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Cops: Kracker Threatened to Bolt

8/17/2007 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KrackerAfter he was arrested on a forcible sex offense in N.C. this morning, cops say Uncle Kracker actually threatened to hightail it back to his home state to avoid charges.

According to the arrest documents obtained by TMZ, "arresting officers informed this court that [Kracker] made statements that he would immediately fly back to Michigan to avoid charges." Kracker, who was determined to be "a nationally known singer with major assets at his disposal," was then branded an "exceptionally high flight risk." His bond was then set at a cool $5 mil.

Raleigh Police tell TMZ that Kracker was busted early Friday morning after a 26-year-old female approached an off-duty cop in a nightclub and reported that "he had committed a sexual act against her while she was inside the establishment."

Kracker was later arrested at a nearby Embassy Suites Hotel.


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NC Judicial Watch    

Unfortunately, Mike Nyfong's witchhunt and the attorney general's decision not to prosecute the false accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case, has damaged the credibility of the North Carolina (in)justice system and so we don't know if Kracker is cracked or his accuser is Whacked.

2631 days ago


His bond was reduced today by a judge to $75,000

2631 days ago


Oh my, he' only 33?
Looks like 43.
Damn! I don't know how wealthy he is but he needs to seriously join a gym and do some major exorcising because if he doesn't, can you imagine what he'll look like at 43?

2631 days ago


Apparently when he said "Follow me" she didn't.

2631 days ago

KKR (KennyKrackerRock)    

This story is awful. How do you arrest someone on the basis of someone's word? When the truth comes out, everyone who pre-judged Kracker is gonna be the ones who will be embarrassed! I guarantee it! Anyone who has came across him in the business like I have know that he is one of the coolest and down to earth rockers there is. Ive seen him have complete conversations with strangers and treat everyone like equals everytime I came across him on Kenny's tour. He talks glowingly about his wife and 3 kids, It's just sad because now he's probably gonna be a guarded jerk like other rock stars with 5 bodyguards around him and all that friendliness and personality are gonna be gone because of one stupid beeyotch!

2631 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

To K,
Put up or shut up. If you knew details you would have shared them to prevent his name from being smeared. What is forced as opposed to rape?

2631 days ago


Its amazing what a WHORE will do for money and split second of fame!!

2631 days ago


I guarantee u this is some kind of set-up. Just like the Duke LaCross team. I know Matt personally and have partied with him more times than i care to remember and never once did i see him act out of sorts. Trust me this girl is looking for nothing more than a meal ticket. There needs to be some solid proof before some 11pm-7am rookie cop jumps to conclusions. And when did Michigan become a place to flee to to avoid prosecution. WHAT A JOKE!!!

2631 days ago

lynn Spears    

well question, do you reall think he would force himself on someone in a public bar. SHe was harrasing him all night and the fact is that she is actually accusing him of hitting her. and that didn't happen either.she is only thinking of money and another fact she was insanely obese and nasty. Don't believe everything you read and hear on tv

2631 days ago


Well, by golly, this is a surprise!

2631 days ago

Raleigh Saint    

Ok, man with a little jingle in his pockets shows up to entertain and party down in Raleigh/Cary NC area. Man Kracker, every dude in NC knows to stay out of that damn area if you're looking for a laugh and few party beers. Ask the Duke LaCrosse team!

Man gets sexual problem with woman in bar of 300 and we learn that "there's enough evidence" to "accuse". Now, let's see, this is Raleigh area - did anyone bring swabs and a rape test kit. Did Kracker remember to bring his friends to watch what he was doing? Oh, and did cops perform a pregnancy test on the victim - you know that too is important because bet your a$$ they learned that victims can roll out a list of daddies in that part of the country until they get one to stick, right? Well, we could call Mr. Nifong just for verification. Oh, but that's not funny and we have to be careful because there's only so much money left in the legal defense fund of NC after the Duke LaCrosse dog & pony show down in that Raligh/Durham/Cary area.

Kracker looked straight ahead and was not intimadated by the cameras. Body language was not defensive but embarassed. Don't think the man did it. Hey the man hangs with Chesney and Kid Rock - can you say party like a rock star or with a rock star? It's about money pure and simple - red neck groupie girl g with no action gone bad.

2631 days ago

Hey Matt,

Sounds like a Kobe Bryant setup!
Piss on them! Bitch probably didnt have any teeth.
North Carolina? In-bread! I'll trade you my sister for your bic lighter.
Don't worry Dude we got your back.

Your Mailman and the boys from Fall From Grace.

2631 days ago


Oh Raleigh Saint, you actually think Raleigh cops know what evidence is? Hahaha! Though, personally, I think it was just some chick who wanted a bit of attention, and what better way than to accuse some guy who has money of some sexual act.

2631 days ago

Raleigh Saint    

If he behaved in such a way with women, why would it only turn up now when he's started having some success in his career after years of spinning tunes for others? I'm sure there are tons of groupies on those tours with the artist who would be happy to be road freebies for them. Think it's unlikely that one chick from Raleigh/Cary in a small club that seats 300 would be so hot to be his undoing.
Think his comments to the cops were more like I'll soon be out of this $$$ town in few hours so you can save the charges, etc as anyone may make when unjustly accused. I'm with the others, Mi is not a safe haven for fugitives. If he really wanted to take off out of jurisdiction, think he has a close friend who has an island, right?

2631 days ago
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