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Blair Berk: The Miracle Worker

8/23/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer pulled off one of the biggest legal feats in recent memory.

Lohan faced years in prison if convicted and charged with a felony. But mega-lawyer Blair Berk was able to negotiate with the D.A. and literally turn Lindsay's jail sentence into a revolving door. Lindsay could theoretically walk into jail at 11:30 one night and leave first thing in the morning.

It's not that the deal is that unusual, but getting it to stick, given the high profile of the case and the political pressure, makes it all remarkable.


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Mel B.    

Well I do hope she is proud of herself !!! Along w/ the judge and all the rest of the 'legal' system in Calif. - In my eyes - this is NOTHING to be proud of !!

2619 days ago


You have got to be kidding me..Ok now I do beleive Paris got the shaft.. This is so unfair... she has two DUI's reckless driving a number of other charges and she is getting a couple days and Paris got 28 days in jail for driving on a suspened licence I really really can not beleive this... This girl is one spoiled brat that will now know she is not going to have to stay sober cuz she wont get in too much trouble if she gets caught... this will only make her head grow even larger..... man hollywood sucks

2619 days ago


Just add Ms. Berk's name to the list of people to blame when the next time she does it, she plows down a family of 5. Will she be all smiles then?

2619 days ago


$$$$ buy freedom and justice in USA, gotta love it !!!

2619 days ago


Here's how that credit for 2 days works. She checks in at 11:30 PM (anytime prior to midnight) that gets her credit for that WHOLE day. If she stays until say 5 AM, that will be "two" days. Heck, she could get out at 1 AM and still receive credit for the full day. That's how she got extra credit for "time served" when she was booked earlier this summer. She was booked prior to midnight one evening and was out by like 3 AM so they gave her credit for 2 WHOLE days.

2619 days ago


What Lohan is getting is normal for a case like this with someone with no prior convictions and who is seeking help. The felonies initially charged and broadcast around the world were borderline and likely difficult to prove in trial.

The person with a beef here is Paris Hilton. As I said months ago, her sentence was extreme. The Lohan case shows how true that is.

Should Lohan relapse and do anything like this - and remember her probation includes staying away from drug users - she will have serious time ahead of her. But for this situation, although she can consider herself lucky, she is not getting special treatment.

2619 days ago


Just another DUI death waiting to happen. Sends a great message.


2619 days ago

Vote this douche out of office    

Why even bother with the "One Day" BS???? They might as well have given her a basket of cookies and a bouquet of balloons and told her to have a nice day. G*damn I am so mad about this!!!!!

2619 days ago


Everyone should have a copy of this precedent setting 'sentence' and ask for the same should you be dumb enough to get 2 DUI, carjack someone, have cocaine on your person etc..

2619 days ago


And if she dies or kills someone it's all your fault Ms Berk and all the courts that have agreed with you to be bias for the rich and famous to skate away from breaking the law.. and not for everyman like justice should be.. Live with it as voters won't forget! And I bet her parents will sue your pants off if she gets in trouble or jailed in the near future.. and take the thong too.

2619 days ago

Jane M.    

That is absolute b*llsh*t why dot they go crucify her like Paris Hilton....good job going through all of that to make an example and Ritchie and Lohan get off with minor sentences...Lohan's bein the least amount to serve or be correctly punished in jail and had the worst offense. This is unreal that these stupid ass judges would either believe that goin to rehab wil make it all better or are taking money under the table and letting these skanky, trashy little girls run fre when they could have seriousy hurt or killed somone....but ya know even if they kill someone I guess 90 days in jail would the trick!

2619 days ago


What Ms Berk has to live with is not the work she did for Lindsey, it is that she is a member of the Bar in California where Rocky the rip off is.

He ripped off the state for the repair to the vehicle his wife damaged and when he got caught only had to pay back the money. It was over a thousand dollars.

He has not been made to answer to anyone and still has his lawyer license, this has to be the shame and disgrace every lawyer in that state is wearing.

2619 days ago



1.Stay in rehab to stay out of jail

2.Fake recovery

3.Recovery party in VEGAS (what happens in VEGAS stys in VEGAS)

4.Party in MALIBU again

5.Carjack some teenagers

6.Get in automobile accident, 2-DEAD,5-INGURED and LINDSEY the DRUNK DRIVER has sprained wrist!


2619 days ago


I hope this Ms Berk never has children, nor does she have family that live in the area.
Because I would like to assure her no amount of money in the world takes away the pain of losing a loved one, even more so, imagine it to someone whom you helped walk.

2619 days ago
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