandably hurt and upset. But obviously Brandy is an easy target for his frustrations and he's being unreasonable when it comes to requesting she not go out.

2632 days ago


#40 maybe cause she is black

2632 days ago


Apple Head Brandy

2632 days ago


She should go to jail, and her roomies should be Bubbette, and Sally plunger!

2632 days ago


She was NOT drunk. It's been 9 months. She has a right to live. People talk on thier phones and drive all the time, it doesnt' have anything to do with being a star. She showed remorse, she was heartbroken. She cried and greived and now if she doesnt stop, people will take that as an admission of guilt. She had and accident. Someone died, and it can't get any worse, but she still has to make a living. As I recall she wasn't boozing it up at the party either, she was just out trying to take her mind off what's been going on. I am sure, that several people this man knows have said "come on and lets go do something, go to dinner, take the kids out etc. you need to get your mind off of loosing your wife". If he did go out to try to take his mind off it, does that mean that he didn't love his life. Get over yourselves loosers.

2632 days ago


Al Sharpton should take the case up for the victims family. Oh well, maybe not

2632 days ago

Grown In Bklyn    

Im sorry 4 his loss....but y shud she be in mournin, he shud be in mournin......this happened last's August of the next year.

2632 days ago

big joe    

why is brandy acting like that. mr. al sharpton. mmmmmmmm

2632 days ago
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