Brad -- We Made Katrina, Now Let's Fix It

8/22/2007 1:42 PM PDT
A worked-up Brad Pitt told the "Today" show's Ann Curry on Wednesday that -- despite what you might think -- Hurricane Katrina was a man-made disaster, and that it's incumbent upon him (and everyone else) to make it right.

The actor/envirovangelist chatted animatedly with Curry about progress he and Global Green have made in the last year, but was clearly emotional when talking about a 60-year-old man he met -- whose life had been turned upside down by Katrina. "I did everything right. I got a job," Pitt said he was told. "I bought a home. I raised my kids in that home. We're all split apart and we've been wiped out. What do I do?"

Pitt called the state of affairs "unacceptable."