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Shar Jackson: K-Fed's a Good Father!

8/19/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the couch potato K-Fed versus baby dropping Britney battle couldn't get more interesting, Fed-Ex is enlisting a new face into his custody brigade: his (other) baby mama!

Federline's chesty former flame Shar Jackson was caught popping out of the 2nd Annual "Hot in Hollywood" event at the Henry Fonda Theater last night, and when asked about the brewing legal battle, Jackson dropped a bomb: "Kevin is a great dad!" Who knew?!

Apparently, the criteria for becoming a first-class father of four doesn't include having a job. Party on!


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Yeah, I said it    

#67 So silly,
I know that Jamie Pressley doesn't party every night, I was just making an example. I agree twith you "on what parents get watched this closely." Hell, Shar's ass was out enjoying herself too and she has 4 kids at home. Nobody said anything to her about being out. And yes, I understand she was not clubbing but she was partying just the same. Some of these people that are criticizing probably have kids and I'm sure they go out sometimes too. I'm a mom of 3 and can relate in some way. All parents deserve a break, though I can't tell you the last time I've been out without the kids in over a year. The difference between Jamie and Britney is that Brit parties way too much. All I was saying is the media wants to make a big deal out of Brit going out when she's not the only one. There are a lot of celebs that are seen at clubs that have kids at home and I'm sure they are responsible enough to have a nanny or babysitter at home with the kids while they are out just like Brit does. I'm willing to bet if the media would just get off Brit's back, she'll probably slow down. This girl is crying for attention.

In the beginning, she was a great mom that spent a lot of time with her kids but nobody wants to bring that up, they just want to focus on the negative. You are right, there a hell of a lot people worse than her, I've personally known of women so selfish that, upon not being able to find a sitter for their kids, they went to the clubs anyway and left their kids in the car so they can go party! So, it could be worse. The only problem I have with Brit is the reports I've read that when she comes home from the clubs at 3 am, she wakes the kids up so she can "spend time with them", if that's true, then she is totally disturbed.

But what's the most disturbing of all, while people are making a big deal over Brit partying, what about these other celebs who go to the clubs and drive drunk and/or high? You would think these rich celebs that go clubbing and leave the club wasted would at least take a cab or hire someone to drive them home. Better safe than sorry. Seriously, I can't imagine someone spending $1K on an outfit to wear to go out partying in and being too cheap to spend less than that hire someone to drive their drunk ass home.

I'm sure in LA you can find someone that will be more than happy to get an easy gig like that. Hey, that sounds like a great business idea! I'm surprised all the opportunists that are in LA haven't thought of that yet. If things don't work out with the custody battle and after November, that would be a great job for K-Fed. He might even meet his next wife/baby mama. :)

2619 days ago







2619 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

#68, Shar is that you? LOL

2619 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

#73, I totally agree on the rehab set-up. As I can recall, K-Fed told Brit if she went to rehab he won't try to get custody of the kids. Well, she went to rehab and he totally went back on his word. I don't even think rehab should be brought into the court proceedings because going to rehab was her way of getting help. Besides, wouldn't she have the same protection as doctor/patient privelege?

2619 days ago


K fed has a job its smokeing pot and drinking. duh - but hes a nobody so guess what nobody cares

2619 days ago


Maybe he is after her money because he needs child support to help support the kids that she is neglecting. She doesn't put the kids in child safety seats, she has had child welfare officials over her house multiple times, she is an unsafe driver, and she doesn't care about what she does to anybody or anything. The woman whose car that she hit had to go to the police station and tell them that her car was hit by Britney Spears. Most of these damn celebrities think they are above the law and they can throw their money around to keep themselves from suffering the consequences. If I was in her situation, my kids would already be in foster care. Enough said.

2619 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

How many illegitimate children does Shar have? Is she a hooker? I had never heard of Federloon or Shar, until Britney married the idiot. We all were dismayed when Brit got married to the jackass, then we were all joyful when she divorced the bum. Now, some people are bashing her. Britney's only mistake was being so gullible in believing the lies that FedX and Shar told her. Britney is worth saving and I'm still a fan of hers. The paps should be arrested for stalking her all the time. I hope she regains full custody of the kids. Isn't it time that mooching KFed get a job? He is a dirt bag !!!!

2619 days ago


I want more money, my other kids need to go to private schools as well, so I need more money from kevin. Sorry britney honey, its not about the truth, it's about MONEY$$$$$$.

2619 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Has there been a bigger a--hole than Federline? He makes me want to gag when I see a picture of him. What a DIPSTICK, he is. Good riddance, Britney, and good luck.

2619 days ago


Why, this makes me think of the alphabet. Specifically, the letters B and S.

2619 days ago


bets are on -- how much is K-Loser paying her to say that?
remember when he left her for Brit how she said what a loser he was????

2619 days ago

defender of the femme    

To #78 (I think it was Lizzie W?), Hardly anything is really confidential anymore. That's my opinion, and where there are still laws to protect it, there are little traps around it. The law is for doctor-patient privilege, but I'm pretty sure there are ways around it. For example, if she brought medical info up first, she waives her privilege, but I don't know all the laws. I do know that HIPPA law is more restrictive in general, and a violation (without court order or whatever) can be reported to the Office of Civil Rights (federal government). They might not be able to discuss what Britney's diagnosis or treatment is, exactly, but they can ask questions like "did she successfully complete the program?" etc. I think all of it is terrible.

Most people, by the time they get INTO rehab, at least, can admit they have a problem. Even if they're forced into it. If they're really sick, I don't know what it is about rehab, but they must be good at tearing down the walls. But Britney consistently said she was not sick, and didn't want to go, and even after she was done, didn't want to go. If people are forcing you into something and you have to pretend you agree something is wrong just to get OUT, that's not good. The only reason she went is because her family bought into the crap, and bc, like you said, Federline was so "supportive" and promised not to ask for custody. But he and his lawyer knew all along what they were going to do and I think the set-up was staged long before she went in. They were in on making it appear she needed it in the first place. They knew Federline would watch the kids while she was in, which gives him credibility and an advantage and shows he can "take care of them" on his own, which is what they wanted. Then he pretends to be so concerned about Britney. Right after that, Britney's shot of 100% custody is over. Before rehab, she had a chance. AFTER rehab, sorry. He broke her down to 50% and then comes up with more crap to claim she's back to her ways and he should have 100%. He knew that having her go to rehab would put her under more severe scrutiny by the media after she got out. No longer would there be "suspicions" she wasn't "okay", now he's got her family siding with him, and the assumption that if her own family pushed her in, she really must have a problem with substance abuse and/or mental health. So she just looks CRAZIER through the "rose-tinted glasses" of the public and media. Now, it's difficult for anyone to see even normal actions as anything but crazy bc of the distortion. There are several psychological studies out there, one in a book called "The Illusions of the Mind" (I think that's the title), that show people's beliefs are affected by things they're told ahead of time. So, a normal strip for hair and make-up suddenly becomes this bizzare act, because, already, the people are prejudiced into already thinking she's crazy and some kind of user.

This is the oldest trick in the book. She was set-up, I'm tellin' ya. And plenty of people arre playing into it and adding to it, and then it snowballs.

2619 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Let me get this straight. Gold-digger, Kevin, is going to court for custody of the children so he can get more money from Britney? And, he is also wanting Brit to pay for his lawyers in this charade? He and his lawyers are such sleazy dimwits. I hope he doesn't get a dime more. He doesn't deserve the money he already receives from Britney. Where did Kfed come from? Did he ever have a job? Did he graduate from High School? What a loser !!!

2619 days ago


This woman do not have no pride. She is supporting a man that do not pay child support or work. I think is not right that she is saying that he is a good father , you can be a supporting father and a lovely one, but remember love do not fit your kids. Love do not pay health insurance or pay piano lessons. Every woman that support Kevin is supporting every man that are ,yes unfed parents and that do not pay child support like half of the mens in the Unite States that are search for this for the attorney general office. This woman have no pride of respect for her self and her children and she does not even fight for her children right that is child support. Oh!!I forgot she got child support Britney money!!!
Oh yea !!For those that say that Britney need to pay child support that is BS!!!If Britney pay child support the money go to Shar and Kevin and how Kevin would support his Kids?? I guess love yeah right!!

2619 days ago


this girl was a nobody then and she still is. she got dumped by this dude for britney and she was pregnant. what kind of loser would do that to a woman holding his child. and the dumb girl still sticks up for him. she is as stupid as he is. these two should get back together dumb and dumber. i know this is her children's father but why doesn't she just say no comment... i mean the guy is a loser he is not a good dad. if he was a good dad he would be home with his kids instead of in las vegas partying. besides she is really ugly.

2619 days ago
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