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And the Dish Ran Away with the Boobs

8/20/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Anderson, Shannon ElizabethA federal judge granted a preliminary injunction against DirecTV, blocking the satcaster from airing certain commercials -- one of which features "Baywatch" babe Pam Anderson.

Comcast, the cable operator that sought the injunction, claiming that ads boasting DirecTV has better HD picture quality than cable were "unscientific." In the spot, featuring Pam in her signature "Baywatch" swimsuit, she turns to camera and says, "DirecTV's picture quality beats cable 4 to 1." Clearly, if someone is making their HD decisions based on Pam Anderson's recommendations, they deserve what they get.

Also yanked was an "American Pie" spoof, featuring Shannon Elizabeth saying, "More people voted DirecTV's picture quality superior to oppressive cable." In a statement issued Friday, a DirecTV spokesman said, "We are quite perplexed by the court's conclusions. The facts simply don't support these decisions."

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Pam Anderson, YUCK! HOW many decades since Baywatch? Too damned many, she needs to give it up. I think it is pathetic that she is trying to pull off an old Baywatch spot and use it as if she really is that same bimbo when we see how ratty and over the hill she REALLY is in that tacky silver bathing suit she wore (with the fat hanging out the back of it) for her gay boyfriend's magic act. If Pam was just half the bimbo she thpught she was, she wouldn't be down to pretending that a gay guy is her boyfriend. This is a slut that would do anything for a buck. Her kids will be a mess and she doesn't care. Yeah, just keep licking those lips and shaking that hard plastic chest at that poor gay magician, Pam, just validates what a stupid washed-up hag you are.

2622 days ago


what should be banned is the "direct TV only" shows. its a horrible way to get customers, It must show that direct TV is losing plenty of business. I mean, its truly unfair to the shows that are watch regularly to be moved to the "direct TV only" program. So many viewers refuse to make the switch. What a rip-off company if you ask me

2622 days ago


Hey Hyde Dude, you seem a little angry at Pam Anderson. Maybe you need a little hot bologna?

2622 days ago


Hyde Dude, SO right on! And watch, Pam will come flying in here on her broom like she always does screeching about how all the women are jealous of her and all the guys who can't stand the aging porn crone are gay. But she has a gay "boyfriend," LOL, proving regular guys won't give her the time of day. I cracked up when she said she wanted to be "passed around" the magic convention in Vegas, yeah sure, dream on, Pam, like if she announced she was ready to be "passed around," there would be a stampede out the doors of the convention. Who'd want her diseases, no one, which is why she has a gay "boyfriend," he doesn't even touch her, and she passes herself off as a sex toy. LMAO!

2622 days ago


I saw the stupid commerical. Pam Anderson LOOKS terrible. She's way toooo old for the stretched out bathing suit. And her face looks as bad as the stretched out chest tissue. So maybe that is the REAL reason the commerical is blocked, because Pam looks bad!

Anyway, you all know if you compare cable and Direct TV, the picture looks exactly the same! Especially on one of the newer TV sets. Just another lie to get you to pay for watching TV in your home. Sad, TV watching used to be free. Except for the TV set of course.

2622 days ago


Yikes! If there is one thing I DON'T want to see in HD, its the female Michael Jackson, Pamela Skankerson.

2622 days ago


actually the reception in multiple tvs in same house is rotten.

2622 days ago


shes a bitch but hey i got a piece,lol

2621 days ago


she cant seem to find work unless it includes porn, i guess? she always figures some way out to get her ugly mug in the news...i wonder if she'll film her sons having sex and put that out there for the nosey world to see?

2619 days ago


in her case 40 is not the new 20...she should care about herself as much as she claims to care about animals?anything to put herself out there,only to hear how people portray her thou,she did it to herself,she is wat she is.just a girl that accidently got into hollywood and shes still star struck :)

2619 days ago


most of these girls have no clue who they are,they become watever each person they deal with,expects them to be.they are so lost in the money that they miss out on the real joys of life and that aint spending daily and making porn flicks. women like this look like hags as they age,and as the good book says,you will reap wat you sew! they dont know how to get up each day without attention from someone,poor souls!!!

2617 days ago

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