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Did Criss Angel Abra-Ca-Tap Dat?

8/17/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and mindfreak Criss Angel went into the W Hotel in Westwood last night around 3:00 AM -- and didn't emerge until this early morning. *shuddering at the thought

This is the second night in a row we've spotted the unusual duo at a hotel together. Early Thursday morning, they sauntered into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills together.

Bagging Brit would be quite the trick ... four years ago.


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Save Joe Francis     

Hey Britney, watch me pull a rabbit out of my pants!

2588 days ago


Britney is absolutely One Major Train Wreck ! It's too late and too much damage!
Her career is over ! Maybe, she can apply for porn in the Valley ! I hear they could use
some lo-down ho's in the valley... Not sure??? She is even porn material?

2588 days ago


One is from Lawn Guyland, the other from East Bumblef**k. A perfect match.

2588 days ago


The comments on this board are crazy....I am sure Britney isn't the best mother...If anything she is probably suffering from post partum depression...I mean she had 2 babies within 1 year of eachother and a husband who from all accounts was awful to her with his constant partying, etc...She is going through something that she probably can't control...She was a beautiful girl and she is a great entertainer...

Get your facts straight...She only has the kids 3 days a week...The rest of the time they are with Kevin...The nights we see her out and partying is pretty odvious she doesn't have them...The nights she is out with them, she is just out eating and she brings the boys...I'm not saying she is a "model" mom but she is young, spoiled & sick...You are all so quick to judge that she is having sex with the guy, but maybe just maybe they are working on something...

2588 days ago


Hey....they're adults.

2588 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Okay, I've had enough. Where do I write to AOL to tell them that this TMZ classless crap is offensive?

There is proof that you can write a gossip rag without being vulgar, filthy, nasty, pornographic. TMZ doesn't know how. Disgusting.

2588 days ago


hey #109!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she wasn't out being a train wreck 4 nights a week she could spend more time with the kids.

2588 days ago


These two are made for each other. What is with the Grunge look, it is so early 90's. Get a makeover will the both of you. Disgusting appearance and I bet their hygiene isn't up to par either. Just nasty looking.

2588 days ago


Out of all of the beautiful women in the world, Britt. Spears aka Wht.Trash overweight with tons of bagage is his choice (as reported). If it's true.....all I can say is "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MAN THINKING?" and now I am simply speechless.

2588 days ago


let him who is without sin cast the first stone.if they are happy good for them you buncha hypocritical maggots that put them down!!!

2588 days ago


If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it must be a WHORE!!!! She walkin the walk and talkin the talk she might as well get paid as a WHORE if shes gonna act like one, oh but that's right I forgot, she's "COUNTRY, Y'ALL" not smart enough to think of that on her own!!!!

2588 days ago


TMZ, you are behind Access Hollywood. Apparently, Criss is designing her act on the MTV VMA's.

2588 days ago


Hey 109 did you miss the night she had those babies out @ 9PM having dinner (or just another photo op). You obvoiusly are not a mother ortherwise you would know children under 3 need to be in bed by the latest 8PM, not out being photographed, but that's right were are talking about, Britney, "Country Y'all".!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2588 days ago


NO TRAINWRECK ON THE VMA'S. I know for a fact they can get sombody waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

2588 days ago


More like 6 years ago. She's fat and ugly now.

2588 days ago
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