Winfrey Works Minions to the Bone - and Bucks

8/17/2007 1:01 PM PDT

Winfrey Works Minions to the Bone - and Bucks

We knew Oprah could be one tough mama-CEO, but this is ridiculous.

Page Six reports that the talk queen and her production company are being accused of showing special treatment to one a$$istant who racked up an astounding 800 hours of overtime – and reaped $65,000 for it – in just the first four months of this year. An inside snitch tells the Post that anyone else but Carla Bird, the assistant to O's co-executive producer, would have been "walked right out the door" if they'd filed for so much OT.

What's just as astounding is that even if Bird had worked seven days a week during that time period, she'd still be clocking in just under thirteen hours a day, which an Oprah rep says isn't unusual. Oprah, clearly, is not laying off the whip, and her reps at Harpo Productions say nothing's amiss.

Britney Gets Her Freak On with New Dude

If you thought Britney was scraping the bottom of the douche barrel when she was with K-Fed, you were wrong.

Cameras caught Britney bobbin' and weavin' her way into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills at 4 am this morning with do-rag-under-crooked-hat-sportin' "Mindfreak" star Criss Angel. He's magical, ya'll -- and he's still there!

Angel is famous for doing crazy s**t like walking on water and burying himself alive, but his greatest trick is getting real close to a bunch of out-of-his-league Hollywood starlets like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz. It's gotta be his wand, right?

The Hulkster's Bling Burgled!

TMZ has learned that Hulk Hogan's Miami Beach home was robbed of a reported $100,000 worth of jewelry just last night. Damn!

The Hulkster and his family were in the process of moving out of their home, when the jewelry was reportedly taken from right under their nose. Some of the pricey gems that have gone missing include a diamond-encrusted watch and two gold chains.

Sources close to the Hogans tell TMZ that the family was in the middle of moving to a new Hulk-palace when they discovered that the jewelry was gone.

Chippendale's Man Meat of the Month

Fernando Macia is the latest Chippendale to reign as hunk of the month. August is hot, most places, but especially down below.

One upping July's hottie James Wilcox, who also used to be a prof at Johns Hopkins Medical School and Georgetown School of Medicine, and a former Naval Officer, must have been a seemingly impossible task. Mission accomplished, at least in the flesh!

Chippendales are celebrating their 5th anniversary at the Rio in Vegas and as far as when the show will come to a halt, well there's no end in sight! Hallelujah!