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Jenna: I'm Not Skin Flicks and Bones!

8/21/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a gold necklace draped over sternum and ribs, XXX hottie Jenna Jameson made it clear that she's not wasting away. She's just pornalicious!

TMZ cameras caught the former hardcore heavyweight last night, with her ultimate fighter beefcake boytoy, Tito Ortiz, outside of Koi in Hollywood, where she told us that we "better stop calling me skinny, because I'm healthy and I'm happy." Ready for my shot, Mr. DeMille!

After the scolding, the really, really, really not fat blonde got into her ridiculous Rolls Royce Phantom and sped off into the night. Perhaps for a snack.


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HEY JENNA, Get a load of this comment! YOUR SKINNY!

Your lips are overblown too. You DO NOT look good! Perhaps you are dying in front of all of us????

You look horrible, skinny and horrible. Your scars under your arms show from your fake boobs. And your skinny skinny skinny. And we the public are *allowed* to think it.

Not to mention WE CAN SEE IT. Your lying only to yourself Jenna Bones.

2584 days ago


Oh I didn't know she cheated on her 2nd husband. According to a show on TV her autobiography they lived together 5 years then got married and it fizzled out but no one said why. That is so sad. What is with her voice? she is probably very ill, and doesn't want anyone to know. Could be the big"C." That would be my guess. She is a sick woman.

2584 days ago

laughing at you    

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I can't beleive how bad Jenna looks. She used to be so beautiful. What a shame. That's what hollywood does to people. It's only a matter of time!

2584 days ago


I admire Jenna the "businesswoman." But, come on....she's back on coke like before. :( In her book she talked about it & now she looks like she did when she was on this stuff. Someone needs to seriously help her & step in. Everyone can see it. I'm a fan of Tito too, but he knows better. Making her laugh when he makes the fat vs skinny comment was sooo not cool. That's what feeds into her problem hearing that input from him. He knows muscle is the healthy way to go.

The last time I saw her in person was June 06 & she was way hot! 2 months later a bag of bones & she looks 20yrs older. :( So, sad. Please, somebody step in who is close to her & fast!

2584 days ago

tito stop it need help. Tito-please tell me that she's signed over everything to you in her will-that would explain why you are sitting back and watching the woman you "love" kill herself. I have been a big fan of yours and the UFC for years-I have loads of respect for you...why are you with her?

2584 days ago

boo booring    

c'mon girls, stop torturing yourselves! when you do this to your body, you Honestly age yourself by 15-25yrs. she looks like in her 60s!!!!

2584 days ago

boo booring    

K.L: jenna bones indeed!
because that is what she is, and if she continues this path of destruction and ignorance, her ultimate destiny is DEATH.

2584 days ago


remember when she was super friggin hot?Now its sad to even look at her.She needs help

2584 days ago


She's a prostitute. Simply a whore who is filmed. Disgusting woman.

2584 days ago


When did she start sounding like Paris Hilton when she talks? What's up with that? I've heard her in past (but relatively recent) interviews before she got rail thin, and she sounded normal.

2584 days ago


Maybe she has no appetite because all she eats is jiz. Skank and Bones!!

2584 days ago


WHY is shey sounding so much like a little girl/Paris Hilton type in these videoes? It's bizarre. This is how she use to sound:

2584 days ago

Abby Normal    

Did someone dub Paris Hilton over this video? Since when does she talk like that...

And make some porn. Stick to what you know.

2584 days ago


Can you say HIV POSITIVE?

2584 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

She is skinny, but I don't think she's any skinnier than Victoria Beckham. It doesn't really matter what we think as long as she is being honest with herself.

2584 days ago
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