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Pervy Pap Creeps Up Paris' Skirt

8/17/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some photogs go to serious lengths to get their shot. Others, like this degenerate, just take the lowest road possible, literally.

Paris strolled through a parking lot with the usual retinue of snapperazzi, but most of them, with the exception of this unidentified upskirt-chaser, were getting shots of her face.

Fine, perhaps he's an orthopedic surgeon doing a study of her femoral condyles. Yeah, that's it.


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California toughens paparazzi laws

Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 381 into law on September 30th, which increases civil liability for “assault committed with the intent to capture any type of visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of the plaintiff”.

Under the new law, the perpetrator of a paparazzi assault may be liable for up to three times the amount of general and special damages proximately caused by that violation, punitive damages, and disgorgement to the plaintiff of any proceeds or other consideration as a result of the violation. The new law also provides that a person who directs, solicits, actually induces, or actually causes another person to commit an assault of this nature can be liable for similar damages.

The bill expands Section 1708.8 of the Civil Code, which already protects against physical invasion of privacy where a trespass occurs, as well as constructive invasion of privacy, where no trespass occurs but an audio or video enhancing device is used to violate a reasonable expectation of privacy.

2588 days ago


That's disgusting....but she has a bodyguard, right? She or the bodyguard should have knocked him out. She must like it, want it, or she would have said something. If it was me, the guy would get a body shot.

2588 days ago


why didn't you guy's (tmz) ID him!!!

2588 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

she doesn't look like its even fazing her !!and besides who in there right mind(beside's him ) wants to see that "non douching, baby shaved, rotten albino looking, over worked crotch of her's ?? and remember when awhile back her stupid , mentally challenged, rich by daddys $$$ friend of her's "brandon Davis" made a big scene walking with paris being followed by the papparazzi (when she had her falling out with lindsay ) he was yelling, nasty, raunchy comments about " li-lo being a fire crotch "... and paris was so fakely, rolling with laughter !!! well i guess he wasn't that good of a friend of paris' or he would have had the unfortunate , honor of being close enough to be up any where paris's raunchy tunnel of love..... and does she not realize that we are all sitting out here watching her make a complete assanine fool of herself, she is just one of hollywoods "court jester's" hahaha !!! and were is all the religon she found ?? and all the give back & help others' out in the community ?????? spokes girl for who..." ho's r us " ???

2588 days ago


did anyone see her newest latest............going green?.............. DUH! the plastic things in the soda cans oh they mmight end up in the ocean

2588 days ago


What A PERV!!! The last time I check that was illegal to take pictures of people private areas. Why in the hell would we need to see her crotch, when the whole world has?

2588 days ago


She's calling mommy dearest to tell her " see I told you they wouldn't find my head up their!!

2588 days ago


I dont understand why this man was given the courtesy of having his face pixeled out? Hes disgusting mug should be exposed for all to see, in order to protect woman's safetly. Excuse me, but when the hell did this become legal? What a pethetic loser. Ya whatever her cha cha's been exposed for all the world to see before but that was obvious display of someone being a low, dirty pervert. Period

2588 days ago

*rolling eyes*    

So the FACE of the photographer taking a close-up picture of Paris Hilton's private parts (or thereabouts) gets blurred????? Does anyone else see the irony in this? TMZ/Harvey Levin you are a bunch of hypocrites. I am by no means a fan of hers but this is absolutely ridiculous. WHY blur HIS face??????? Privacy???!!! What an absolute joke.

I'll bet if she had turned around and smacked him or his camera TMZ/Levin would never have shown this picture but would instead be making a big deal out of her "going crazy" or "abusing" the poor, poor paps. Sorry, but the paparazzi deserve ANY abuse they get. Karma's a bitch.

2588 days ago


This person needs to be Arrested! This is illegal and we have a picture showing what he is doing! What the hell is this World coming to?

2588 days ago


What I don't understand is why you blurred his face!! He sure would not have blurred her ass, had he gotten a good shot!!! Pitiful.

2588 days ago


Why did you blurr his face? You don't miss a chance to embarass others, but when it's PAP you protect him?

2588 days ago

Big Bear    

Why is the pap taking a photo of miss herpes private area?? The pap perhaps is going to show all the sores in her private area. The whole world has seen her sans panties and the sight of that makes one gag.

2588 days ago


Hey TMZ, don't fade out this guys face, show it so everyone can see this pervert for what he is. I'm no fan of Paris or any of these other Bimbos but jerks like this should be exposed for what they are.

2588 days ago


And the reason why this pervert's face is blurred?

2588 days ago
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