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Blair Berk: The Miracle Worker

8/23/2007 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer pulled off one of the biggest legal feats in recent memory.

Lohan faced years in prison if convicted and charged with a felony. But mega-lawyer Blair Berk was able to negotiate with the D.A. and literally turn Lindsay's jail sentence into a revolving door. Lindsay could theoretically walk into jail at 11:30 one night and leave first thing in the morning.

It's not that the deal is that unusual, but getting it to stick, given the high profile of the case and the political pressure, makes it all remarkable.


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how is this attorney going to sleep tonight? lohan is out of control, and getting her off is not helping her at all.

i just have a bad feeling that the lohan drama is going to have a sad ending.

is this attorney just one of lohan's "yes" people?

2585 days ago

the shadow    

I wonder if this bitch would let me off the hook if I ran over one of her relatives whilst on coke, doubtful, I am not rich or a sorry excuse of a celebrity.

2585 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

WHEN not IF Lindsey Lohan kills someone or herself, I hope you get taken for everything for everything your black heart holds dear. How on earth do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Posted at 7:57PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by YouDisgustMe
LOHAN HAS ONE OF THOSE HALLOWEEN MIRRORS - you look into it and the "DEVIL' is staring right back at you!

My bags are packed, I'm moving to LA - got my bottle of Blue Goose and my Blow. Revving up my Mazerrati, got someone elses jeans on, hell just like old "Crotch Fire", even got somebody else's legs on!

2585 days ago


Who was paid off? This is an unfair. Two counts of drunk driving on a suspended license and only spending one day in jail? What a b_tch Lindsay is. Everyone should avoid her movies and records. Boycott all the Lohans

2585 days ago

BOEING 787    

BLAIR BERK: defending crazy white women.

LINDSAY LOHAN and BLAIR BERK; making a killing together.

2585 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Stupid bitch linds is a trouble maker! she should get jail for life!!!!!!!

2585 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Everyone should email the "Governator" about the obvious "special' attention given to these drunken, druggie driving celebrities and the farce the LA legal system is to the rest of the country.

Both Lohan & Richie!

2585 days ago


Whe some of these idiots saying nasty things about the lawyer get in trouble, do they want their lawyer to help them go to prison?

2585 days ago


ANYBODY else (well other than her fellow pieces of crap in Hollywood) would be facing felony time for taking coke into the jail...hopefully her lawyer is the first person she takes out the next time she screws up..then hopefully she'll take herself out of the food chain!

2585 days ago


#38, hopefully you are the second one, after her attorney, to step in front of Lindsay the next time she is stewed to the gills and behind the wheel!!!

2585 days ago

Enough is Enough    

Just another slimball attorney, Wonder how Proud she will be when LiLo kills somebody, or a family ???????? LA is the joke of America when it comes to the judicial system..........for sure.!

2585 days ago


i hope she rots in hell for this. i bet she's real proud of herself and the message she's sending. what a freaking joke our legal system is. also, i can't believe the judge bought that crap. nicole ritchie and paris hilton both did time, as have countless other stars. lohan is nothing more than a waste of sperm, she should kill herself. sincere my ass

2585 days ago


She is NO miracle worker. All she did was "deliver the payoff" to the DA. Is that the picture of her coming out of the DA's office with a lighter briefcase.......I think that DA needs to be investigated!

Celebrity UPS at your service!

2585 days ago

Jimmy Slade    

You cannot compare Lohan to Paris. Now if after the next "incident" with Lohan she gets off easy, then yes there is a major discrepancy. Paris had 3 strikes, Lohan only has 2 (for now).

2585 days ago


#63--of course you can't compare Lohan to Paris. Lohan had COCAINE on her BOTH TIMES. The reason it wasn't enough to garner "felony charges" was because she had already used some!

2585 days ago
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