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Pervy Pap Creeps Up Paris' Skirt

8/17/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some photogs go to serious lengths to get their shot. Others, like this degenerate, just take the lowest road possible, literally.

Paris strolled through a parking lot with the usual retinue of snapperazzi, but most of them, with the exception of this unidentified upskirt-chaser, were getting shots of her face.

Fine, perhaps he's an orthopedic surgeon doing a study of her femoral condyles. Yeah, that's it.


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Why can't we see his face? Does this jack ass need protecting.

2625 days ago


The crabs will be so close they'll seem lifelike!

2625 days ago


Why is HIS face blurred out?? Can't take the heat?? Stay out of the kitchen you pervert!!!

2625 days ago


Paris brought this attention to herself. Now she has to deal with the consequences. The question becomes, though, does the carpet match the drapes? Doubtful.

2625 days ago


I like how you blur out the paps face ... but you dont have a problem showing a celeb's face in clear view when their in a compromising position ... hypocritical do you think?

2625 days ago


Wow, that's the first time I've had a twinge of empathy for Paris Hilton...

2625 days ago


If that had been a celebrity holding a camera up someones skirt, would you have blurred their face?

2625 days ago


I have said before and will say it again... Many of these so-called paparrazi are just losers who cannot hold down a real job. The actions of this fellow seems to prove me right too.

There was a time when entertainment reporting meant something. Sure, it was looked down upon then too but at least those in that industry had some pride in themselves. These days, it's all about going out and getting the nasty shot and if it doesn't happen then you have to make it happen.

The way these guys are behaving stink and no self-respecting person should be proud to earn a living this way. Chasing down people, blocking in their cars; And all for what?
It's one thing when a celeb is doing something foolish or wacky but when they are simply going after their daily stuff, how is that news? SHAME! SHAME!

And buy the way, isn't what this guy is doing a criminal offence in CA?

2625 days ago


And Rockit, #38, unfortunately there are very little laws to control people taking "upskirt" photos. Though people have been arrested, most cases are dismissed because you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place. It's weird. Word to the wise: Where pants!

2625 days ago


That camera is NOT pointing up her skirt!!!!!

2625 days ago


Why would she press charges?? It's probably her latest attempt at reality tv!

2625 days ago


#44 I'll prob get skewered for this, its a bad analogy, but if a prostitute gives out the goods all the time but one night she gets raped, its still rape. Even though P shows it to us all the time on purpose doesn't mean that someone can come get it against her will. Don't kill me for this, its just an example. I certainly agree that she does it all the time on purpose, but this is a new level and photogs shouldn't think this is ok, no matter who it is.

2625 days ago

Goerge Bush    

slime ball photog.........poor thing, can't do anything out of the house.
Take care Paris, have fun and be safe!

2625 days ago


#55 arent you perpetuating the paparazzi behavior you claim to despise by being on this site? Moronic Hypocrites should be seen and not heard. Now go back to your self righteous hypocrisy in silence.

2625 days ago


why blank out his face? He needs to be seen by all so they know what pervert to look out for!!

2625 days ago
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