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Ill No Mo': Foxy Brown Is Headed to the Slammer

8/22/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Foxy Brown is headed to Rikers Island, after a Manhattan judge ordered the three-months-pregnant rapper to serve time for violating her probation.
Courtroom sketch of Foxy Brown
We're told that just minutes ago, Judge Melissa Jackson remanded Brown to the custody of the state, and threw her in the clink until her next hearing Sept. 7. Brown had been on probation on assault charges, but two incidents in recent weeks violated her probation, thus leading Judge Jackson to send Foxy to jail.

A source tells TMZ that Foxy's face was "priceless" when the judge handed down her decision, and that Brown and her lawyer had not expected to see jail time. It has yet to be determined where Brown will be held, but Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.

In court, Brown revealed that she is three months pregnant, and that she plans to get married.

UPDATE: Stephen Morello of the Department of Corrections tells TMZ that Foxy will be housed at the Rose M. Singer Center, a women's jail on Rikers Island. We're told that, because of her celebrity status, she may be housed in a cell, as opposed to with other inmates, and could have an escort when she leaves her cell. She's in the facility right now and is undergoing the "intake" process, we're told.


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At least we know there's one judge in that state that has some balls. Good for her.

2617 days ago


JenJen, that's the difference between A-list Celebrities and Z-list Celebrities. Plus I think judges get a kick out of locking up Rappers.

2617 days ago


Ok what has she done in the past few years besides get in trouble with the law? She is not a celebrity anymore. You are just reporting on a regular nobody who keeps assaulting people.

2617 days ago


Foxy hasn't had a hit in years, calling her a rapper is like calling me a poet.

2617 days ago


Although I don't particularly like Foxy Brown or what her music implies what she stands for, isn't it blatantly obvious how racist our judicial system is? Ok, Foxy hit people and that is wrong but Lindsey gets NO jail time for FELONY crimes? Lindsey took 3 people hostage in a SUV chasing a car at speeds over 100MPH on a freeway with both alcohol and cocaine in her system (as well as ON her person) and she isn't going to get jail time but Foxy is? How can you not see the hypocracy in this? and I'm a white woman saying this.

2617 days ago


LOL!!!! She didn't see it coming?!! Definitely not FOXY SMART now is she?!!

Let her give birth in jail!!!!

Let her give birth in jail!!!!

Let her give birth in jail!!!!

Maybe she'll name her baby Slammer.

2617 days ago


I see the TMZ Holier Than Thou Zoo Review is at it again. May all you wish upon Foxy rain down heavily upon your shoulders.

2617 days ago


Kate - as far as I beleive Lindsey has not had her court hearing yet, so we do not know what is going to happen to her. I believe her court is set for August 26th or something like that. Paris is white and she got sent to jail for violating probabtion, this is not racist at all.

2617 days ago


Hey Los Angeles, take a cue from NY. We imprison people who break the law !

2617 days ago

Dawn Day    

If she would have been in LA she be set free!

Calling all Criminals of any sort....head to LA. They let you get away with ANYTHING!

You name it...DUI, Assault, Possession of Controlled Substances, and even MURDER!

Wagon Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2617 days ago


Too bad that judge didn't live in LA.

2617 days ago


Kate - it's East coast vs. West coast not racism!

NY doesn't worship these people like LA.

2617 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Who the hell is she anyway

2617 days ago


The beyoch assaults people. She needs to be taken of the streets. Hopefully she will learn her lesson. You can't just go around smackin people down and expect to get away with it. Who does she think she is.....Some rich white chick from Hollywood?

2617 days ago


She is jail because she violated her parole twice. If she is on parole, she was convicted of something prior to this. Lindsay is not in jail because she never broke her parole, Lindsay at this moment is innocent until proven guilty (we are still in the U.S., right?), she has not been to court yet. Stop making comparisons where there are none!

2617 days ago
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