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Did Criss Angel Abra-Ca-Tap Dat?

8/17/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and mindfreak Criss Angel went into the W Hotel in Westwood last night around 3:00 AM -- and didn't emerge until this early morning. *shuddering at the thought

This is the second night in a row we've spotted the unusual duo at a hotel together. Early Thursday morning, they sauntered into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills together.

Bagging Brit would be quite the trick ... four years ago.


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who cares    

Hmm., a sex video to hump...uh, jump start Brtney's career perhaps? Maybe he's the one who has been making her panties disappear in public all along!

2563 days ago

J Doe    

heard that she gives sean and jaydn cold coffee with sugar and cream to keep them awake at night. ( caffein ) when SHE wants HER sleep the kids are TOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED to want to play and they sleep alllll day.

thats dam selfish and child abuse

2563 days ago


That dummy has to know she's about to lose her someone who only wants them for more money......he might care about them....but it's always been about money to that trailer trash K-fed.......drugs and random men must be more important than her kids...she's an idiot...i've decided that...

2563 days ago

Surprised By Angel    

If you really believe the VMA're quite nieve. Even if they had a meeting about it, (which I think they probably mentioned it for 5 min just for conversation), would they have to drive around and look for a hotel that late at night.

2563 days ago

WHO CARES!!!    

Why does the general public [ every day joe ] care so much, and keep tabs on people who live in a different WORLD than everyone else on Planet EARTH????

2563 days ago


OMG what is wrong with that girl.... ?? She has no common sense or she has LOST her mind!!! WOW SO BAD!!!!!!!

2563 days ago


I'm no Britney Spears (Thank God) or Cameron Diaz (Eat A Sandwich Girlfriend), but I'd do Criss Angel! Well, I would if I wasn't married with children... lol... I just took my son to meet in in Las Vegas. Drove 3 hours to get there, stood in line for 7 1/2 hours, drove 3 hours home. My son still hasn't wiped off the 'I met Criss Angel' grin! Angel should be more careful who he associates with though. Spears can do nothing for him but 'do' him... and personally, after meeting him, I'm sure he's smarter than that! I saw alot of Criss Angel merchandise when we were in Vegas, but I don't remember any Mind Freak condoms... Hopefully he isn't 'doing' her because too many kids look up to him and she is sooooo yesterday!!!

2563 days ago


Oh when does the madness end. Washed up Spears with washed up Criss Angel.

2563 days ago


euwwww the" freak" is getting her "freak" on with the mind "freak" !!!!!!!

2563 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

Some of you gossipy fools think because she takes her kids to diner it is a photo op? Those photog's follow her everywhere. How many of you would look like the perfect person all day? Ever pick your nose? Make an angry face? Talk to someone of the opposite sex and have the world call you a whore. Don't be so easily manipulated by the media people. She's not perfect but neither are you or I.

2563 days ago


I'am so convinced Britney doesn't care at all for those little boys of hers.I feel sorry for them,
and all of the things she does,that they will see some day. If her and Criss are going to be
on the Award show,they could have went somewhere other than a Hotel.Britney is in the
news everyday,or every other day,doing something more outrageous than the last.Criss
thinks he is so cool.I can't stand either one of them.

2563 days ago


Hey 'getalifeppl'

You say, 'Everyone is so quick to judge Brittany (sic)...'

You mean like you judged everyone here with your tirade here?

Based on the length of your tome (lengthy discourse), I would suggest that it is YOU who needs to get a life!

lol lol lol

2563 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

Metzy mom......So your a crappy mom who forces your kid to ride 6 hours with you and wait in line 7 and a half hours so you can get wet over chris angel. Sounds more like it was you who couldn't wipe the smile off your face. Did you use your kid to go see a hottie? How do you like being judged? You should shut your trap because you sound like a worse mom than BritBrit. You also sound Jealous and jaded.

2563 days ago

Melinda the Body Bender    

As lowdown and sleazy as K-Fed is, I'm starting to think he'd be a better parent than Britney. Why the heck is it so hard for her to just be a mom and raise her children?

2563 days ago


WOW she turns everyone into wh***s... so much for a mindfreak...

2563 days ago
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