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Uncle Kracker Snaps Back About Pop

8/18/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock's former DJ and designated flight risk Uncle Kracker is blasting back at the allegation that he's a sex criminal.

Kracker, arrested on a second-degree forcible sex offense charge in North Carolina Friday morning, told People, "It's regrettable that someone would make this kind of an allegation, it's not the kind of thing that I'd do, as a father of three girls ... I'm saddened that anyone might think I'm capable of this sort of thing."

Uncle K was release on $75,000 bond.


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Rock Rules    

Anybody thats knows Kracker or has hung with him knows.Matt is one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet no big rockstar ego here.When he goes out hes usually hanging at the bar with his buddies smoking cigs and having a Bud.I have never seen him dealing on women when hes out.The truth will come out its all about $$$$$$$.

The D has got your back Matt

2559 days ago


What happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? We don't even know what he "supposedly" did.

2559 days ago


I know him and he is a great guy, and a loving FATHER... and would do anything for his family!!!! I don't believe for one sec. that he did this....I think she sucks for doing this to him and his family!!!! He has a BEAUTIFUL wife at home he doesn't need nor does he want anyone else!!!!!!.. This BITCH needs to get a life.....

2559 days ago


# 14 you have a wrong idea of what the justice system is about in reality.
Your guilty until proven innocent, Someone had dyslexia when writing the reverse.

We will just have to wait and see what the investigation pans out. It would be nice to have the entire story from both sides as I don't know if after the Duke lacrosse ordeal I fully trust investagations either

Even if he is innocent his name is out there and his arrest record looks horrible. And those things cause people to judge long after it's over.

2559 days ago


"Saddened , Regrettable "....?

Dude write your own statements, The lawyer's cant feel.
One would be devastated, Angry, Emotionally distraught!.
They would not find it "regrettable" someone would accuse them of this crime but outraged and numb with shock!.
And I'm sure you are.

2559 days ago

Irish Rebel    

I hung out with him at his house twice. This man is a loving family man, I did not expect this from him I think he is innocent. Hope its not just someone looking for a hand out

2559 days ago


# 21 Dawn
You can see by the post's not many are willing to carry the torch to the town square over this guy.
After the Duke circus we all learned to question a lot more.
If you see fingers pointing before we learn all the facts it's usually kids here not mature enough to grasp the entire situation.

2559 days ago


I can't believe so many think he's innocent because he's famous (and I use the word famous VERY losely), it's his "fame" that makes him even more suspicious. Celebs often loose the boundries normal people have, they become used to the yes-sayers and everyone doing everything for them. Think about it, they whine about things no normal person would complain about, they break rules and laws like it's no big deal and their egos can be HUGE. He probably thought this girl wanted it. He wouldn't be the first deluded has-been.

Grown people can turn into spoiled brats in an instant. And if you give a child everything it wants, constantly say it's the best in the world and indulge its every whim, the child will think it has the RIGHT to do and get whatever it wants and just take it. Even if you say no, the child will fight for it and think YOU are being unfair and mean.

2559 days ago


Nobody should be acting like they know what happened - if he did it or if he didn't. At this point, you don't even really know what he's been accused of, it's very vague in the paperwork. That's why there is an investigation and a trial. He'll be able to afford a good attorney and hopefully the truth will be discovered.

If he did it, he should be held accountable and if she's lying she should be held accountable as well.

2559 days ago

Kris Peterson    

These guys should learn to FINISH THE GIG, LEAVE BY THE BACK DOOR, GET ON THE TOUR BUS, and, SPLIT AFTER THE GIG. The audience is not your friend. There is always someone who is looking to make a buck by being able to accuse a celebrity of something. Look at history....Tupac. Anthony Anderson, and recently, Kid Rock. YOU CAN'T HANG WITH THE AUDIENCE, no matter how lonely the road gets.

2559 days ago


I don't know anything about the guy except what I've read here, and haven't heard his music, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. There are too many people out there who will make false criminal complaints just to make a few bucks, and any celebrity is an easy mark for those predators.

2559 days ago


Has anyone seen video of him preforming the night of the alledged inccident?
He's on stage, and is really drunk.
Check out u-tube,
in one video, he is staggering with a bottle of beer on stage.
I really hope this isn't true, but some times people do things when they're drunk, also he may have mis-read the girl due to being under the influence.
I sure hope this isn't true.

2559 days ago

According to this, he put his hand up her dress, she smacked him, and he then smacked her back

2559 days ago


#30 Oy...If what is on Wikipedia about this incident is accurate he
should , after consulting with his atty., completely appoligize to
this girl and admit he was out of line. After all, if this is all it
is, it'll be no biggy in the end, depending on how hard he slapped
her back. It'll look much better in court than ignoring it and
seeming like he doesn't care. Any judge is likely to be nicer if
someone is contrite. It would also make this girl feel better. BUT
if it's not true he should sue this person for slander.

2559 days ago


He looks like a perv

2559 days ago
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