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Alleged Wife-Thumping Bishop Surrenders

8/24/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta bishop who allegedly gave his wife, fiery evangelist Juanita Bynum, an almighty beatdown in a hotel parking lot has turned himself into cops. Good heavens!

Thomas W. Weeks was formally charged with felony aggravated assault and "making terrorist threats," according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but made no comment on his way into Fulton County Jail. A hearing is scheduled for 11:00 AM at the jail.

According to the police report, Bynum said that Weeks "choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her," and "continued stomping" her into the ground. He also threatened to kill his estranged wife.

Bynum posted a comment on her MySpace page: "I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well ... this too shall pass."


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big joe    


2581 days ago

DL Nixon    

The laying of appropriate for this phony couple.

2581 days ago

simon birch    

What do expect from a thug!! As for janet campios...have you been living in a cave!!! Why cant people get along? Geeeeeezz are you just playing stupid or what? It's see when Eve failed to follow the ONE rule God gave her...she set in motion what we see today ten thousand fold...and we have been breaking them left and right as fast as we can....So get up off your butt janet and start doing something about it....

2581 days ago



2581 days ago


Any relation to Amber or Elizabeth Weeks in Texas? Probably not.

2581 days ago


Well I hope he at least loses his bishop deal!

2581 days ago


I pray that God them both peace. There are 2 sides to every story and though they are well known Ministers they have lives and are human outside of ministry. If you cant do anything else- don't gossip.Let your words be heard in heaven--Pray!!

2581 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

#25, Harry:

I clicked on your link thinking I was going to 'get my praise on.' I don't think we speak a common language here. This is Canada and we speak English or French. I didn't understand a word of what you sung, and it wasn't in tune either.

I'll add you to my prayer list

2581 days ago


what did she do to him for him to beat her up? i mean not saying he had a right to do what he did but did she do something wrong to make him act like that? what started this? does anyone know??

2581 days ago


While I don't advocate violence maybe this is retribution. The bible says God is a jealous God and you should not put false gods before him. This woman obviously worships the all mighty dollar or she would donate all the money given to charity and world causes, such as Mother Theresa did. All the evangelists will get their day of judgment. They are nothing but a bunch of thieving charletons.

2581 days ago


Thomas Weeks 111, is a MAN, he there is no difference in him, his ways, his actions, his feelings, or how he handles things,life, and issues that arise. His response is no different from that of my husband, your husband, or any other MALE.. So get over it, that was not the first time, and probaly wont be the last time that a man thumps her head,
What makes what happen to Juanita Bynum so tragic, it has and still does happen to women each and every day, and where is it publized or mention in the MEDIA? So ask your self, for every action there is a reaction and we will NEVER know the real truth, so
L.I.G. Let It Go.

2581 days ago

1 more thing    

This is so unbelievable - unfortunately it's true.

We tell women to stay away from men that physically abuse you - because eventually -he will KILL you.

I have never seen a BISHOP - beat down anyone - let alone the woman that is supposed to be his EVE, his rib, the person he is supposed to be - "ONE" with.

On her side- the news reports - he was walking away from her and she followed him out into the parking lot...I am sure saying things that only a woman can say to her man..that just made him SNAP. (ladies we know - what button to push!)
If she pushed him to the edge - she went to far. I can never say that a woman deserved it.
I can say that some times --- WE ALL go just a little bit tooooooo far.

But there is NO EXCUSE for this WWF Style BEAT DOWN.

What do you say to your followers - to your members of your church?

God is PEACE --- I don't think I ever read a verse that said - "smack down your wife and stomp on her." God is love - what happend to honor and cherish your mate...

Every marriage has problems - no one is perfect - but how do you LET this - spill over into the parking lot. How do you let THIS mess - end up on NATIONAL news.

Emotions can get the best of anyone - but THIS is really SHAMEFUL.
I will pray for both of them.

My prayer for her - is she heals from the "emotional" wounds of having the man that claims to have loved you raise his hand to strike you, but worse to lift his foot - to kick you and to stomp you...THAT IS JUST, psychologically damaging.

For him, as a man, as a LEADER - what does this say about you?
She may have pushed you - but you did not have to jump.... and just what were you thinking as you lifted your foot to KICK the woman --- that is in a ball on the ground trying to protect herself. And you have to have the BELL MAN ---- pull you off of her...did you think you were in a wrestling match with a MAN...You are bigger and stronger than she is.

2581 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

Thanks Princess for your concern.

I will admit to liking gossip. We just had a great revival here in Southern Ontario and I know gossip is bad, but I love this site! It is my "cross to bare" as they say!

I also try to live my life with the motto of 'Love the sinner, hate the sin.'

I'm going to love all people-- but I may not like what they do. That's what's great about Canada. The gay people do their thing, but we don't judge them.

It's God's job to do the judging when the time comes

2581 days ago



2581 days ago

Will Weinand    

You would think that Bishops of all people would have the graces and knowledge to understand and follow the teachings of Our Lord. If a Bishop can't lead and counsult his own family how on earth is he going to lead and counsult a Church/Religion?

2581 days ago
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