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Littler Star Doesn't Twinkle in Big Return

8/20/2007 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a woman who made her name in TV by being sassy, Star Jones sure kept things somber in her hyped return to television.

Jones' eponymous Court TV series began with an awkwardly Hot Topics-esque roundtable called "The Wrap Sheet" and an interview with verbal diarrhea-ist Isaiah Washington, in which even Isaiah didn't quite muster the energy to answer Star's questions. Advertisers also got into the lack of rhythm of things, with long, languorous ads from Cholest-Off and ScalpMed chewing up time.

Star did take one chance -- in her cri de Star "Open Letter" segment -- to take a wee dig at former boss Barbara Walters. Star said that she kept her mouth shut, uncharacteristically, after her firing from "The View" because she didn't want to engage in an "undignified she says, she says." Giddy-up, Babwa!

There was conspicuously little mention of gastric bypass surgery, Rosie O'Donnell or fabuhubby Al Reynolds. Somewhere, Oprah isn't shaking in her Christian Louboutin boots.


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You guys are all perfect I guess? Listen, I am no Star fan. I even grew to dislike her greatly when she was on the View....BUT...enough people. Give her a chance. She didn't lie about a life and death issue. She's not an elected official. She lied about how she lost her weight because her ego was too big to admit that she needed help. Big friggin deal. Bottom line, I she was an asset to the View and Barbara Walters was the one whom lied to thepublic...not Star.

As for her new was pretty bad yesterday. I taped it again today. She needs an consultant to come in. She is not the problem. The format is. She needs an audience, more structure and for the love of God...better guests!!! URGH!!! Hey..personally, ithink that Isahia got screwed in the end. I hope that ms. Heigel gets her 's in the end...karma is a B**CH!!! That being said...I don't give a rat's ass what he has to say about anything at this point. I was so afraid that he was going to say the "F" word again that I could barely watch. I also could do without Part II today. this point...let sleeping dogs lie. Accept that some people will never forgive you and keep it moving. You are too great of an actor to fall into this trap. Just make sincere amends to the gay community for your initial did nothing wrong at the Golden Globes. That's all you can do.

Star...revamp your format. Your show will be cancelled before the year is out as it stands now. You are a smart woman. I have heard from many sources that Star was an incredible trial attorney. Stay close to that Star. Although you used to get on my last nerves, i'm rooting for you to do well.

2589 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

Well!!! what was Court T.V. thinking...this woman is ingnorant aggressive classless bigot..What were they thinking!!! Court T. V. was alway classy and smart..what were they thinking..this hateful woman will rule many like Beth..Jean and Lisa DESERVE their own show ...but this pitiful excuse for a talk show host..she maybe a lawyer but she has no common sense or dignity..she can put on glasses but it doesn't make her smart...UGH WHAT WAS COURT T.V.THINKING

2589 days ago


I am not a Mouth-piece for Star Jones. But I will watch her show, before I pre-judge. What she did or said on the View. Does not alter my ideas about her. When you really look at the View. Its not all that. More like an Hen House than a Talk Show. So let Star prove herself. Her fans will judge her Ratings...

2589 days ago


CTV, what are you thinking??? If I wanted to watch trash tv. I would not have watched CTV for years. This is your idea of inteligent programing? Star Jones may have been a smart lawyer but she is a horrible and not credible host of any program. I am glad she is happy with herself but I do not believe she is a real and honest person and the guests you have chosen are just trash, I can watch many channels of hollywood trash I don't need to suffer with star as host, maybe she should work on her home life because that doesn't seem to be going well, but her program is a waste of everyones time.

2589 days ago


I truly can't believe how far Courttv has sunk. I can't believe that they forced out Catherine Crier who was attractive and intelligent for this person. I am betting that the show won't last but I am also betting that Courttv won't have the guts to bring back Judge Crier like they should.

2588 days ago


Court TV made a huge mistake by putting this show on. It has no place on court tv. It should be on the E channel....and still no one would watch it. Catherin Crier was their highest rated program and they dumped her so this piece of crap could be on. I want to see trials and legal stuff on court tv....not gossip and entertainment fluff.

2588 days ago

Pat Porter    

I did not like Star Jones on the View or after The View. Now it is EH that drives me nuts on that show. I have stopped watching. Star Jones was always "better than thou" in her lttle world. My little remote controlled her input in my world.

2588 days ago


Can you all say "BOBBLEHEAD"! I know she needed to lose the weight, but most people who has these gastric bypass surgeries end up looking like bobbleheads! I hope her show does well, but I am like most of you, I now think she is a phony. I didn't like the way she advertised for a husband. She is intelligent and was beautiful and I thought a confident woman until she married that guy who everyone believes is gay!

2588 days ago


She looks like Jimminey Cricket face...

2588 days ago


This is a woman who put all of her tatortots in one basket and ate them and the rotten egg. She is something to look and whole lot a nothing to listen to. Sorry your airing all of your shortcomings and unsettled life in public. Go defend someone and make yourself useful.

2588 days ago

Star's Out    

On the Court site, there is a place for the public to tell them what they think of her show, for the first time in my life, I did give them my opinion--it stinks----go there and fill it out. Maybe they will cancel her "show".

2588 days ago


I noticed the "wheezing" as well. Drove me nuts, for the 30 seconds I watched her..

It's just a matter of time, before she's gone...If the % comments above give any clue as to what direction she'll be going, it shouldn't take long..BYEEEEeee Star!!'

To think you dumped Catherine Crier, for this "new" segment...YIKES!!! Courttv, please get a clue.

2588 days ago


Regarding the wheezing:
Star had thyroid cancer in her early 20's. Thyroid was removed during throat surgery. Often causes breathing issues. She wheezed on the View too but not as obvious.

2588 days ago


Good Luck Star, everyone deserves to be respected, and I hope you do well.

2587 days ago


Star..I know you are probably reading all the nasty things people are saying...forget it, just do your best. I do agree..lose the glasses! You have come a long way from the day you used to wear those horrible wigs that made you look like a guy in drag. It takes people time to grow into the new bodies that they create. I loved you on the view and loved your classy exit, doing it your way. I loved your "Diva" attitude don't try to be sooo sweet which is not the real you. Iam a white class lady and think you have a wonderful future ahead. Move a head of all the bull that you read. You did make an enemy in the nervous twichy Joy, on the view. Perhaps she is the one that is at the top of putting you down at the moment. I hated her remarks when you did a phone interviw from your hospital bed during some breast surgery you had while on the view.! Don't know if yoour husband is guy or not and don't care. Half of the world thinks Tom Cruise is guy and Da...think nought. Keep going Star and stay the class act you are.....Seriously...Lose the glasses.

2587 days ago
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