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Courteney and David Pull a Britney?

8/22/2007 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this photo of Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette with their three-year-old daughter Coco in Kauai, Hawaii. Coco, riding between her parents in a kayak, is not wearing a life jacket.

We checked and found that according to Hawaii state law, "Children 12 and under must wear a properly fitting PFD while underway."

We contacted the Arquette's rep, and are waiting for a call back.


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Former Marine    

That's taking it a little bit to far TMZ!! I like you site and read it daily but to go and snitch like tht is pathetic. There's no need for that. Stick to the good stuff please. Thanks.

2626 days ago


TMZ WANTS your comments, pro and con. Even upset comments show they have traffic. That helps sell their ad space along with the number of clicks they get.

If you really don't like what they post, stop looking and stop commenting.

2626 days ago

just wondering    

...BOTTOMLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Courtney will be cringing when she hears abt this hoopla and NO they r not like Britney and YES..the child should have a vest on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......j from toronto...

2626 days ago


Funny, I thought the same thing when i first saw this pic the other, that kid doesn't have a life jacket on...I mean to each their own, but my lil guy isn't going on any kind of boat, paddle boat, kayak anything without a life vest! Just my opinion. Although I dont think the Arquettes are exactly "pulling a Britney"! She's just unfit.

2626 days ago


Hey, Brad and Angeline children didn't have life jackets on either............Leave Brittany alone didn't you hear Star Jones on Court TV

2626 days ago



t-phx, your #56 comment goes to show how ignorant people are. Laws are there for a reason. Children deserve to not have accidents happen to them because their parents %$#*@# protecting them. I don't care if it is seen as judgmental - duh. So many people take care of their children because they are RESPONSIBLE. A lapse of judgment is just that -- but seeing this makes me wonder what we will see in the weeks to come.

and mommy, if you made mistakes like this and you think it is okay, you should not be a parent. I have four children and I NEVER assume they are safe. This is called BEING A RESPONSIBLE PARENT. Don't have to lie about my parenting mistakes. They did not put one of MY CHILDREN'S LIVES IN DANGER.


2626 days ago

All American Girl    

Since when did there kid become ours..

2626 days ago


You guys are so ridiculous! You need to get a life and stop barging in to people's personal lives!

2626 days ago


Just have your leeches stalk and take pictures instead of trying to be the baby safety police.

2626 days ago


who the hell are you guys? the parent police?

I bet at least half of your staff commits minor parental offences such as this on a daily basis.

you guys really need to get a life.

2626 days ago


xoxo - you're a moron....

TMZ is only doing it b/c they have been getting a lot of heat lately for digging - if they are going to bust britney's chops, then they have to start on everyone elses - way to go guys!

2626 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

TMZ! You pulled a blunder here with the bait and caption. They were in a rental kayak, either from the resort or beach vendor. THEY (rental vendor) have the responsibility to inform renters of the local ordinances pertaining to the operation of rental equipment and ensure compliance. They should have told the parents you can't get underway without CoCo being in an USCG certified PFD. I've rented windsurfing equip, watercrafts, and scuba gear and they always give you an oral briefing and a rental agreement with bold letters of the do's and don'ts. I think the parents had a laps of judgment. I do recall not long ago either on your website or Perez Hilton, showed a beach picture of Courteney wearing a bikini. She was playing with CoCo in the water who was wearing a child PFD. The reason I mentioned her in a bikini was the caption was pointing out her being a mom with a hot body. Nothing was said about her being a smart mom for thinking about her child's safety.

2626 days ago


TMZ is acting like a 3-year old tattletale. It's one thing if they are driving a car with her sitting in their lap without a seat belt, but geesh, society today has gotten way out hand.

Yes, she probably should have a life vest on, but when I was a kid, we never had a life vest on when we were in a canoe and we survived. We were also spanked in school by the vice principal and we survived. People overreact these days.

2626 days ago

love little people :)    

xoxo needs to be commited

2626 days ago

Cathy from Alberta    

I think that this an honest mistake that these people have made. I don't think I would have made the same mistake ONLY b/c I have a sister who was in a horrific boating accident many years ago and was the only one of 5 people on the boat that lived (no-one had a life jacket on). I don't think it's fair of you to criticize Courtney and Dave and compare them to Britney. They seem to be normal decent people, no offense to Britney, but she seems to want and crave the negative attention she's getting or she'd back off and not do such stupid things.

2626 days ago
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