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Gummi Bear is Disintegrating!

8/20/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that our favorite ursine specimen, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, has developed -- wait for it -- a flesh eating disease! Call a vet!

Gummi told our staffer that he contracted a staph infection after scraping his legs in a nasty fall a couple of months ago. Gummi fall down go boom! The open wounds became infected, causing "weeping" sores that spread all over his body, back and legs. Unbearable! Gummi said he's on a powerful antibiotic called Zyvox-- at $4,000 a pop! Jason told a TMZ staffer, "I am literally being eating alive!" A smorgasboard for bacteria that could take up to thirty-two years to accomplish.

One positive thing for Gummi: he's given up booze and says he hasn't had a drink for nine weeks. Just when the bear was repairing, he starts to rot.


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Hey #17, sorry for putting in my blog" I don't understand how is is walking around" etc I do realize there are different form of flesh eating. DUH!!! I'm not American so I have a brain, I see you are lacking in the HEART department. Thank you, #18, 19 20, 21 for being kinder and explaining more, which I chose not to explore the other many forms of fleshing eating. My ex had a small cut on his leg( he got on a construction site) and 2 days later went into cardiac arrest. They amputated his leg and in less then 10 hours later he was taking off life support because it just kept traveling up his body( he was 36yrs. old). We all carry the bacteria, it just depend on how good our immune systems are!!!

2618 days ago


What a dumbass. Didn't any of his doctors tell him that Alcohol renders atibiotics useless. That why they tell you not to drink until you have completed taking them!

$4000.00 a pop and they will do nothing. Duh...

2618 days ago


LOL!! You guys are so funny!
I don't know who writes this stuff but Gummi fall down go boom was hilarious!!

2618 days ago


Sounds like MERSA to me. You guys crack me up the way you write your articles. On one article you wrote Gummy the Tummy. All sorts of crazy things. You make me laugh!!

2618 days ago


He is totally disgusting! There is no excuse to be morbidly obese anymore, especially with all of the money he seems to have. He needs to stop buying ugly clothes and start paying a nutritionist to help him shed that fat sack he wears. I feel sorry for the poor staph infection that has to live in that man. Gross.

2618 days ago


lol carol what a crazy story, that is not right if it is real (lol sorry).

i do love gummi bear, the tmz people actually ahve me thinking he is 95% made out of candy and has a sweet gooey centre. or that he is the real yogi bear.

gummi bear is truely funny in the upmost silly way, and you kwow he could look more like ursula from the little mermaid (yeah i thought it b4), if gummi went emo that would be spooky.....! in resembelance.

anyway you should leave him alon for living the easy life he is way beyond yuppy rich, poor boy has been richie rich all his life, you shouldnt rag hin for living the hippy life.
i personally think he should get his own boat and be a sea captian (i cant wait for that episode) and run love boat like cruises with an mtv show and he should own his own singels resort,,, go gummi.
he woudl be abel to sun on the beach like a lizard all day.

i love you tmz and i just giggle like a twit when i read gummi stories.they are evevn better then marlon brando stories (r.i.p).
Now could you please take the piss out of pamela anderson, tomy lee or the wiggles in the same way.

2618 days ago


come on......let him go,hes cute!!at least he doesnt look like the firecrochidile
creator................his life seems different than his other species....that is,sniffing
the firecrotch!!!!!

2618 days ago


# 32 why don't you ask my daughter if it is a true story. I'm pretty sure she would want it to be a total lie, then her dad would be here today!! maybe you should google "fleshing eating" because you sound like you haven't got a clue about this bacteria. I know, I knew nothing until it affected my family !!!! Do yourself a favor and educate yourself !!!!!!!!!!

2618 days ago


i just thew up in mouth .ugh hes nasty

2618 days ago


I am in agreement w/all of yous...Gummi is FUNNY! And likeable. What is it about this guy? He has some sort of indefinable charisma...we're all pulling for you Gummi!!!

2618 days ago


this is one of paris's rich friends. THis is what wealthy people look like? How Sad.

2618 days ago

hello, it    

31. What a dumbass. Didn't any of his doctors tell him that Alcohol renders atibiotics useless. That why they tell you not to drink until you have completed taking them!

$4000.00 a pop and they will do nothing. Duh...

Posted at 6:55PM on Aug 20th 2007 by Chilly
Wrong. Where do you get your info doctor?

2618 days ago


It is pathetic that you guys will make a mockery out of his suffering. His condition is a very serious one, my brother passed away because of the same situation, but in my brother's case he didn't take care of it until it was too late. I think you should do your research, before making a joke out of something so serious, even if you don't really care for this person. I wish him the best of luck and hope everything will get back to normal soon.

2618 days ago

Mille Fleurs    

I am sure all the other flesh eating diseased are jeolous of the one that got Jason, the Motherlode for all flesh eating diseases! He is the perfect host for any bacteria that feasts on fat, filth, blubber, and stink. Why do we have to wait 32 years?

2618 days ago

John in San Diego    

What a fat, DISGUSTING PIG. Let's all pray his heart explodes and he drops dead, very soon! A greedy loser, too much booze, food and drugs. Probably IMPOTENT as well.

2616 days ago
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