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Lawyer to Britney -- Enough Already

8/17/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser/Britney SpearsTMZ has learned famed divorce lawyer Laura Wasser wants to quit Brit.

Sources connected to her divorce case tell us Wasser is about to resign as Spears' attorney. The disso-queen, who has repped scores of stars including Angelina Jolie and Nick Lachey, sealed the deal on the divorce late last month. Now that the divorce is done, Wasser is done.

We're told Wasser has put Spears in touch with other lawyers who could help the singer in her ongoing custody battle with Fed-Ex, but Spears has become so reliant on Wasser she doesn't like any of the alternatives. There's probably good reason -- with Spears flipping out before our eyes, it's pretty amazing Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split in the settlement.

As for why Wasser wants out, we're guessin' crisis of conscience.

Wasser didn't return our calls.


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Post #25

I agree with you this is beyond amusing. This is just becoming sad. We are all watching this girl self destruct. I hope that Alli is on her side and looking out for her best interest and not using Britney to advance her own career because she is in a free fall and 1 of 2 things will happen if she loses her kids:

1. She will hit rock bottom, see she needs help and call her mother or family member. Hopefully they will take her out of LA and get her treatment that she needs.

2. She will isolate herself even more and put herself in a more dangerous position.

I hope she reaches out and gets the help she desperately needs. As for her fan, screw the LAX opening, VMA awards or the comeback. Her first priority should be to get healthy, happy, get her life back in order, connect with her children. Her career and fans should be the last thing on her mind. As fans you should want whats best for her not you.

2601 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

You know,..thats pretty sad. I remember way back in the day when her annoying ass music was EVERYWHERE,.. kinda hoping that somethin would happen to stop the constant replays of her crap ass music. SImple solution was that i bought more CD's,..(not hers) and played the music I wanted. I do feel bad for her, but not to the point where I want to watch her every move as she heads thru her WAY early midlife crisis. Seriously,...everybody has problems,....hers are pretty damn bad,...and all the constant attention to her probably isn't making it any better. At this time,...she needs privacy, not attention. Thats one major thing f*ckign her up. Dont get me wrong....she still has CRAP ASS MUSIC, and hope for NO COMEBACK!

2601 days ago

Team Jon    

They need to leave Britney the hell alone. I wouldn't be surprised if I turned on the news one day soon and found out that she killed herself and maybe her children also. The media needs to leave her alone dame.

2601 days ago


Meant to agree with post 24 not 25

2601 days ago



YES it's easy for a sane mind to say if I were Britney I would do this or I wouldn't do that. Britney is in a state of euphoria right now she doesn't even understand what is going on around her. Because she has a "I don't care" attitude should show those close to her that something is wrong.

2601 days ago

Democrats are evil    

When a lawyer says they want to distance themselves from you, you must really be a total screw up. I have a saying that I love and really applies here. "You can't teach a pig to sing, you just waste your time and you annoy the Pig." Hey Britney, "Oink, Oink.

2601 days ago

Jimmy Slade    

to the people saying "well if you had cameras in your face 24/7 you'd flip out too", cram it. It is very easy to avoid this, DON'T GO OUT!!!! Why is it soo important for Britney to be out EVERY night? Don't tell me she's incapable of being alone in her house, with her kids, and her assistant, and her nanny, and her security guard, and her etc, etc. I'd feel sorry for her if there was nothing she could do about her condition, but with diet and minor meds alone she can cope very well with her bi-polar problems.

worked for me:P

2601 days ago


i've worked in law for 10 years now and all i can say is stop speculating... even though she may be a 'family law' attorney, it does not necessarily mean she will deal with the custody aspect of it, anyone in law knows that (c'mon levin). her speciality appears to be stricly divorce, so don't jump before you look...

i don't think the girl is self-destucting at all - i just think the media and everyone else just runs with it and embellishes everything. if the girl sat down and defended herself on every article, blog, or report written, she could make a full-time job of it and it is simply not worth it. the smartest thing is that she hasn't fought back in the media, and she doesn't explain herself, b/c her ex is now trying to use the 'public' to win custody (and money), and it will backfire, trust me. i was hoping she would slam reports of her parenting, partying, etc, but she is smarter than you would know, and she will not lose custody of her kids and she shouldn't. once this is done, i'm sure it will become clear that she is smarter than you think.....

2601 days ago

tuna marie    

she's dumping her for the same reason everyone does. britney won't listen to reason and she thinks she knows everything. a diaster waiting to happen in court. wasser wants no part of it.

2601 days ago




2601 days ago



You are wrong. A judge cannot allow someone to have their children when there is a very long line of people making statements to the court saying she is unfit. This judge doesn't live under a rock they see the pictures of her out 24/7 acting irresponsible. While the tabloids can embellish their story the pictures don't lie. If that judge ignores what he is told and what he sees it is on him if something happens to those kids. I hate Kevin but you would have to be an idiot if you couldn't see that she was helping his case everyday.

2601 days ago


I just want to comment on how their are 2 magazine covers that I have seen on Britney. Will I pick up and buy them ....NO. Why? because I what I saw and if it were me would turn me into a nervous wreck. I felt very bad at just taking a glimpse at the cover. Britney needs help and guidance I for one sure hope she doesn't lose custody of her children. What baffles me is this........why hasn't it been reported that anyone is trying to help her? like Christina or Justin. Yeah, I know they could care less....but Justin could take cheap shots at her during his concert.
If Kevin Federline had even an ounce of love for Britney he would try to help her instead of trying to take her kids away. I really don't believe she is a bad mom. Her mom has abaondoned her and her sister too.......of course without Britney they wouldn't have nothing. I will pray for Britney and hope everything turns out for the better for her and her children. And if people keep buying these atrocious magazines with her on it and teh media not leaving her alone .......we unfortunately will have another Anna Nicole Smith on our hands.

2601 days ago


Britney needs a therapist. She no longer is the number 1 pop star of the world and needs to come to terms that it's okay to share the spot with other fabulous women. She's not singing because she knows her voice is not that good. Does this matter? No. There is still a fabulous fan base for this young person. The woman can dance, she is beautiful and young. If Brit does not get the help she so deperately needs, she will destroy everything she worked for all these years. It is difficult when you've been number 1 for almost 20 years to share the platform with other women. How many years has it been since we've heard her own voice? Can she still sing, or is she going to have props all her life. Get a good therapist.

2601 days ago


Laura, PLEASE....

Brit, You have to come to grips that money doesn't buy everything......

It can't buy you timing.... this is REAL BAD timing for these actions....... I understand with the media monitoring your every move, that it is hard to have any sort of adult life..... But PLEASE Brit.... Refrain..... You're in a custody battle, and these actions are not making it easy for your lawyer....... if you lose those kids, it's going to break my heart.... just might destroy it..... please, for your own good.... calm down, I know it's hard to trust ANYONE out there, because it seems with media money, ALOT of people will talk, for a price!

Brit, Your going to destroy me inside......something inside will just never work right ever again, if you lose those kids........ why do that to me! why do that to others as well......

C'mon Brit, get a little rubber buddy or something, and chill out until this court case is over.....

You're under a microscope, kinda like in a fishbowl........ somebody is watching, and when it gets reported alot of people are watching............ C'mon Brit... PLEASE........ and I don't say that word very often.....

LAURA........ PLEASE....

This hurts me Brit.

2601 days ago


Britney NEEDS to go into hiding and stay away from the LA and NYC clubs so she can get better. As it's going now, I believe she will have her kids taken away from her and if that happens, I believe she will kill herself. At first it was amusing, but now it's just sad. GET BETTER, BRIT!!!!

2601 days ago
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