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Uncle Kracker Snaps Back About Pop

8/18/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock's former DJ and designated flight risk Uncle Kracker is blasting back at the allegation that he's a sex criminal.

Kracker, arrested on a second-degree forcible sex offense charge in North Carolina Friday morning, told People, "It's regrettable that someone would make this kind of an allegation, it's not the kind of thing that I'd do, as a father of three girls ... I'm saddened that anyone might think I'm capable of this sort of thing."

Uncle K was release on $75,000 bond.


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omg @ this mugshot, what's next "spit bubbles"? looks more like he was busted for diddling in public than "forcible" anything...

2587 days ago


From reports it appears that this incident that the alleged crime was reported at 1:30 AM Friday. Uncle Kracker was arrested at 4:00 AM on Friday. By my math, that gave the cops 2.5 hours to do a "full" investigation, get an arrest warrant, locate Uncle Cracker, and arrest him.

It also appears that the cops did not get his side of the story before arresting him. They didn't check to see if he had an aliby, witnesses to verify his innocence, or check out any other forensic proof he might have. Sounds suspciously like Mike NiFong's and the Durham Police's conduct during the Duke LaCrosse Hoax. Remember where one of the suspects there had video from an ATM proving he wasn't that the alleged crime scene when it happened?

Police didn't have any chance in 2.5 hours to get any forensic evidence analysed and results returned. This isn't CSI where they do full DNA Analysis in 15 minutes.

Further more authorities won't even say what it was that Uncle Kracker supposedly did. Maybe all he did was look down her cleavage. Who knows until some details are released.

Given the almost total lack of details, the demonstratable lack of investigation, and the demonstrable fact that authorities didn't hear the suspects side before arresting, I don't see how so many have rushed to judge Uncle Kracker guilty in this case. Based on what? Inherent bias, police only accuse guilty people, all celeberties are criminals? Women never lie (like in the Duke Lacrosse case, Twanna Bradley, and a host of other cases)?

2587 days ago


Listen this guy is from Michigan, and our papers state that this woamn was 26 years old. He did not try to violate a child. I dont even think T.M.Z is quoting him, they act like he said i wouldnt do this, I have three young kids. As if he tried to violat a child. The papers here state it was a young woman he suppossedly tried to rape.

Because he has money people will go to great lenghts to try and get some. If he did try to rape anyone, he should be punished, but it was not a child.

2587 days ago


I dont buy it. I feel bad for him :-(

2587 days ago

jim ault    

Is it me or am I full of beans. Uncle Kracker and Kathy Bates were separated at birth.He's a real honey!

2587 days ago


RE: Ash

i remember you Ashley. i was one of the guys that "raped" you. you were magnificent, but very much willing. don't be mad that you couldn't resist me. and now youre so desperate to avoid coming off as a slut that you'd claim rape. i ought to actually rape you, but i dont do that. im just a simple romantic lover. i will more than gladly make love to you whenever you want.

2587 days ago

jim ault    

Do you think tht Uncle Cracker and Kathy Bates were separated at birth?

2587 days ago


Lets remember he has 3 daughters, so when you post things about this guy, whom I bet none of you know, remember there are 3 little girls that could be reading this too. I understand we all have opinions but until you know the facts, calling him the names some of you are calling him just make you sound very ignorant. His girls are of the age that they can read this stuff so think of them when posting!!

2587 days ago


Don't believe everything you read.

2586 days ago


My family has known Matt for years and considers him a family friend. These allegations are ludracris and should not be believed. He comes from a wonderful family and is a wonderful husband and father of 3 little girls. I think the woman who is making allegations needs to get a life and she only wishes Matt would give her the time of day! So unless you know him on a personal level you have nothing to say! Matt, we love you and are behind you 100% !!

2586 days ago

lynn Spears    

Comparing him to michael Jackson is just disgusting. Kracker is innocent. . Do you actually believe everything you read. It will come out the girl is a habitial liar and has accused other wealthy people recently of the same thing. Don't be so quick to judge. it will come out soon.

2586 days ago

linda b    

Our family knows uncle krackers family. He is a good family man. I believe he is innocent and it will come out that girl had 2 much 2 drink and wishes prayers to you Matt and the family love linda B

2586 days ago


I think Uncle Cracker is an idiot. First of all who in their right minds gives themselves a nick name such as Uncle Cracker. He might as well have named himself Uncle Idiot or Uncle Moron. Besides I only have one hit song that comes to my mind when I hear the stupid name of Uncle Cracker. And that's that stupid "follow me" song. I hope they lock this fool up with Bubba for a night or two...maybe even three.

2586 days ago


Every time I've seen this guy perform, he's staggering around drunk, pants half falling off his butt. So what if he's a great father and family man, he obviously has a drinking problem. Don't always be quick to judge the victim. He did just what they said he would, went home to Michigan after posting bail. He even had the balls to show up and perform last night with Kenny Chesney in Michigan at Ford Field, staggering around on the stage, he was disgusting. I can't believe Kenny had him performing with him.

2586 days ago


He's a coke head, too.

2586 days ago
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