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Lohan Charging Documents

8/23/2007 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the charging documents in the Lindsay Lohan DUI case.

As we speak, a prosecutor from the L.A. County D.A.'s office and Lohan's lawyer Blair Berk are in the judge's chambers together, possibly hammering out a plea deal.

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2627 days ago

shaking my head    

As usual another spoiled LA Hollywood brat will not get the punishment the average person will.. Damn Shame

2627 days ago


Drug dealers should start selling .05g sacks of cocoain. It's completly legal!

2627 days ago


Probably giving each other Hummers in his chambers

2627 days ago


Good one Don!

2627 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Whas dis all mean y'all?????

2627 days ago


I'm so hoping someone will commit the same crimes just to see what happens. I don't know, maybe jail for a long time? Stupid? Yes. But it's the truth.

2627 days ago


Good for her, she has problems. That doesn't merit all this name calling, and vile words. If the DA doesn't think she should go to jail, then so be it. That is what the law calls for. She will learn from this experience, and grow. After rehab, she will be able to put all this behind her, and move forward. I have faith in the justice system. They are doing the right thing for her.

2627 days ago

Susan B    

Give Lindsay a break!!! She can change and she can learn from learn from her mistakes. Have you ever heard of being scared straight. I believe this can happen with Lindsay. I WANT HER TO CHANGE, don't get me wrong........but I think probation and rehabiltation is the way to go.

2627 days ago

Nicole Smith    

I think this is crap. It seems like the judicial system only works in your favor when you have money. If this were just your average person that is not a celebrity the felonies would have stuck and you would be going to prison. This needs to stop. This is just telling the celebs of the world to do what you want because the judicial system will you a break if you have money.

2627 days ago


The bigger crime here is her middle name - Lindsay DEE Lohan??? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should get special treatment just for that!

2627 days ago


Hey Bella,

After she kills someone under the influence, I am sure you will singing a different tune. Lane Garrison is getting off scott free too.

2627 days ago


The District Attorney should also be fired. He is a joke.

2627 days ago


Plea bargain?! Are they serious? She hasn't learned from her mistakes. She has proven to be irresponsible. She is going to keep making the same mistakes until she has that "A-HA!" moment which may not be for a while. She needs to understand the consequences of her actions and being shuffled to a rehab to lessen the blow of the law isn't going to teach her anything. She already thinks she can get away with anything. She needs to get rid of enablers, like her mother, father and her lawyer. She needs to learn from her actions and stand on her own two feet.

2627 days ago


Hey Bella - after rehab she will hit Pure in Vegas - just like last time. She has been given too many second chances - incarcerate her ass and maybe she will learn. She can't schedule photo ops from prison like she is doing in her latest faux-hab center.

2627 days ago
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