Sacha Baron Cohen Gets DiCriscio-ed

8/16/2007 1:02 PM PDT
Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-ego Bruno better watch his back -- there's one angry hairdresser on the hunt for his ass ... and not in the way he'd like.

TMZ caught that train wreck of a stylist Daniel DiCriscio out in Hollywood last night, and instead of spewing his usual ridiculous venom towards fellow Anna Nicole Smith foot-licker Bobby Trendy, DiCriscio went off on Sacha for hoodwinking him into being on "Da Ali G Show." Spotting an opportunity for publicity, DiCriscio went on a tirade for the cameras saying, "It's gonna be payback time! You f**ked with me, get f**king ready, man!"

Just in case you're actually wondering what he's talking about, DiCriscio was the subject of an interview with Cohen's flamboyant fashion expert Bruno, where the so-called "Makeover Messiah" was asked how he would upgrade the look of the original Messiah, Jesus Christ. Daniel's advice? Ripped jeans, some flat-ironed hair and a wind machine. Genius.