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Beverly Hills Gets Even More Posh

8/17/2007 12:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham im-Posh-ter Chanelle Hayes has followed her doppleganger's lead and moved to L.A.

The chav-tastic UK Big Brother contestant followed all the guidelines in the Posh handbook when TMZ cameras spotted her yesterday shopping on Rodeo Drive. Pushy bodyguard? Check. Paparazzi entourage? Check. Sour demeanor and all-around blow-up-doll appearance? Check and check.

Who needs a double when the real Beckham is fake enough!


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What a complete loser! No talent, no personality, over-hyped, nobody!
Go back where you came from. You're not welcome here.

2626 days ago


Have any of you people even READ THE ARTICLE? Its NOT Victoria Beckham. Its Chanelle Hayes... geez, learn to read.

2626 days ago


Bitch needs to get her own life.

2626 days ago


When are you people going to give us a BREAK?! If it's not Hepatitis Hilton, it's the Beckhams! Can you go ONE WEEK without reporting on these people?

2626 days ago


what happened to the video? did it get pulled?

2626 days ago


#17 Your Mom -- uhhhh, maybe your a dumbazz like the Beckhams

Most of us did read the article and to refresh your memory it said the
UK Big Brother contestant followed Victoria to LA.

Hint stupid mom --the UK, means England.

Maybe you should comprehend the stories on TMZ before posting or attacking other bloggers with your inaccurate responses.

HEY, Duck Mom - there's a BOOK being thrown at ya !! (ha)

2626 days ago


. Sorry Paris; don't want to spoil your rep. Correction to #18- It's Herpes Hilton; not Hepititis (or is it?)

2626 days ago


At least she is better looking than that waxy fake looking blow up doll. How can david f... that god only knows. Now everyone knows why he humped his assistant.....

2626 days ago

too sad    

that;s hilarious,

"" who needs a fake beckham when the real one is fake enough """

especially some wanna be u.k. reality contestant.

no thanx.

2626 days ago


Much as I do not care for the Beckham bunch you Americans have a LOT to learn. This is one plastic doll that is revered by many more than u could ever hope to imagine and, idolised by a vast army of (yes I agree,) idiots. You have yet to learn that real fame is not just American waffle but, International and, that the world does not finish between the california and new york borders - tsk tsk TMZ I though u would have learned that by now. This plastic doll has MUCH more power than ost of your Hollywood A list - live and learn

2626 days ago


#5 - Visa Check: Get your facts right - this woman is a UK citizen and as such is entitled to spend three months in the US on a visa waiver. Weren't we all aliens once? Or is your first name Tonto?

2626 days ago


Making jokes about this dimwitted couple is just too easy. I'll pass this time. Thanks for asking.

2626 days ago


Blank Stare.....................

2625 days ago


?Why not purchase a business Visa >?

#26 - by sdb
Your patronizing and narrow minded, Your bigoted post is attempting to sound smart but it fails miserably. Americans are proud of their country and that seems to bother you a lot.
I only wish more of you felt bad enough about Americans to stay they hell out .Why are you on an American web site you silly twit?

2625 days ago


I don't think it's wrong for her to visit here, We should welcome her. She does not want to live here right? just visit. Not take from the system, She is not asking us to conform to her culture, learn her um accent..
Most of our Family's came here legally. They learned English and worked extremely hard to be an American with pride. To build the better life America offered.
Visitors and legal immigrants should always be welcome to America, If they come here with good intent ( we need a government not afraid to check that out). If they wish to live here legally then it is because it is America and it is clear what that is before they fill out the paper work.
If they come here crying for America to conform to their ways then America should pay for their return ticket.
Don't ever let anyone bunch you in with their version of the word Immigrant or alien. Ask them to define it.
I wont be bunched in with people coming to do us harm or just taking from our system and not giving back..
You need a foot wash fine, carry baby wipes. You need spanish teachers fine, there are hundreds not to far away, bye.

2625 days ago
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