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Pervy Pap Creeps Up Paris' Skirt

8/17/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some photogs go to serious lengths to get their shot. Others, like this degenerate, just take the lowest road possible, literally.

Paris strolled through a parking lot with the usual retinue of snapperazzi, but most of them, with the exception of this unidentified upskirt-chaser, were getting shots of her face.

Fine, perhaps he's an orthopedic surgeon doing a study of her femoral condyles. Yeah, that's it.


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absolutely foul. what the heck is wrong with these people?

2603 days ago

solid snake    

i wonder if the dude found herpes up there??? ;) and that fake crap where the celeb looks like they r talking to some1on their cell is OLD AND STUPID

parass:go jump off a damn cliff u dumb blonde ho

2603 days ago

Rocco and David    

People, just settle down. PH is the one who made herself 'public domain' - this is no different that taking a shot of the Grand Canyon - well, maybe you would need a wide angle lens for this one but none-the-less, you get my point.

2603 days ago


She should have farted on him.

2603 days ago


#64, there is a good reason you should have stayed in school. At least with 'moron' in your name we know what to expect. This is commentary on a public site and you may not agree with me but getting nasty and name-calling does not show that you are right or that you have the capacity to comprehend what you read.

Read what I said once more, twice if you need to. But it paraphrase to help you out: It's one thing when celebs are caught behaving badly in public but it's quite another when the pic above shows someone going about her business and being subjected to what is nearly (I'm sure if someone goes through the camera's memory they'll find one) an upskirt shot.

Here's the thing, many including myself, come to this site for it's entertainment value. I don't care about what celebs do because it will in no way affect me or my life. I live so far away from celebs that they could run naked in the streets and it won't change the laws in my community. And in any case when they do stupid things they get to pay for it one way or another. However, people should not be allowed to break the law simply to make money, be they celebs or photogs or whoever.
When you allow someone to get away with bad behavior no matter what side they're on, then you are by extension encouraging that bad behavior and pretty soon it will engulf us all. You (moron) are so stupid and can't read between the lines so here's to you...

#60, you are right and you said it better than I could...

2603 days ago



2603 days ago


Okay, she brought this on herself. Also, he probably thought if he snapped a picture of her in full HERPES OUTBREAK the photo would be priceless. So is TMZ still kissing the Hilton's asses, or what?

2603 days ago


I am NO FAN of paris. But if this guy had done this to me or any other gal, he would be arrested. BUST HIM mr sheriff.

2603 days ago


maybe he lost something.

2603 days ago


All you have to do, just ask.

2603 days ago


Ummm.... WHY is the pap "protected" by his face being blurred out? He is in a public like (like Paris) and also appears to maybe in the act of a possible crime (upskirts are against the law in most places)................. so did TMZ protect a fellow pap?
Also, I am surprised that a gossip blog/site actually shows what they do to get the so called "showing all their goods shots) that they love to yank on people like Britney Spears, and etc when all the photogs do is kneel down beside cars and get upskirt shots then say that the women are "flashing their goods". Havent you guys ever noticed the angles of those pap shots? They arent aimed downwards you idiots. Most Americans love to critizcize celebrities (everybody loves a trainwreck) but most of those trainwrecks are fabricated and then soaked up by the mindless public.

2603 days ago


And those sleezoid paps actually wonder why so many people think they're slimy bottom-feeders. Why'd you blur his face TMZ, huh? If you really think he's a perv and giving the rest of y'all a bad name then call him out and show his face like you would have done to one of your celebrity targets.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

2603 days ago


Someone should report him to the police. That has got to be against the law. If they spread their legs like Brittany then it's ok but to try and look up her dress that's just wrong.

2603 days ago


How come these guys can photograph people for everyones enjoyment but you obscure his face onthe website? I want to see his face up close.

2603 days ago

Jus D truth    

Avamp! #93 ----WAY TOOO FUNNY, I'm in my office pretending to be working & can't quit busting up! I really need to stop, the boss might think I really enjoy being in the office on a Friday afternoon! Thanks for starting the week end off FUNNY

2603 days ago
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