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Paris Launches Clothing Line,

Tries to Cure Cancer

8/17/2007 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

Paris Hilton, who's boasted that she's a changed woman since leaving jail, is finally doing some charity work -- though it involves her own clothing line. Giving back is hot!


The heiress staged the launch of her new line at Kitson, of course. The mob at the store was given the option of buying a $100 voucher for Paris' clothing line which moved them to the front of the line. The event's ad trumpeted, "Paris will be on hand to help personally style each of her fans during her appearance." They make it sound like that's a good thing.

Kitson donated 20% of the entire day's profits to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

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Ok i was there yeasterday and it was the best!! i got to talk and hug paris and her clothes are so cute i bout the cutest outfit ever!!! and i got to talk to the tmz guy and take a pic with ashely tisdale!! it was the best day ever!!! paris was so sweet and she looked so beautiful!!! and to all of you paris hilton haters get over it!!

2595 days ago



2595 days ago


Cure cancer? she thinks she's saving the zodiac sign; plus she couldn't spell cancer

2595 days ago


America was fed up with being force-fed on Paris Hilton in the media. Now we can’t protest, because it’s for charity. But I have to say that as someone who has donated to the American Cancer Society and various children’s charities for years, I find her actions to be rather transparent.

I am astonished at the posters here who write that, “Paris doesn’t have to do anything.” Of course she does, and that is a universal responsibility for anyone who enjoys a life of comfort and/or privilege. To do otherwise is both narcissistic and callous.

2595 days ago


Who will be buying the ex-con,porn star's clothing?.. I would not let my daughter wear her clothes...

2595 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


The reason I despise Paris Hilton:

Young girls of today idolize her and will do anything (AND I MEAN ANYTHING) to get money to buy just what Paris has. Even so far as theft - it's pretty sad when you have a 14yr old girl that shoplifts a $1200 purse and ends up in juvenile court, just because Paris has that purse and her parents can't afford to get her one.

Her fan base is not the "normal" 8-18yr old kids. It's mostly the girls who think that having possessions and acting like Paris make them envied and popular. These same girls can't be alone either, just like Paris. They always pick out a couple of less than
attractive, heavier weight, less popular, less money than their parents girls who envy them and flaunt their "everything Paris" possessions in front of them. The unsuspecting girls then idolize their friend and constantly stroke her ego "your just like Paris".

Then when the Paris wannabe's friends get tired of her "all about me" attitude and constantly having everything revolve around her, she becomes vicious and drops them, leeches onto a couple of other young girls, and the cycle starts over again.

Just as Paris Hilton needs the paparazzi to continue to stroke her ego, so do her idolizers.

Being a 10th grade teacher - I have witnessed this personally, many times over.

She is no one to be idolized or respected.

She is a cancer herself, to the young women of today.

2594 days ago


The fact that Paris Hilton has NEVER done anything for charity in a substantial way prior to this shows OBVIOUS SELFISHNESS on the part of her and her family.

Noone should have to ask people of their means to donate. It is the universal law of "where much has been given, much is required."

I have a horrible feeling that the Hiltons are generation-to-generation selfish people, and that Paris' public news flash of "Hey I'm donating 10%" is probably something special in her eyes.

Maybe she really has NOT BEEN TAUGHT BETTER.

Her mamma comes across as a "wanna be" actress that "didn't make it" but grabbed onto a rich man instead. So it is possible, that Paris was taught that life is about getting and not giving.

Also, no one asked Paris to make these promises. In her "dark" hours of prison moments she claimed she would help many a charity after she was released.

Such a shame. Paris could be an Ambassador of many causes, but she's opting to be the Ambassador of the least amount.

Take a trip to Africa, the Phillipines or Cambodia, Paris. And the reality of those a lot less fortunate than you should should be your wake up call.

And take that "never-had-a-job", golddigging, wasting her days away shopping and giving orders mamma of yours with you.

2594 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Good for paris!

2594 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Such a shame. Paris could be an Ambassador of many causes, but she's opting to be the Ambassador of the least amount.

Pulleeezzzzeee - don't give her any ideas, next she'll be in Darfur adopting preemie babies, only to be seen carrying them around, with matching Paris outfits in her purse.

Paris is just doing PR right now with her clothing line to get the $500 thou. asking price for her and Nicky to appear at parties on New Year's Eve. Nicky is negotating to runway her clothing line, modeling herself.

Paris is trying to secure her place on the money train.

2594 days ago


I am so very fed up of this waste of space person - she is about as intelligent as a tree frog and has about as much real feelings as a snake - why bother with her, she is the worsst you can chose as a role model for anyone or anything - please stop giving this ditz any air time

2594 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

Ya know, I think it’s great that the Children’s Hospital will receive a small % from the sale of Hilton’s clothing – it’s better than nothing. And Paris has done so little for years. But do we have to look at her photo-ops 24/7 for this to happen? I mean is that the real price tag? A lot of people and businesses donate larger sums to charity all the time. Am I being unfair by asking why she just doesn’t write a check based on a % of her earnings like the rest of us? It would be a helluva lot more $$ than the hospital will ever see from her clothing line.

2594 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

If one penny came out of this skank's bank account for Charity, why wouldn't she just donate and not include it in the unveiling of another one of her "doomed" business ventures?

Perfume, purses, cd, jewelry, hair extensions, doggy duds, clothing line - following the leaders. Many "real" celebrities been there, done that. She won't succeed in any of these, she's below a "D" lister.

The highly esteemed business woman should stick with what she knows best: Porno tapes

2594 days ago


That's Hot! Can't a girl give to charity.

2594 days ago


#41 - I'm sure the conversation was "light" and took on a special magic all its own since it was coming from her Royal Sighness who has leagues of delusional worshippers who sigh at the mere sight of her, much less those lucky enough for some "light" chat.

2594 days ago


Well, this seems like even more of a moot point. It appears that TMZ just deleted the line "is donating 10% of the proceeds of the sale of her clothing to the Childrens Hospital" from their story. Check those facts, Harvey. :-)

2594 days ago
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