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Lawyer to Britney -- Enough Already

8/17/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser/Britney SpearsTMZ has learned famed divorce lawyer Laura Wasser wants to quit Brit.

Sources connected to her divorce case tell us Wasser is about to resign as Spears' attorney. The disso-queen, who has repped scores of stars including Angelina Jolie and Nick Lachey, sealed the deal on the divorce late last month. Now that the divorce is done, Wasser is done.

We're told Wasser has put Spears in touch with other lawyers who could help the singer in her ongoing custody battle with Fed-Ex, but Spears has become so reliant on Wasser she doesn't like any of the alternatives. There's probably good reason -- with Spears flipping out before our eyes, it's pretty amazing Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split in the settlement.

As for why Wasser wants out, we're guessin' crisis of conscience.

Wasser didn't return our calls.


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I am tellings yas..NO one has even brought up the SO total obvious here. Britney had TWO babies in less than two years and the girl is suffering from some serious post-partum depression. I cannot believe that with all the people around her including all the "knowledgeable" people at the rehab never even had a clue. As soon as someone around that girl gets a brain and figures it out, you'll see that I am right. I've been there several times and I KNOW the patterns. The only thing I don't know is the fame and aggrivation of the paparazzi with it. Britney is showing EVERY sign there is. Where is Brooke Shields when Brit needs her??

2588 days ago


live and let live no one is perfect

2588 days ago


Alot of people have tried to help Britney. If she is so smart, why doesn't she get a clue and change?

2588 days ago


Maybe, just maybe she needs to have her kids taken away from her for about a year and then she'll see the light. She can always get them back if she proves herself. Perhaps the grandparents can take care of them.....sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can create changes, sad, but life sometimes works this way.....

2588 days ago


It comes down to her reputation as a lawyer representing a nutcase who has daily debacles. She's cutting her losses. A good lawyer should know when to walk away from their client, and this situation is just screaming "See ya".

Britney is not even capable of watching her step and she's playing right into Kevin and his attorneys' hands. She's out of control and needs to be delivered and/or hospitalized before she hurts herself, her kids or someone else.

2588 days ago

Haz Royer    

I feel so sorry for Brit,she has lost her direction & keeps making a mess of everything,she is going to keep on withher nonsense and lose her children for good.Its possible that she may be mental,but she sure could use some constructive help "RIGHT NOW".

2588 days ago


Tony Baja - you need help just as much or more than Britney. Pleading with her lawyer, and saying something in you will just curl up and die... You have to know this isn't normal to be so caught up in this fantasy world.

2588 days ago



The average age for Bipolar to show it's symptoms is in the early 20's.

2588 days ago


to Shelly,
I agree, swimming in the ocesn in your underwear, skinny dipping after work with co-workers, and even playing truth or dare, or spin the bottle.... coming home at 4AM with other guys that just don't dress to impress......well, well...

Well this....
1) a jury is going to see these foto's
2) a jury is going to base a decision on theses stories
3) that jury probably will have jobs, and if they got caught doing (foto's of) any one of these things, they could probably lose their job.
4) that jury will probably have some sense of decency...... and well, it just kinda looks
indecent -- or else we all wouldn't be talking about it.
5) The jury is going to make their decision based on a "preponderance of the evidence" of which parent is better..... or which parent MAY be unfit.....
6) If there is no evidence, with an argument to go with it, that jury could very easily rule in K-Feds favor..
7) My opinion, if that jury is showed a side of K-feds Life, deposition of his intent, what his sex life is like, what HIS freinds say about HIM, and his motive's...

well, then I believe a jury could see the balance, and I believe the balnce would rule in Brits side.... because the argument just needs to be as simple as......... who deserves a sex life after marriage? Only the father? Who deserves to go swimming in the ocean, or in a pool, in their underwear.... only the father?
WHO has worked their whole life, and has had their life clouded with business decisions and hard work after hard work in order to be a success....Only the father.... -- whoops, I mean, only the mother....

2588 days ago


number 9 ..this isn't about Amy Sederis...

Why is Amy Sederis's name brought up in EVERY article out here? Do these losers think it's funny or cool? It's about as cool as the no life losers saying FIRST! .

2588 days ago


#73 Been there done that

She doesn't have PPD, check the symptoms they don't fit her at all. I agree with everyone else her symptoms fit BP to a tee!!!!!

2588 days ago


Okay, "Been there done that," now that we have a clue she is suffering from postpartum depression, where do we go from here? This is a woman who makes her own decisions, and you can not force her to get the help she needs....She has to be willing. If she were underage, she could be forced to get help. Britney is over 21, rich and powerful, just like Brooke Shields. The difference is that Brooke realized she had a problem and wanted to take care of it. Britney does not. Stop blaiming the whole world for poor little Brit. When do we take responsibility for our own actions??????

2588 days ago


Her lawyer looks like Leslie Van Houten.

2588 days ago


She does not have postpartum. Please tell me what on this list of symptoms fits Britney?

excessive sleeping but still feeling exhausted
changes in appitite
loss of sexual interest
crying spells without obvious cause
feelings of guilt
feelings of despair and/or worthlessness
may become forgetful
difficulty making decisions
poor concentration

She is anything but depressed, she is in a manic state not depressed. She is bipolar there was a list posted earlier and it all fit Britney.

2588 days ago


#52 totally nailed it.

I think it's disgusting how people get some kind of enjoyment and sick satisfaction at someone else's personal agony. It just goes to show how rotten we as a society have become. Walk a mile in her shoes...and I guarantee not a SINGLE ONE of you could handle it for 10 minutes. Mental illness, whatever it is that she has, is completely debilitating. some compassion. You'd only want the same for yourself.

2588 days ago
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