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Alleged Wife-Thumping Bishop Surrenders

8/24/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta bishop who allegedly gave his wife, fiery evangelist Juanita Bynum, an almighty beatdown in a hotel parking lot has turned himself into cops. Good heavens!

Thomas W. Weeks was formally charged with felony aggravated assault and "making terrorist threats," according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but made no comment on his way into Fulton County Jail. A hearing is scheduled for 11:00 AM at the jail.

According to the police report, Bynum said that Weeks "choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her," and "continued stomping" her into the ground. He also threatened to kill his estranged wife.

Bynum posted a comment on her MySpace page: "I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well ... this too shall pass."


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monique pie    

Please, please folks remeber we are to praise, worship and lift up the name of Jesus not Juanita or her husband they are just fleshy people who have or did era, yes pray for them, but the truth has to be told it's not judging. I believe that's what's wrong with the church people today to many things or swept under the rug, well it's time for the rug to be lifted and clean up the mess.

People Let's Get it together before it's to late.

2618 days ago


i've read a little of what's written here...i feel the need to express as well...however i'm not here to judge...but then i have no controll over how this missive is recieved...

when christ went to the cross to die for our sins...he gave no defence...he never cried out that he was innocent...and he was sinless

when he was on that cross he became sin....he was not the sinner but he was the sinner's sin

so when we as christians come to christ its so that the sin he became was that when he did our sins

so for a rapist or any other sinner rapes or commits a sin...that sin is removed...but only if the sinner takes that way of excape offerd by christ's sacrifice.

so if there is no sin there is no rape...and if there is no rape there is no rapist...but here's a boon...there is no rape victim any more either.

you see through the blood of the lamb the sinner is redeemed and the victim justified and heald

so when a true christian dose indeed fall in a sin...he or she is to go through the repercussions and remifications as christ did on his way to the cross....for although a christian is free from sin the christian is still subject to the laws of men.....jesus did not even defend himself...and he was innocent........

so a christian having recieved christs own sacrifice and way of exscape should walk as a king to slaughter...head up eyes foward to whatever it is men have in store for him or her....for the redeemer livith and victory is at hand for what can men do to a christian that god dose not alow..and that that god dose alow will only bring glory to his name

humble yourself or be humbled...but when you are humbled...just be the name of jesus...for those who do judge...will be judged in the very same way.....

so when you see a situation like tommy's remember that before you pass judgement and insinuate punishment...are you living what you put on others...can you ?

it's for this reason christ's because none of us can live righteously on our own....i'm not saying not to try...i'm saying that if you could live a perfect sinless life...there would be no need for a jesus...

the eyes of the world were always against a christian...and always will be...

2615 days ago


. Go to and read about paula and randy white.
Paula has been drinking and having sleep pvers with another pastor at the church.
Randy has a friend who used to e a porn sat and he says he like guns and to drink wine.
He admitted having a girl in his car that petted the dash of his bently.
No enough filth for you
thats not evn the worst of it.
There church took in 40 mil. last year and they are
22 mil in the RED !!!
Paula and randy took the churchs money and now they are
spitting up.
Paula has warshed her hands of the mess and is sarting a new church with her new boyfriend.
Randy is going to stay there and try to keep donations comming in.
They have 23,000 members in there church thats 23,000
souls that were lost to con men all in the name of jesus.

Isnt there a watch group that should be keeping someof this lawlessness out of the church?

Posted at 11:54AM on Aug 27th 2007 by Ykiess

yes that watch group would be us...i once heard bishop bloomer prophsy that when you have started your new church...don't be so high minded that you turn away those who knew you when....well i had almost forgotten untill that thing became true when my wife and i visited the church he was preaching at....(it should never be referred to as their church...who are you there to worship after all)

and found that the prophesy was about we did leave and never returned...we soon became a member of first babtists of atlanta...another part of the prophesy too....

but to all those who put people before god let me say this

don't live your life of your own but rather let christ live through you...a branch cannot produce fruit of its own but that its the sap from the true vine that flows through the brach that produces is a christian known ?

by their is anyone the fruit that's produced in their lives....

eve ate an apple right ? well a mature christian knows that a fruit is what the world sees...your actions and you treat one another...this is fruit...some of it is raising your will above god's.....some is good like showing love one for the other...and i don't just mean the touchy feely kind but the hard to display kind like long suffering and such...

if you are a barnch grafted to the true vine...then like jesus you will be able to say...i and the father are one...when you have seen me you have seen the father....i'm not perfect and i produce forbidden fruit sometimes....but there're times when people listing to me and me speaking as well find it hard to distinguish between whether it's me speaking o the lord....this is the goal of a mature christian

to have themselves decrease and god increase till there's no more me but god...let this mind be in you that was in christ jesus...

don't live your lives let christ live it for you....don't produce your own fruit...let the fruit be produced don't live as if you're the star...jesus is the bright and morning star....
don't try to outshine the lord let god be god...just let god......and this is for us all....and me dose the world recognise the children of god...that they have love one for the other......we should be salt making the world thirsty for jesus....

this is for me too...i've been slipping a bit tommy jaunita...let god....i will ...and anybody guilty of allowing celbraty be their god...know this...god will not be mocked.

we all have dirt but god is a revealer and he takes pleasure in

2615 days ago


THE TRUTH WILL EVENTUALLY COME's sad that Juanita Bynum is giving interviews about this, hmmmm....a glutton for attention?
I have issues with her entire ministry however Bishop Weeks obviously has self esteem issues. All I can do is pray for them both. She has no right to play the matyr because I doubt if she was being the wife she should have been to him when she is running all over the country constantly trying to get her name in lights. He obviously has never been taught properly how to be a man because he would have never chosen a woman like her for a wife if he couldnt handle her lifestyle and personality. I believe he was caught up in her popularity. I never saw a loving chemistry between the two of them, I think they were a business deal that went wrong. Only an opinion.

2612 days ago


Sounds to me like just another bible Thumper!!

2612 days ago


What man wants his wife in the streets more than she is at home?
What woman wants to be away from her husband more than she's around him?
What Godly principles did this couple show...according to the Bible, did their marriage reflect what God's Word says a MAN (husband) should be and a WOMAN (wife) should be?
In closing, when you love someone you dont keep putting your business in the streets (on tv, in interviews). LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF FAULTS. In my opinion both are in the wrong, they both need to repent and let the rest fall where it may. Actually I pray they work things out, he is no worse for hitting her than a man who who are we to cast stones at him? He needs help and She needs help PERIOD!!!

2612 days ago

Big Baby    

I agree Pastor get your money on don't stop, these people got it, get it. Keep taking it. I wisk you a speedy recovery and your estranged husband a speedy arraignment. It's not your fault people choose not to read the Bible and seek the Lord out for themselves and that people choose to actually worship you two human beings and desire this life over seeking to be with God. What About the Faith that edifies Gods miracles and mysteries and thoughts actions and that salvation is a free undeserved gift to all mankind? All. Hey they want to pay keep pushing those what is it phantoms? Singles ministries? Okay. You make em pay Juanita for what the Lord tells them he bore at Calvary for us all you don't need just need prayers you need sympathy standing in the way of salvation isn't just harmful it's dangerous.

2612 days ago


both should be held's a marriage after all...and don't believe jaunita was the only one he's beaten or that this was his first time beating her either.. perhapes its safer for jaunita to get away from bishop happy hands...i'm not judgeing but the man's a woman beater..its obvious...but jaunita you must share some of the blame because he has beaten other women besides you...women he's not even married to....look when christ comes he's comming for a church without spot nor not get out there again and start with the feaseing of the flock all over again...a two million dollar house...on lease ? are you crazy ?guess its o k when it's not your money huh...and what about all the both had to know about it...and as leaders...why arn't either of you standing before your church and confessing your wrong this as christ would have you do it....let go of the pride of life already...people already think bad of both of the first church...they had jobs...i'm talking of the the first church they used their collective wealth to make each member debt free...then the church went about doing can you have a $ 100,000.00 car and members who can't make a rent payment ?....and before you you expect me to pay their rents for them...who the hell was paying yours ?....leaseing a two million dollar home are you crazy ?....covering up tommy's violent acts on women members of the church...what the hell ?....when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the guys have whole planks in your eyes and are going to come preach to me.....

shapards protect and feed the sheep...yeah and flease them too...but they still take good care of them...have either of you conciderd just where your leading your flock ?

when i look at just how all these churches are set's no wonder so many people will miss god and go straight to hell because of mess like this...and the sad thing is that tommy and jaunita are not all to blame...they have followers...

2611 days ago


well you know al sharpton had this to say today concerning thomas weeks and jaunita bynum...all the great leaders and profits in the bible were imperfect...moses was a killer...david a killer and a wife thief...samson liked prostitutes...all had problems of a major level when it came to charecter...all except jesus of when you look at it that way...the two of them arn't differnt then anybody else either in the church or not...including what am i saying ?...god will see them through and both will have victory over this situation sooner or later one way or another that is of course according to god's will to god be all the praise in christ jesus...glory to god in the highest....

2611 days ago
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