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Brad -- We Made Katrina, Now Let's Fix It

8/22/2007 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A worked-up Brad Pitt told the "Today" show's Ann Curry on Wednesday that -- despite what you might think -- Hurricane Katrina was a man-made disaster, and that it's incumbent upon him (and everyone else) to make it right.

The actor/envirovangelist chatted animatedly with Curry about progress he and Global Green have made in the last year, but was clearly emotional when talking about a 60-year-old man he met -- whose life had been turned upside down by Katrina. "I did everything right. I got a job," Pitt said he was told. "I bought a home. I raised my kids in that home. We're all split apart and we've been wiped out. What do I do?"

Pitt called the state of affairs "unacceptable."


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peggy labrozzi    

It is truly amazing how liberal and giving people can become once they are so wealthy it would take a global meltdown to lose their money. The welfare roles in that area were out of control and that is a big part of the problem.

2619 days ago

Lola Falana    

I agree 100%. Thank you Brad, so much for everything you and Angelina do.

2619 days ago

Desease control    

Brad looks so tired and unhappy. His girlfriend should take better care of him.
oh but then agin shes not cable of it. hey brad its time you got a new girlfriend you look awful.

2619 days ago


Hmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps you could give that poor man a couple of your millions Brad? That would surely solve the problem for him. Put your money where your convictions are Brad!

2619 days ago


hey # 2, grow a brain. they look tried b/c they are working hard helping people around the world. something you, i am sure have never done.

2619 days ago


Maybe Brad should adopt the old man. Or, if he's so concerned, maybe he and his anorexic girlfriend can downsize their lifestyle and use their money to build this Katrina victim and the others new homes, or adopt them all and keep the money. It's only a matter of time before it will all fall apart for Brad and Angie. She'll be licking the carpet once again and he'll be fighting for custody of Shiloh. What is unacceptable, is the fact that people can't see what a loser he really is.

2619 days ago


hey # 2 grow a brain, he looks tried b/c he and his " girlfriend" are always woking hard helping people. something, i am sure that u have never done.

2619 days ago

sad but true    

Yeah "we" created Katrina alright; it was all of the dirty Louisiana politicians that never fixed the levees when they had the chance.. New Orleans was not devastated by Katrina; it was devastated by insufficient levies that should have been fixed years ago. Mississippi was hit 10 times worse and Louisiana gets all of the attention and funds. It is sad and sickening. If Brad really wanted to help true Katrina victims, he would be in South Mississippi helping out.

2619 days ago


I wish they would both go back to wherever it is they adopt children for.

2619 days ago


It is amazing to me that with all the celebraties that disgrace themselves and let down their fans on a daily basis, we can have two people who actually try to make a difference and all you can do is run them down. Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie contribute 33% of everything they make to charity. But they don't stop with writing checks, anyone rich can do that. They actually go where there is a need for help and work right along side everyone else trying to make a difference. Go to these places, roll up your sleeves and pitch in, then if you still feel like bad mouthing the other people there, feel free.

2619 days ago


Why in the world should he give up the money he worked hard for? Would you? Thats the most ridiculous statement Ive ever heard. How much do you donate to charity yearly? Dont be jealous because he got off his ass and worked for what he has.

2619 days ago


"Man made"???? How? Did we get with the weather Gods and say "please send us a category 5 hurricane and we will name her Katrina"? I the man a house Brad, or better yet, give him one of yours.

2619 days ago


There's a reason we call them celebutards. Brad Pitt now is in the running for stupidest comment of the year.

2619 days ago


This debate is ridiculous. Louisiana is located in the freaking Gulf of Mexico where hurricanes occur all of the time!! It's a hurricane zone! People should know what to expect when they live in New Orleans.

2619 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Brad sounds stupid. Even though I don't think he's a whiz kid, I was still surprised at his statement. Are all celebrities and actors stupid? Is that a requirement?

2619 days ago
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