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Britney and Paris to Be the Donald's Tarts?

8/20/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' prayers have been answered -- now that the Donald himself has offered to hire her and resurrect her career.

Armed with the searing insight that she's a "[bleeping] mess," Trump tells Page Six that he's "negotiating" with Brit-Brit about appearing on his "Celebrity Apprentice" and that he's also "thinking about" having Paris Hilton on the show, though, says Lord Combover, "I don't know if we're going to do it." As for Brit and Paris' comrade-in-wreckitude, Lindsay Lohan, Trump says he's going to contact her this week about the show.

Paris' rep says he wasn't aware if any deal was in the works, and Spears and Lohan mouthpieces weren't available.
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No Movies, No Prob: Lindsay Can Rock

Speaking of Lindz, it seems that even if she's radioactive to movie producers wary of her DUI and drug busts, the music biz is more than happy to have her back.

Rush & Molloy report that the rehabbing Lohan is "looking to revive" her singing career, and that she's told record execs at Universal that she's ready to deliver her next magnum opus, the follow up to 2005's "A Little More Personal." And it sounds as though song slingers are ready for her -- says a source, "A record by Lindsay Lohan costs almost nothing to make ... You just give her some songs and session musicians."

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Gummi -- Empty Honey Pot?

Gummi Bear -- click to launchFirst, it was Greasy Bear who reportedly found his pockets no longer lined with loot from his folks, and now Page Six is saying that older bro, Gummi -- aka Jason Davis -- who will be getting the pinch from the parents. The pair have allegedly been cashing checks around Tinseltown "in small amounts" and "not from their family." Still, "friends" of the Big Bad Bears say they haven't been cut off.

In other Gummi news, the bear has developed a flesh eating staph infection. Yikes! Gummi informed TMZ cameras that he's on a super strong and uber expensive antibiotic and is being treated by a local vet.

Party Favors: Criss Angel Spotted Sans Brit ... "Kid Nation" Show Facing Abuse Allegations ... Nicole Kidman Bombs

Magic man Criss Angel -- rumored to be devising some late-night tricks with Britney Spears -- made himself appear in Las Vegas over the weekend, prancing around Playboy models at a Midsummer Night's Party, reports Vegas Confidential. ... That upcoming CBS reality show that throws 40 kids into an adult-free community is under fire from child welfare officials who believe that the project might be violating New Mexico state laws, reports the New York Times. ... Nicole Kidman's latest flick, "The Invasion," wasn't exactly invaded by moviegoers on her first weekend, with a less-than-$2 million opening weekend.


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I think the entire media needs to back off Britney, this is just getting stupid. Leave the poor girl alone & let her get her life back on track!

Would YOU want the media hounding you at work or home? Having your co-workers dish dirt on you for cash whether its true or not?

These are the same people who killed Princess Diana! When does the insanity stop?

2618 days ago


I think the Donald just want to pork these 2, and in the process get his face on the media as he is such a media Ho, since when he is a "career resuscitator" now?

2618 days ago


Donald Trump will jump on any media band wagon just to get some air time. He milked the Rosie Horse for all it was worth, and now he is trying to leech off of Spears and Lohan. He is pathetic. If Trump didn't have so many friends in high places he would be a homeless bum

2618 days ago

cowboy fred    

If Trump brings on these sluts he can kiss this viewer goodbye. He should be ashamed of himself for even considering having thes sorry examples that offer nothing but negative influence on our children. I would urge all viewers to turn Mr. Strangehair off.

2618 days ago


honestly, though. brit knows she's in the spotlight. if she's really trying to get her life back on track, she should just stop making such a spectacle of herself.

2618 days ago

Mario Siragusa    

DUH DUH DUH, I say DUH DUH DUA to all the stupid people out in the world.

2618 days ago


That would be a seriously bad career move for the Donald. "Brit-Brit" would bring him down with her.

2618 days ago


I think the comment made above IS inappropriate and very immature. Altho, I do not know Mr.Trump personally, I have read much about him... good and bad. He is a business man and he must think that invitations to the "News Headliners" will make this show a "hit". Putting that a side, many do not know the "good and generous" things he has done for many people in a quiet, humanitarin way. He is definately a great role model for the business minded person that genuinely wants to make it to the top. I have always taught my children that "it isn't what happens to you but how you handle it". Mr. Trump as well as many of us have had to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. He has in business and in his personal life but so have many of us in this world. So if you have a comment to make, judge it by fact and not vulgarity!

2618 days ago

f bell    

Sure give these talentless twits more publicity. Come to think of it look who's doing the negotiating. God spare us from this tripe and again they are just a click away.

2618 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

What's in it for Brit, Lilo and Paris Hilton. Trump offers $250,000 to the winner in his shows. Even if he pays a million dollr to each of these girls it would be enough for Paris. She'd take anything. But Brit has made and still can make 10's of millions of Dollars. LiLo has no such talent. For her one million Dollars would be good enough. But they would make the Trump fortune rise. Not their own

2618 days ago


Cassandra rocks!!!!!!
U said it girl!!

2618 days ago


BRAVO CASSANDRA. Well said. My thoughts exactly. Thank you for putting into words exactly what I was thinking all this time! The paparazzi are real idiots, and a danger to everyone they "stalk". As for Brit and LiLo, I think they might actually have a chance to make lifelong improvements if the media would just leave them the hell alone for 1 minute!

2618 days ago


Well, Trump is no fool. He certainly cant make them any worse. This might be good for the girls. Teach them what working for a living and responsibility is actually like. Go for it Trump! These girls have no idea what it is to make it on their own. If Trump doesnt do it, I think Simon Cowell should.

2618 days ago


exactly what is it it that Britney does in the first place that would make anyone want her?She is not all that pretty. She only lip sinks songs and doesn't do that very well. I have never thought much of Trump's taste. He is as much a disaster as Britney and Paris.

2618 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

I like the Lindsay Lohan piture before Rehab. Heer cleavage turns me on. It messes up my mind. I love her breasts.

2618 days ago
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