Gummi's Got Nosh for Posh? Tosh!

8/23/2007 2:49 PM PDT
Beverly Hills oily heir, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis wants to throw a tea party to welcome Posh and Becks to Hollywood ... bring on the truckload of scones!

Gummi, who's being eaten up by a hungry flesh eating bacteria, wants the Beckhams to eat fancy -- with the party catered by Gummi's personal chef. What, he only has one? TMZ has learned that GumGum is climbing up the wrong tree -- forget posh food, Posh is a snack queen! The way to Vicki's heart is through the junk food aisle. Her Spiciness has a thing for Walkers potato chips -- cheese, onion and chicken flavored if you please, which she has shipped in by the boxload from the UK. Crunchy Spice!

Invitations to Gummi's den should be accompanied by a pair of latex gloves!