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D.A. to Lindsay -- You're Not a Felon

8/23/2007 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan ChargedTMZ was at the Beverly Hills Courthouse this morning when the L.A. County District Attorney filed criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan. The charges are seven misdemeanors -- NO FELONIES. And, there may be a plea bargain today at 1:30 PM PDT.

Lohan, who was busted twice since Memorial Day weekend, was charged with two counts of driving under the influence. If convicted of both, she'd face a minimum of four days in jail. If a felony were filed, Lohan could have faced several years in state prison.

As to why no felony charges were filed, the DA says Lohan's cocaine traces "were below the .05 grams required by office policy for felony filing."

Sources tell us there were also problems even proving she was in possession of the drug.

Lindsay GalleryAs for the second case, a law enforcement source tells us the manner in which the cocaine was seized was questionable. In addition, the source says the amount of cocaine "didn't meet the threshold for filing."

But there's more to the story: In deciding whether to file felony cocaine charges, the D.A. always looks at the person and the circumstances. In Lohan's case, the fact that she was busted twice in a short period of time actually helped her. It shows someone is struggling with an addiction problem. The fact that each time she was busted, she immediately checked into a rehab facility also helped her case. Also, her age -- 21 -- and the fact that her upbringing was extremely unstable -- also worked in her favor.

One law enforcement source put it this way: "Prosecutors in this county see a lot of kids in crisis. There are lots of kids struggling with addiction. The first sign of trouble usually involves a car. We're not going to throw every one of them in prison. It doesn't make sense."


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Polo-San Antonio    

One problem with Lindsay,Britney, and Paris is that they got too rich, too young. They have no concerns for any one but themselves. The media is giving them entirely too much attention.
If you do the crime,do the f------ time.

2620 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

im amazed the da actually acted slightly human.her father abused her.legalize drugs.

2620 days ago


It’s called FAVORTISM (actress), RACISM (“the black guy did it”), BRIBERY (she is worth millions), and SEXISM (male actors go to jail). There are many more words/phases that can be added to this list, wow.

Ritchie pregnant, busted for DUI 1st offense, and is now doing 4 days in jail.

Paris busted for DUI 1st offense (probation/licenses suspended 6 months), driving on a Suspended Licenses 2nd offense, sentence 45 days reduced to 23 days in jail.


2620 days ago


This is RIDICULOUS!!!! Same as anyone A**!!! We would have had felony charges pressed against us. What about kidnapping, which is what she did with those guys in the car! How about requiring REHAB on the Courts Terms and not her! Notice they said they look at the person individually to decide how to charge her! EXACTLY!!!-she got off easy because the DA saw a "Celebrity"! SHAME ON YOU DA!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

And what the heck is up with Nicole's hard time served....give me a fricken break...

2620 days ago



• LOHAN sentenced to 1 DAY (7 MISDEMEANORS).
• RITCHIE sentence reduced; 4 DAYS - 12 HOURS – 1 HOUR.

WTF is going on in the Democratic Party state, is this how you manage???????


2620 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Everyone should email the "Governator" about the obvious "special' attention given to these drunken, druggie driving celebrities and the farce the LA legal system is to the rest of the country.

Both Lohan & Richie!

2620 days ago



I forgot to add New Orleans Democratic Party mismanagement before/during/after Katrina Hurricane.


2620 days ago


So, I can go out tonight, snort it up, wreck my car while drunk and high, then do the same thing tomorrow night, and THAT WILL HELP ME?


2620 days ago


ummmmm did she not remind all of us that "shes a celebrity and she cant get in trouble"?? i think that shes offically proved that to any and everyone that thought that it might not be true....and i never thought id say this but i actually feel kind of bad for paris hilton and would be pissed if i was her....lindsey got 2 duis and 2 drug posessions in 2 months and gets less puishment than paris? how does that work...?

2620 days ago


Looks like she has thrush mouth in that pic

2619 days ago


No, not fair. She's an ADULT, not a "kid".

2619 days ago


she is only 21, her mother likes to party with her and Lindsay's dad is playing the "I found god" I think that it is fairly safe to say that she doesn't have a solid support group where her family is concerned. Her mom uses her daughter to get attention and probably has had relationships with some of Lindsays' young male is really hard to believe that at 21, the age most people are out partying and hanging with friends that Lindsay is prepared to walk away from that...I think she will fall off the wagon, probably kill someone and probably get away with it because everyone will focus on the moran who felt that she should be above the law and gave her a free pass. If Lindsay ever said anything that was true it was that she "can't get into trouble because she is famous"

2619 days ago


I really dislike Lindsay!!!! I had a friend who got caught with something and now she can't get a decent job because she is considered a felon...I don't understand why Lindsay isn't considered a felon either

2619 days ago

Deep Background    

While I'm on the otherside from most of you, what is the DA saying here? If the lab test came back .04 in the first case and .02 in the second that would fall below the .05 CA standard for CA cocaine felony charges. So felony's would out the door without favoritism, big money lawyer, or any consideration for her background. So the only real beef you have is the sentence for the 7 misdemeanors. I don't see why the DA needs to say more than a felony wasn't committed?

2619 days ago

Gloria -Las Vegas    

Once again, that's justice for you and how "BLIND" it is....No wonder she has a blind fold.!!!!

2619 days ago
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