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Ill No Mo': Foxy Brown Is Headed to the Slammer

8/22/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Foxy Brown is headed to Rikers Island, after a Manhattan judge ordered the three-months-pregnant rapper to serve time for violating her probation.
Courtroom sketch of Foxy Brown
We're told that just minutes ago, Judge Melissa Jackson remanded Brown to the custody of the state, and threw her in the clink until her next hearing Sept. 7. Brown had been on probation on assault charges, but two incidents in recent weeks violated her probation, thus leading Judge Jackson to send Foxy to jail.

A source tells TMZ that Foxy's face was "priceless" when the judge handed down her decision, and that Brown and her lawyer had not expected to see jail time. It has yet to be determined where Brown will be held, but Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.

In court, Brown revealed that she is three months pregnant, and that she plans to get married.

UPDATE: Stephen Morello of the Department of Corrections tells TMZ that Foxy will be housed at the Rose M. Singer Center, a women's jail on Rikers Island. We're told that, because of her celebrity status, she may be housed in a cell, as opposed to with other inmates, and could have an escort when she leaves her cell. She's in the facility right now and is undergoing the "intake" process, we're told.


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It is about time that "celebrities" get treated just like regular people.

2558 days ago


Kate I agree with u. But Zoolander sumed it all up. East Coast vs West Coast lol

2558 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Looks like there is one sane judge in N.Y. that has had enough of this celebuskank. If only the West Coast District Attorneys and Judges weren't so star struck. But, don't hold your breath. Not even the Sheriff in L.A. has the nerve to stand up to Hollywood. Don't be surprised. Like the movie said. It's all about the money. Bought, sold and paid for. Keep that in mind next time you vote.

2558 days ago


who is this? i thought you meant the pretty news reporter foxy brown .just another old rap criminal

2558 days ago


Hmm unwed pregnant mother heading to jail. Wow. Sad. really.
I can't stand hollywood
and keep your damn legs closed!

2558 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

Some people just aren't that bright. When you violate terms of your probation from previous criminal action they throw you in the clink, plain and simple. Nothing to do with the color of her skin.

When you drive on a suspended license you do time ala Parasite.

Lohan hasn't had her day in court yet and obviously her recent actions are trying to reduce the time she serves and it appears to be working. If she screws up again when she's on probation she will go to the clink for a longer period of time.

How hard is that to understand?

Plus this waste of space prolly can't afford a good lawyer!

2558 days ago


Why is that she goes to jail for violation(wch I agree she should), but yet Lohan violated too!, and was found with cocain on her and was released probably to a rehab(not sure bout that) and she doesnt have to go to jail. I think that she should have went straigh to jail since she had the drugs on her in the jai. Here in ARIZONA if I did that then I would have gone straight to jail!!!

What is up with that??????

2558 days ago


Good for her! I don't have anything against Foxy Brown. I just think if you break the law you should be punished. Stars should not be treated different than everyday people.

2558 days ago


The Hip Hop community knows exactly who is foxxy brown....She came in the rap game in her mid teens, and ripped down the track with ll cool j. She made classic tracks with jay-z...and b/c a lot of people dont like her....i will admit, she's not wrapped too tight in the head...does not mean she's wack..the last few jams she put out were hits...they were so good, that people made it seem that she didnt write her lyrics...obviously it upsets them that this girl was puttin out hits. I really really think, something is really really psychologically wrong with her....A lot of other celebrities have done worst than foxxy, and they are not locked up. They are free still shovin coke up their nose.

2558 days ago


And she is who.....................................??

2558 days ago


She's been given several chances by this particular judge. It's about time they threw her in the clink. Women have babies in prison all the time, and she's not better than any of them. Good luck, dumbass.

2558 days ago


I am fed up with judges. They give white trashy rich women a few days and black women months. What is wrong with the judges in this land. Yes I am a white man and not married to a black woman either. You would probably call me a redneck if you knew me.

2558 days ago


#27....After your comment, I rethought it and you are right. It is a West Coast East Coast thing. East Coast judges don't play games and aren't impressed with celebrity. As far as Paris, that judge just wanted an entry into Hollywood himself. He is no longer a practicing judge and has hired an agent. If it had been any other judge, she would've walked. Even the sherrif and police officers were shocked that she was given jail time.

2558 days ago

it's about time!

2558 days ago

More brave judges are needed

2558 days ago
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