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Wassup, Liza?!

8/22/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Elizabeth Taylor busted out her revised bling bling look. Now Liza Minnelli, 61, has gone gangsta! Repaired hip Hip-Hop! Holla!

The star of "The Sterile Cuckoo" was seen at JFK airport in a hoody and red bandana, looking more thugged-out than ready for a cabaret, ol' chums! *arthritic jazz hands*

Liza's style has been simply astounding lately -- from Junie Moon skateboard chick to her see-through orthopedic look -- to Ex-Bride of Gestenstein, this original celebuspawn is the bizness with a Z!


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Haha suckers...    

I love Liza! She's crazy! She was perfect in Arrested Development.

2590 days ago

Baby Shamble    

Liza, we love you! You are the only real entertainer on TMZ!

2590 days ago


Ganster? Dudes, if you bothered to look beyond Hollywood and Vine often, you'd know that many peope wear sweats because they either like them, or because they're good for workouts. She doesn't look like a thug, just like she worked out.

Of all the TMZ grudges, I can't understand this fascination with hating Liza.

2590 days ago

Drumming Man    

Hey, she left Sicily at 5:30 in the morning, flew to Nice for an 11:30 AM flight and the arrived at JFK around 2:15 in the afternoon...all this after doing a concert for 4000 screaming audience members in Taormina Sicily the night before. Give her a break.

2590 days ago

Tiffany R.    

I think the only problem with Liza's look nowadays is the too dark tatooed eyebrows. Other than that...she's cool with me. Liza is very talented and I'm glad she's hanging in there.

2590 days ago


Leave Liza alone. She is a legend. I've seen Britney Spears in Concert and she lipsynched her way through the whole thing. I saw Liza in concert on July 21st on Cape Cod and she was amazing. she's still a great performer.

there's no scandal here, leave her alone.... aren't there more trainwrecks out there you should be reporting on?

2590 days ago

Julie the Jarhead    

"Liza looks great. How else would you look after travelling for two days from Europe?"

I agree. I wish I looked that good on my best day, and she has 20 years on me.

Seriously, no make-up, just walked off a transatlantic flight -- Liza, you look MAHVALOUS!

2590 days ago


God people, let her dress how she wants....why do you care so much? Get a life.

2590 days ago


I'm sorry to the late Dudley Moore for saying this, but she is beginning to resemble what he looked like in the movie Arthur.

2590 days ago


I agree 100% with #12.

2590 days ago


Will you people do something a little more interesting and less mean spirited then taking photos of celebrities over the age of 40 plus just to say don't they look bad? TMZ has become a bit of a joke around our office. We don't usually care what they have to say about celebrities since it all seems so one sided and mean - and in the end who really gives a damn? If it isn't news worthy then just stop trying to squeeze something out of it. I know lots of women who wear bandanas and gee a hooded sweatshirt? We've been wearing them long before there ever was hip hop OR ???????? Shut up you ridiculous childish BOYS working at TMZ. Get a real job.

2590 days ago


like i've said before when you tried to ridicule liza....
worked with her (she is so down-to-earth), her talent is exceptional (she has more talent in her little pinky than 99% of the "celebrities" have total)....
she is travelling, performing, living life.....everyone should travel so comfortably....
i, too, saw her show last month....she is pure talent!

2589 days ago


Hey!! it's the guy who cleans the floors in my building!!

2589 days ago

jim ault    

Jim in Hollywood- You gotta love the old broad. Well see where these little tart's are at 61 years old.She's a survivor...

2589 days ago


She's one of the few true Hollywood stars around. In the last ten to fifteen years, Hollywood has become something quite different. There is no one in Hollywood that can come close to De Niro, Tracey, Hoffman, Nicholson, Bacall, Hepburn(s), Davis, Pacino, Douglas, Fonda(s), Garland, Walken, Caine, Spacey, Brando, Grant, Hopkins, Connery, Hanks, Eastwood, Newman, Stewart, Freeman, Lennon, Hackman, Redford, Burton, etc.

2589 days ago
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