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Lawyer to Britney -- Enough Already

8/17/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser/Britney SpearsTMZ has learned famed divorce lawyer Laura Wasser wants to quit Brit.

Sources connected to her divorce case tell us Wasser is about to resign as Spears' attorney. The disso-queen, who has repped scores of stars including Angelina Jolie and Nick Lachey, sealed the deal on the divorce late last month. Now that the divorce is done, Wasser is done.

We're told Wasser has put Spears in touch with other lawyers who could help the singer in her ongoing custody battle with Fed-Ex, but Spears has become so reliant on Wasser she doesn't like any of the alternatives. There's probably good reason -- with Spears flipping out before our eyes, it's pretty amazing Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split in the settlement.

As for why Wasser wants out, we're guessin' crisis of conscience.

Wasser didn't return our calls.


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To Simon
I just started reading about Brit 6 months ago... I don't think she deserves the pummeling in the media, and on these boards by the HATERS ... YOU got a Problem HATER!

I try to think positive, and well, it seems you're locked in your own lil dungeon of negativity, and comments of who has the best homosexual attributes.... chill dude, and try to drop all that HATING and HOMOPHOBIA......
I know there a sun out there, and I go swimming in my backyard in my underwear, and I got the tan lines to prove.....

To Sigh
I didn't assume anything, I just gave a small possibility, with satire added...
Did I sound like a 12 year old....? well maybe you hang around with 12 year olds, so you would know better......
Hey,why don't you and simon do something constructive.... like go and get a room! - Send us a report later.

2622 days ago


The only thing left to read about this train wreck is her fatal drug overdose.

2622 days ago


i'll believe it when it is COMFIRMED. you people believe anything

2622 days ago


to sigh
sorry If I jumped to conclusions, and assumed you were attacking me...I probably did assume that even after being told to stick to the facts..... my fault.....
Mabe I was just trying to make a point, that for someone to say brit shows NO sign Of ANY of the PPD symptoms... well, that's kinda absurd...
mabe if she did show some signs of those symptoms, then just maybe she might have an excuse... I mean a medical explanation, for most of her difficult situations...
that's all.... my falt, I'll try and stay mature on this one.

to crystal
well, from KROQ, the kevin and Bean show are reporting that Brits mom is even a real big supporter of K-fed..... and well, with reports of jami lynn being pregnant.... well, I don't want to drag this family situation down.... I'm generally trying to uplift the family situation..... But, if depositions show something is just not right........ then maybe Laura's specialty might show in true form, and those secrets could reman secrets, and she could get the case resolved out of court....... You never know!

2622 days ago


"Parson", how can you profess God and praying for her but have such a lack of understanding when it comes to basic morality? Get REAL.

2622 days ago

defender of the femme    

Keep your head up, Britney, and your eyes open. It is not a bad thing your lawyer quit--you need to find someone who is a feminist, who fights for your right to party and be whoever you want to be when the kids are doing their 50 with Fed. You are not bipolar, or paranoid, or depressed. You are responding naturally to extreme situational stress and to being set-up more than once. Just like any man, or father, you can be a great mom when you're with the kids, and do your own thing without them. You're getting smeared. I do not believe you're doing any drugs. I know, like you, that even if you wanted to, anyone could get a blood or hair sample. You have a right to drink alcohol, it's legal. I hope someone gets this message to you--You need to hire a good Private Investigator--that is #1. You'll have to find a new lawyer, but hire a P.I. if you haven't already. I think you don't even know how bad you've been set up and that it's been a strategy some have been working on for a long time. People you thought were friends, were setting you up. Assistant and nannies, setting you up. You need a P.I. to dig this up, and you need to stick close to your cousin. Right now, you're vulnerable, so don't let too many men into your life. You don't know that the Mike guy wasn't a set-up and hired all along. When you've got money and power, set-ups are made to look natural. No one is going to use a smoking gun...they'll use poison and do it slowly over time, hoping no one notices and that it doesn't turn up later and is traced back to them. Your mom doesn't understand because she's fallen for the "straighten up and be moral" crap and bc enough people tried to scare HER into thinking you needed rehab. People were working on her too you know. Your mom could work against you, like when she endorsed rehab, but she loves you and is/was trying to do the right thing. I would not be looking for a good man right now--the wrong kind are waiting for you. If you want one-nighters, to ease the stress, go for it, but go against type. Do not go for the guy you usually would go for. You like dark and handsome? go for blond. You need someone who won't talk to the press, so someone who would want to keep things private and secret. Angelina Jolie had her lovers, but they were handpicked and regulars. Find a couple who keep their mouths don't want to go for married men, but usually that's the type that will shut up and not want the world to know...but...married men are not a good idea so go for the private person who has really high morals when it comes to being a loving and kind human being but who isn't so religious they'll make you wait until your wedding day. This sounds crazy, but we all get advice sometimes and it's so general...we all need real practical tips and advice. Make sure you pick the guys out yourself. Do not go for someone else's advances right now, and don't let an assistant bring them in. Handpick, period. Again, stick close to your cousin and sister.

I love Paris Hilton, and absolutely supported her when she went through her problems, because I am a feminist. I think she gets it rough because she's a woman. The media isn't reporting stories on "Boys Gone Wild!" because that's like, uh...expected, duh. There is still a double standard. If you turned your back on her, it's natural she's turning her back on you now. BUT, when I first saw the photos of the two of you hanging out, something didn't feel right. In all the photos you look vulnerable and open, and Paris looked like she was the one leading the way. Paris is catholic and comes from very catholic grandparents. It is possible people have been putting drinks in your hand and calling you up to party, to encourage and enable a state where others can criticize you. When the mission is accomplished, they'lldump you. Fed. and his parents are very devout catholic (well, his parents at least). When it comes to kids, the catholics want to win the custody battles. Even during the holocaust, the Catholic church was taking in Jewish children and then baptizing them catholic, with or without their paren'ts consent. Your lawyer runs in lawyerly circles. She and Federline's lawyer run the same track, and she is catholic, as is Federline's attorney. Your lawyer, Laura Wasser, went to the private catholic law school, Loyola. Where did Federline's attorney go? Most of the nasty media reports about you have been from editors and writers who are catholic. Your kids are not just money for Federline, but if he gets them, he has a greater chance of bringing them up catholic, which is what his parents want. It's common knowledge he took you to a catholic monastery before you were married. catholicism is important to that family and anyone who is catholic and believes in "the souls" will want those boys to be with Federline, no matter what a bad husband/father HE was...because he

2622 days ago



You're legal advice is interesting but seems monumentally flawed. First of all, Kevin Federline is NOT going to court to alter the custody arrangement based on a few stories in the media. He is going to present witness testimony that asserts that Britney Spears shows poor judgement as a parent. That may not be enough to grant him full custody but I guarantee that there will be some intervention by the court. I predict there may be discussion of drug/alchohol testing and there will definitely be psychological evaluations. Family court judges have wide latitude and I don't see any judge simply believing that Britney doesn't have some problem, some issue that needs attention. It's apparent to all of us that this woman is a mess and as a mother, she is very poor.

2622 days ago


Hey paladin

I don't think no one claims to be perfect, and if any of us was perfect, then we wouldn't need God.... b/c, well, already perfect why bother.

I think maybe what the other Poster was trying to say, is that maybe God might help those in need....... Some people still believe in that concept, even to the point of fact....

maybe you can go try to reason with some other people when it comes to morality... hey wait K-fed might listen to you!

2622 days ago


To the Parson character,
So, God doesn't condemn illicit behaviors? What book are you reading, Nimrod?

2622 days ago


Hey, Tony, the peanut gallery's missing you. Like YOU are abreast of anything theological. Haaaa.

2622 days ago


Hey "Baja",
Learn to write a cohesive and coherent statement. You're the only one talking about "perfection", and badly. Basic morality has nothing to do with perfection, but a lot to do with integrity, honor, self-control, - again, NOT descriptions of anything "Britney".

2622 days ago


"Baha", if you're so complacent of Spears, - I guess we ALL know just where YOU stand on ideals of illicit behavior, decency, and social conscience, - move over Britney, you've got company.

2622 days ago


Just give the kids to kfed so you can carry on your partying ways. At least the kids have a brother and sister at kfeds to ground them in a family setting. She wanted a girl anyways..

2622 days ago


to defender of the femme
it's good to see support for Brit like yours...... but again, to bring this to a religious battle of sorts...well, it's cautious........ and I also think Brit has to be very cautious at this time....... and better yet, hire a few PI's (that don't know each other), just for confirmation that they also don't slide to the influence..... She can probably afford it.

to defender of the femme - seems you have a strike of brilliance in you.... but with brains like yours, I even get cautious..... even more so..... you seem smart enough to help put this together.........

and with good advice, she might make it through....... How about Gloria Alred........? Does she still do womens issues?

Thanks femme, I just don't want to see a sad ending on this one!

2622 days ago


If the jusge permits Laura Wasser to remove herself from representing Spears, it could actually throw the proceedings to a further date. Federline's attorney would surely ask for a temporary ruling until that date. These children need to be in a HEALTHY environment and away from Spears presence and influence. You just don't EVER gamble with the welfare of children. Sure, Spears NEEDS help, - but, the children come FIRST. And, since Spears is an adult, temporary care can be "forced" upon her, but long-term (like the rest of her life) is fully in the hands of Spears, herself. That her family and relatives (who actually know and love her best) say she's "sick", you'd better believe there's a LOT to it.

2622 days ago
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