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Star Jones -- I Was a Big, Fat Denier!

8/16/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the world's worst kept secrets -- that Star Jones had her stomach stapled to help her drop 160 lbs. -- is out there, but even under intense questioning from Diane Sawyer this morning, it's still unclear why she kept it.

The bebobbed Star blabbed on "Good Morning America" to Diane about her surgery, almost four years ago to the day. She admitted that in her newly svelte state she danced around the truth -- and still hot-footed around Diane's grilling about it today, not really 'splaining why she was so sheepish.

Now, says Star, whose Court TV show starts next month, she's "free," but still can't quite escape the (very large) shadow of her old self.


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Starr is beautiful, both inside and out!

2589 days ago


She has eyes like a Paris Hiltons Chihuahua(bug eyes

2589 days ago


I got sick of Star Jones (and Al) years ago. I think she thought people would just ASSUME that she lost weight naturally. Nobody loses that much weight so fast unless they are sick or had that procedure done.
I'm really sick of her weight loss story and hope that this will be over soon. She's trying to get publicity for her new show.

2589 days ago


Her new show will be a loser from get go.

2589 days ago


She was ok heavy-- and then she gained more weight and blew up like a blimp!!
Star totally lost control--- and she lost points with that big lavish free wedding!!-
Her fans (of the past )are disappointed---she doesn't "LOOK"right-------cos now-when Star essays to drink her lemonade-she has slipped thru the straw and fell in!!!

2589 days ago


She is showing up on tv claiming "honesty" when in fact its just a way to promote her show on courtv........i dont believe she cares so much about honesty.

2589 days ago


Too much, too little, too late. Star is STILL lying. She claims that she withheld the truth because she was afraid of what people would think of her. Well, eveyone already hated her so what did she fear? Was she concerned that people who start liking her? Fat chance. She lied back then and she's still doing it. This is a woman in deep denial. Who the hell did she think she was fooling? Her weight loss method was the worlds worse kept secrect as is her husbands sexuality. She's still living in her own world of denial. Everyone else has moved on.

2589 days ago


Who really cares?? There are many more subjects we should be concerned about. WHATEVER!!

2589 days ago


As "the lawyer in her" gag, how many times has she said that? You were on the stand Starr and asked "Did you have gastric bypass, yes or no". She pleaded the 5th. Starr Jones, you've lost all credility with me.

2589 days ago


star i know the feeling i had a tummy tuck that almost killed me that was done in beverly hills 4yrs ago to me i look ok my stomach is not flat its lopsided good for you you had the means to get it done and you did me i have to look at this ugly mess everyday if i had your $$ i would do it all over again stay healthy and now really enjoy the view

2589 days ago

queen kiki the great    


2589 days ago


Star Jones you are beautiful!!!and I Pray for your new show, I know that you will be successful, because you have God on your side and .on the View you tried to stand for right, and whenever you do that, people will dislike you, if you had accepted all the imoral lifestyles, that comes on, you would have been so popular.
Don't listen to any negative, they are jealous of you. If you had married a woman or just lived with someone out of wedlock they would love you. I pray that your marriage is good. You look great!!!

2589 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

Too bad she didn't have her mouth sewn shut.

Too bad her tummy tuck wasn't pulled up over her we don't have to look at her E.T. face.

2588 days ago


There's something wrong with Star Jones! Her 'affect' is wrong. She smiles way too much and at the wrongs things. She could announce the death of her mother with a big smile! Those bulging eyes could signal a thyroid condition and that audible breathing is some kind of asthma related problem. She be a big mess.

2588 days ago


She looked better heavy. Now she looks like a shrunken head!

2588 days ago
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