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Gummi's Got Nosh for Posh? Tosh!

8/23/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beverly Hills oily heir, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis wants to throw a tea party to welcome Posh and Becks to Hollywood ... bring on the truckload of scones!
Gummi Picnic
Gummi, who's being eaten up by a hungry flesh eating bacteria, wants the Beckhams to eat fancy -- with the party catered by Gummi's personal chef. What, he only has one? TMZ has learned that GumGum is climbing up the wrong tree -- forget posh food, Posh is a snack queen! The way to Vicki's heart is through the junk food aisle. Her Spiciness has a thing for Walkers potato chips -- cheese, onion and chicken flavored if you please, which she has shipped in by the boxload from the UK. Crunchy Spice!

Invitations to Gummi's den should be accompanied by a pair of latex gloves!


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Not only would that be an A, B and C-list party, that would be a media circus. I bet the paps would smear all over themselves to get footage of that fete.

2597 days ago

Dawn Day    

Why is everyone trying to get up the Beckham's ass? Celebrities (if thats what you want to call Gummi) are falling all over themselves trying to welcome these people.

I don't get it.

2597 days ago


Who care's about Gummi, Posh, Paris, Nicky, Melanie B? The only one of the group in the photo above who has any sort of talent is David Beckham. The rest are just fake, phony, pointless existences in the media.

Although I'm not including Nicky in that statement because it's not her fault she is Paris's sister.

2597 days ago


i want an invitation gummy ,send it to ,7915 valley falls rd sparkle city sc,ill bring my best tea cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2597 days ago

Allred Tree    

How sweet of Gummi! He looks good and like he's losing weight! Good, we want him to stick around for a loooong time as he seems to really be one of the smarter, kinder and more intelligent celebrities that TMZ is writing about. Now that I know who this fine young gentleman is, I have great interest in him. He seems very genuine, unlike the wannabe famous creep Larry Birkhead! His parents have given him their best and Gummi probably realises that now and wants to make them proud of him.

My favorite video of him so far is the one playing the piano but then again, I love a p - i - a - n - o - o - o! I'd like him to invite Liza Minelli to the tea party. Those two could make great music together as well as share a few good laughs, I am sure. They both seem to have plenty to say and a good sense of humor.

2597 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2597 days ago

Gummi Lover    

I love Gummi... You are a star - your brother is a loser, but you 'Gums' have REAL charm... WE LOVE TMZ for making you famous.... MIORE!

2597 days ago

Allred Tree    

Let's see, now - who else could Gummi invite? (I'm sure he doesn't need our help but he might appreciate a few suggestions.) Actually, now that is one party I wouldn't mind attending, if I were invited - but, I don't want to give my address like "rig."

Martha Stewart (I hear she likes parties), Prince Von Anholt and his wife, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mary Tyler Moore, Alan Alda and his wife, Jay Leno and his wife, and Tony Potts. If he invites Paris and Nicki Hilton, then I think he should invite Kathy Hilton and the rest of their family that might be interested in going.

2597 days ago

Gummi Lover    

Love it!

2597 days ago

Allred Tree    

I thought of a few more potential guests for the tea party: Joan Rivers (she does have manners and knows how to behave), Barbara Walters and AMY WINEHOUSE (if she's out of Rehab).

2597 days ago


Ms.KathleenCalifornia,there is no sparkle city sc,

2597 days ago

Allred Tree    

Oh dear, how could I have forgotten to suggest to Gummi that he could invite Donald Trump, Melania and family - or at least little BARON TRUMP!

2597 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What a pack of nobodies!!!!!!!!! Are Scientologists invited or just beaming in?

2597 days ago


Curious: Why is he called "Gummi" or should I be afraid to ask that question?

2597 days ago


Yeah, skanky Vicotoria eats potato chips then goes and throws it all up. Disgusting b#tch, when is she leaving. David can stay til he can't play anymore, which will be soon, but I'll bet he would love it if his nasty wife would go back to England so he can have some fun with all the American hotties Victoria won't allow near him cuz she can't compete.

2597 days ago
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