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Star Jones -- I Was a Big, Fat Denier!

8/16/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the world's worst kept secrets -- that Star Jones had her stomach stapled to help her drop 160 lbs. -- is out there, but even under intense questioning from Diane Sawyer this morning, it's still unclear why she kept it.

The bebobbed Star blabbed on "Good Morning America" to Diane about her surgery, almost four years ago to the day. She admitted that in her newly svelte state she danced around the truth -- and still hot-footed around Diane's grilling about it today, not really 'splaining why she was so sheepish.

Now, says Star, whose Court TV show starts next month, she's "free," but still can't quite escape the (very large) shadow of her old self.


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I can understand why Star chose to remain private. I'm not a fan of hers but I understand. She has been an over achiever her whole life and worked very hard for the success she has gained. Before the View, she was a successful attorney and still is an intelligent woman. She was ashamed that working so hard throughout life, she chose the "easy" route and got gastric bypass surgery, instead of losing weight the old fashioned way (watch what you eat and exercise). She didn't want to admit she took the short cut to weight loss when her whole life she has worked so hard at everything else. Having to get the surgery is sort of an admit that she couldn't control her eating and couldn't do it on her own. Thats pretty hard to admit when you are a strong independant person. Again, I'm not a fan of hers but I can understand her dilemma.

2589 days ago

Sympanthetic Canadian    

Not worth watching, not worth anything to anybody. She danced her last dance with me.
I WAS a fan, but she blew me off bigtime. I hope Court TV knows what they are doing hiring her skinny ass, I just had that taken off my cable bill!!!

2589 days ago


You know, I use to respect Star Jones for her attitudeand personality but not so much now. Didn't Rosie O'Donnell say that Ms. Jones had gastric bypass surgery last year and Star then retaliated by getting angry and denying it? Perhaps Rosie deserves an apology from Star.

2589 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She doesn't have to justify her personal medical history to strangers. It's her own business. If she chooses to share it or not, fine either way. What are you, the bypass police? Shrugs.

2589 days ago


Star Jones is such a narcissist. She really thinks everyone in the world wants to know how she lost weight. I don't care how she lost the weight...I just wish she would get lost...........permanently.

2589 days ago

Jeff G    

Let up for crying out loud. I get it totally. She had shame regarding her situation and the shame continued through to her solution. I guess the writers or people who don't get it never experienced something they were ashamed of.

2589 days ago


I reiterate my comment from eariler... I agree with those of you who say it is not anyone's business. What people do with their private life, is there own business.

However, when you are in the public eye an you have the guts to make bias statements and comments about a procedure without giving the full "view" and then change your mind and have the surgery and decide to admit to it a week prior to a new show. You are Fake!!!!!!
It is crazy for you to come out and say anything about the procedure now. I guess it's ok, because she is endorsing her new show. We all knew she didn't lose it naturally.

For the person who wanted to give validity to her not endorsing the surgery because people could die from it is understandably (just like with any procedure you may have). But alot of people lived and have wonderful new beginnings, I wonder how many people were frightened by her segment on the view in 2000 and died because she showed ever y horrible outcome possible. Only for her to turn around and have the surgery herself. This woman has lost my respect completely.

2589 days ago


I briefly dated someone with the surgery. 1)She only has half the stomach lining to work with that she used to. So this means no drinking or she will get drunk twice as fast on half the booze, throw up blood and get diahrrea.2)She can still gain all that weight back by overpacking the new pouch, although there is the secondary threat of death by pulling out the internal metal bits. Denial can be dangerous! Sorry to those who havent eaten yet.

2589 days ago

Wishing People Could Be Kinder    

Reading several of the comments makes me wonder Why are people so mean and judgmental. Let's be kinder people. Star Jones is an intelligent woman that has suffered many physical problems. She suffered as a child with a chronic heart condition and as you know many women are ashamed of their weight or have been made to feel less beautiful..maybe even you or some girl in your family that you love suffers with esteem issues. PLEASE STOP PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN. This is why she had difficulty. People are forever beating her up and internally she was beating herself up and contrary to what the News is saying, I feel she expressed why she did not say anything at first to the best of her ability. When are we ever going to stop crucifying each other for goodness sakes. Just look in the mirror and learn to love yourself and from there you can reach out to show love to others in the world. And here's a comment totally unrelated but to those that this pertains to: PLEASE STOP LITTERING. I LIVE IN CLEVELAND AND I AM TIRED OF PICKING UP TRASH AROUND MY NEIGHBORHOOD THAT OTHERS ARE THROWING DOWN. LITTERING IS SUCH A LAX AND UNINTELLIGENT THING TO DO. LET'S HAVE SOME PRIDE ABOUT OURSELVES AND TAKE CARE OF OUR COUNTRY. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ONE THAT LITTERS, SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE. SURE WOULD APPRECIATE THAT.

2588 days ago


she looks like a little old lady, really old but if she decided to do that stuff that's her concern. however i think she should make every effort to control how she's now looking. too far east is west. she looks so ugly and old now. i thnk it's a sad place to be.

2588 days ago


TMZ averages close to 1 million hits a day. This post about you has been up for 4 days now and has received fewer than 100 comments. People ar SO over you.

2587 days ago
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