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Star Jones -- I Was a Big, Fat Denier!

8/16/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the world's worst kept secrets -- that Star Jones had her stomach stapled to help her drop 160 lbs. -- is out there, but even under intense questioning from Diane Sawyer this morning, it's still unclear why she kept it.

The bebobbed Star blabbed on "Good Morning America" to Diane about her surgery, almost four years ago to the day. She admitted that in her newly svelte state she danced around the truth -- and still hot-footed around Diane's grilling about it today, not really 'splaining why she was so sheepish.

Now, says Star, whose Court TV show starts next month, she's "free," but still can't quite escape the (very large) shadow of her old self.


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you are entitled to my opinion    

i don't understand why i can't marry a gay man, but she can.

2627 days ago


Hey, Ms. Star Jones, Denial???? Denial is the same thing as lying!

Who wants to believe anything you say now?

Amazing they decided to put YOU on Court TV. But then Court TV is also sooooo unrealistic isn't it?

2627 days ago



2627 days ago


Ok, Star,
Get over it, we are!

2627 days ago


Why is it ok for a skinny celeb to get fake boobs, and other plastic surgery to make themselves "look better" yet an overweight person can't have surgery to make themselves not only look better, but also potentially save their life? I don't necessarily like Star Jones, but WTF, leave her alone on this issue.

2627 days ago

Dean of OK    

She is putting on a big act. What's with this soft little voice now. She was always such a blow hard on The view. I guess it doesn't matter when you come down to it. She'll either do ok on her new show or she'll go into oblivion. Somehow or other I think most people could care less.

2627 days ago


Star has been quite clear about why she didnt tell people. If someone went out and had the surgery because she did and died she would feel awful. There is a very high mortality rate for that surgery..the heavier the person the higher the death rate. My friend had that surgery and it is no joke. She had her incicisions rupsture and had to go back in and be reoporated on. She wasnt obsorbibg nutrience correctly and lost her hair and now has to worry about osteoperosis. She also threw up a lot in the first 2 months. And u guys want Star to brag about it. Star also knows she has access to the best of care while a lot of people dont...and BTW she did work out and diet and had further surgery for skin removal...NONE OF IT IS ANY OF OUR BUSINESS.

2627 days ago


What`s the big deal? She doesn`t owe anyone a reason on how or why she lost her weight regardless of what Rosie or anyone else thinks. I still say Rosie is nothing but jealous and that is why she started this whole fiasco in the first place. I think Star looks wonderful. It may take a little while longer for her body/looks to adjust to the loss........hey she lost a whole human being in weight ya know.

2627 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Another piece of sepia crap.

2627 days ago


Star, you're just not that talented. Get over yourself. Go back to Texas with your gay hubby and start chasing ambulances again. Now, you can chase them even faster after all that cheated weight loss.

2627 days ago

Anthony Tyler    

Shut up. PLEASE, just shut up...

2627 days ago

God looks the other way, but only so far.    

He show will get cancelled. Why? Because he whole cachet (when she was hefty) is that she was candid, blunt, honest and sassy. Now she's evasive, dour hangdog and has shown us through her -getting all her wedding freebie- behavior that she's ill breed and greedy--AND--she will lie to us all to save face. So guess what girlfriend? If you want to hide--go hide--but we ain't gonna seek--cause you've lost your audience. Without trust there can be no relationship, I dont care how skinny you are.

2627 days ago


IMO, if you are going to be on a gossipy crap show like the View, then it seems to me that turn about is fair play.

2627 days ago


who gives a **** about a nobody with nothing to say......much ado about nothing

Now if she ended up as Rosie's next love interest, then I'd care for about 5 seconds......

No wonder the terrorists hate us

2627 days ago


she does not need to explain anything!

2627 days ago
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