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Ill No Mo': Foxy Brown Is Headed to the Slammer

8/22/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Foxy Brown is headed to Rikers Island, after a Manhattan judge ordered the three-months-pregnant rapper to serve time for violating her probation.
Courtroom sketch of Foxy Brown
We're told that just minutes ago, Judge Melissa Jackson remanded Brown to the custody of the state, and threw her in the clink until her next hearing Sept. 7. Brown had been on probation on assault charges, but two incidents in recent weeks violated her probation, thus leading Judge Jackson to send Foxy to jail.

A source tells TMZ that Foxy's face was "priceless" when the judge handed down her decision, and that Brown and her lawyer had not expected to see jail time. It has yet to be determined where Brown will be held, but Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.

In court, Brown revealed that she is three months pregnant, and that she plans to get married.

UPDATE: Stephen Morello of the Department of Corrections tells TMZ that Foxy will be housed at the Rose M. Singer Center, a women's jail on Rikers Island. We're told that, because of her celebrity status, she may be housed in a cell, as opposed to with other inmates, and could have an escort when she leaves her cell. She's in the facility right now and is undergoing the "intake" process, we're told.


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

kate, I agree others, It is East Coast vs. West coast celeb judicial system. they do not take bs in NYC. Even Sean puffy Combs had a long drawn out trail,(he had others take a wrap for him) but even Ms. JLo was in the the jail offices and questioned for a long time as a witness and had to appear in court.

Foxywas stunned...being a celeb and pregnant and all ,and the judge does WHAT!?!??!?

LA judges and D.A's could learn NY judges and D.A's in how to handle celeb cases.

2583 days ago


do you care I dont

2583 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Isn't she the one who hit someone with the cell phone just like the other bitch, what's
her name... Naomi Campbell? She gets three months and Naomi got community
service only?

As for people questioning the judge's sentencing because of race is rather dumb, each
judge has their own way of judging and they don't need to try to match another's judge's
judgement . I am sure if this judge Jackson had Paris Hilton's
case the outcome would have been different than the one whe served. So people stop
pushing the race card and let people do time for their crimes.

2583 days ago


I'll bet Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson are writing some race card scripts now for the rally in the coming days.

2583 days ago


Brown is a possessed single black female, and has been infatuated with Lil Kim forever. She tried to sound like Kim on all her albums. Moreover, since Kim with to jail and held it down like a true blue boo. Foxy has been trying to get thrown in jail to get her street cred too. It sounds crazy but a Fan-antic is crazy.

2583 days ago

Mystical D    

I think it the best place for her, maybe someone will teach her what the word respect mean in there. Who is the baby's father and her husband-to-be?

2583 days ago


yeah,and Lohan should be in the next cell.

2583 days ago


this is a f*** joke.
all these types of people are rich losers.they contribute nothing to society,
nothing but trash lyrics and "thug" life.
it is stupid and childish.

2583 days ago


you bet #81

2583 days ago


It doesnt matter what sentence anyone else is getting. She was on probation for battery and she hit someone, again. She has a problem. She needs to take responsibility for this.
I have a son, who is 16, uses drugs gets caught and I have put him in rehab 3 times
It doesnt work. The go behind the safety of three walls for 3-6 months come home and start acting the same way. The next step for him is jail. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. Rehab is just a detour from jail. and if you have the means you can go through life avoiding jail. but, for me, I Love my son , but I am sick of him. I will be happy to hand him over to a jail cell, It just may make him think about what his life will be like if he doesnt straighten up.

2583 days ago


yes foxy deserved her punishment, but they were real quick to throw her in jail. not saying it should have been different but sayin that other celebrities didnt get treated like that. i think it is east coast west coast, and somewhat racist, and because she's a rapper. all i'm sayin is that linsday lohan better get some serious jail time. nicole ritchie should have gotten way more than 4 days. foxy will be in jail for 3 months despite being pregnant. i would've liked to see that for nicole and paris because they put themselves in a position to hurt others.

2583 days ago

baby girl    

Can you say SPLIB??? Walk up to your ho mommy and say that....SPLIB. No need to explain.

2583 days ago


I think this will give her time to get off of the drugs and hopefully stay off

2583 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

Putting a pregnant women in jail isn't cool, I know Brown needs a reality check, Lyndsay had two DUI's in months and hasn't served one day in jail

2583 days ago



2583 days ago
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